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Scholarships Available for Homeschool Students

Updated on May 21, 2021
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Dean Traylor is a freelance writer and teacher who writes about various subjects, including education and creative writing.

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College is more than a just a dream for homeschoolers. It can be a reality. Best yet, it can be affordable, thanks to several scholarships aimed at homeschoolers.

According to College Scholarship.Org, several scholarship programs are focusing – and even encouraging – students who have been homeschooled to apply. One reason given is that homeschooled students have shown remarkable achievement in one or several academic areas.

“This may have something to do with the widely publicized studies revealing that homeschoolers have consistently scored higher on college entrance exams than their public school counterparts for the last eight years,” the website stated.

The scholarship being offered can be from a state to its residence or from certain groups specializing in homeschooling. Also, state and private universities -- as well as religiously affiliated institutions -- have shown a keen interest in giving scholarships to this particular group of students. In one case, a major religious university offers grants for homeschooled students.

Depending on the student's drive and desire to continue his or her education, the opportunities and financial help for this are there for the taking. College Scholarship.Org listed four examples: One was offered through a state, the other by an organization via a college, and another through a major university.

University of Wyoming
University of Wyoming | Source

Hathaway Scholarship (Wyoming’s state scholarship)

Many states - if not all in the United States - offer scholarships for homeschoolers within its borders. Wyoming offers a scholarship that is not specific to homeschooled students, but doesn’t exclude them, either. One such example is the Hathaway Scholarship.

This particular scholarship awards financial needs and merits to eligible students and is for those coming from a traditional or non-traditional school. While a good GPA is a factor for students enrolled in public and private schools, this requirement is waived for homeschoolers. Instead, they must meet other criteria such as submitting a list of classes completed and ACT or Work Keys test scores. Also, they must complete a college entrance application before the age of 21.

The student applying for this particular scholarship should also meet the requirements of four other scholarships offered by the state: Hathaway Career, Opportunity, Performance, or Honor. Hathaway Scholarship is good for accredited Wyoming community colleges as well as the University of Wyoming.

Many state scholarships follow a similar route. However, there are variations (as well as different types of scholarships offered by the state). It is essential to obtain more information from the state’s department of education (As for Wyoming, more information for the scholarship is at the "Hathaway Scholarship Portal" at the Wyoming Department of Education website).

Founders Hall at Patrick Henry College
Founders Hall at Patrick Henry College | Source

Home Legal Defense Association (HSLDA)

Another form of scholarship for homeschoolers are those coming from organizations. One example is the Home Legal Defense Association. HSLDA, through Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Virginia, This organization has a scholarship aimed directly at Christian homeschooled students who have joined their group. Join means that It HSLDA members can get $1,000 to $1,500.

According to College Scholarship.Org, applicants for this particular scholarship must be:

• in financial needs,

• have outstanding academic achievement and

• are involved in community services.

Also, they need to be applying to Patrick Henry College as a freshman. Another qualification is that the applicant’s family has been an HSLDA member for at least four years.

Federal and state programs offer grants to nearly anyone who applies and meets the minimum standards. Many of them don’t mention any additional qualifications for homeschoolers. On the other hand, they don’t have any rules excluding them from applying.

Homeschool Grants

Many religious-oriented schools and institutions will offer homeschool grants. The grants can either be offered to pay for books, tutoring, and other items during a student’s homeschooling career. They are offered, in many cases, by organizations dealing with homeschooling or by churches.

At the post-secondary level, private universities, such Oral Robert University in Tulsa, Oklahoma are handing out grants. It is an award of $2000. Applicants need to have been homeschooled for four years and graduated from a homeschool (College Scholarship.Org, 2012). Also, they should have been already accepted into the university.

Federal and state programs offer grants to nearly anyone who applies and meets the minimum standards. Many of them don’t mention any additional qualifications for homeschoolers. On the other hand, they don’t have any rules excluding them from applying.

Traditional University Scholarships

Nearly every major university has some form of scholarship honoring homeschooled students. Michigan State University is one such university. Still, the university asks homeschooler applying for their scholarship to supply the same type of information as an applicant from a traditional high school. This may lead to problems with the transcripts.

On the other hand, schools such as Southern Virginia University offer scholarships exclusively to homeschoolers. They will give $10,000 per year to incoming freshman. Also, they require an essay, list of religious awards, and community service accomplishments.

There are other scholarships for homeschoolers. Those mentioned are only a few examples. Sites such as Homeschool Scholarships.comlists several of them. Also, portals on state and federal department of education will have further information on scholarships and grants that targets this particular group of students. It is essential that parents and applicants do research to find the most appropriate scholarship or grant to fit their educational needs.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2015 Dean Traylor


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