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School dress codes

Updated on January 14, 2016

Dressing to be less distracting?

I know this is a hot topic for some people these days. Out of the time I spend on social media (way too much) I can find one or two post or articles about an outrage mother bashing the schools for making her child change her clothes. Now, my view on this is split. Yes, some of the situations are ridicules because there is no obvious dress code violations and other times it's hard to side with the parents.

Now, the schools view on girls and boys dressing appropriately is so that they won't be "distracted" by a little bit of flesh, may shoulders really turn on some guys. However, more often than not you will see that the females are constantly told what they are wearing is inappropriate and the guys are never told to pull up their pants. Can seeing a guys bottom and draws hanging out in the open not distracting? Personally, I find seeing someones crack clearly through their undies distracting.

I guess this way of thinking just shows how, even today, society expects females to be bend to the rules and do what is appropriate and expect someone to cover their shoulder because it's way to tempting. Thats ridiculous.

There are some times and places where dressing appropriately should be enforced. I remember reading an article about a mother that was so upset by what the school was trying to enforce. What had happened was the school was holding a pool party and requested that the females don't wear two-piece bathing suits and no white tank tops and that males do not wear speedos. This seems fair enough. However, the mother was furious that the school was telling her child what she could and could not wear to a school function. In this case I side with the school. I mean showing some shoulder isn't all that tempting, but going to a school function barely covered is not appropriate at all.

What I am trying to say is, in all, there are times where dressing a certain way is inappropriate and there are times where the schools should just back off or at least be fair in enforcing the dress code. If they won't let a girl get away with a low neck line there is no reason why that boy standing beside her should get away with his pants below his bottom


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