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School Shopping

Updated on August 24, 2012
Author and DD2
Author and DD2

Back to school shopping

So it's Friday. Can I get a "whooo whoo!!!!"

I just got paid and it's 3 days before school starts. Why did I wait so long to go back to school shopping? I have already bought the pencils and erasers, notebooks and folders. I have bought my 10th grade daughter a shirt and a couple cami's but nothing major. My other two children (my senior daughter and my 7th grade son) can wait for clothing until next pay because they are cyber schooled and really don't need much to sit in front of their laptops and attend classes. But my 10th grade daughter is a princess and NEEDS to have new clothes for back to school. I don't blame her. She deserves new clothes and a bookbag.

So I am leaving work and I text her and tell her to be ready and waiting for me when I get home in five minutes because we're going school shopping (and yes, I was driving and texting at the same time...I can multi-task pretty well). She texts me back to confirm that I wanted to shop right now. And I replied yes. The following is our conversation verbatim:

DD2: Vicki and me are out with Lexi and Jess.

Me: Oh. What sizes. I'm going myself then.

DD2: Yeah. Mom I want to go with you to pick out my stuff.

Me: No, I can do it. I'm starting at Victoria Secret. Then Goodwill. Then Rue 21.

DD2: Probably not buy what I like.

Me: Too bad.

DD2: No. -.-

Me: Yea. Sweaters and turtlenecks.

DD2: Its not fair. Its not my fault, I didn't know you were going today. I thought we were going tomorrow. No.

Me: At least I'm buying you clothes. I'm not buying Vic any clothes any more.

DD2: But each year Vic got to pick her clothes...I don't care what pants you get, as long as they're skinny's and they have to be 11's and I want a few stud belts.

Me: No jeans. Corduroys. They're back in style.

DD2: No. -.- No...

Me: Oh yeah. Now leave me alone to shop.

DD2: I won't wear anything that you buy. -.-

Me: Oh well. Go to school naked.

DD2: And I want a few black skinny's..Ok then.

Me: Or wear your old clothes.

DD2: That don't fit me? Kay.

Me: No skinny's. I'm only buying long skirts to your knees. Or you can wear Vic's hand me downs. And I found this cute Justin Bieber bookbag for you. It's on clearance and has wheels just how you like them!

A little background information: I have a very unique, dry sense of humor. And I love to pull practical jokes on my family. DD2, especially. She has a very hot temper with a very short trigger and can not take my jokes. She takes everything I say literally. She is a true princess. Somewhere after the fourth or fifth communication, I was sitting at home on my recliner. I was. in fact, not shopping at all. Nor would I shop without her because my next form of torture will be making her try every article of clothing on at the store before we buy the clothes, just because it pisses her off even more. I'm such an awful mother. I think this is totally hysterical to piss off my kids so much. Now my oldest daughter and my son both know to play along with me when I start saying these ridiculous things, but DD2 has never learned that I love to get her all upset over something that isn't even true. Even after 15 years of knowing me, I can get her every time.

By the way, after my last text, I never heard from her for a while. I hope her sister and her friends had fun with little-miss-attitude and calmed her down after I got her all upset!


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