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School today

Updated on August 4, 2010

Education system is broken

We have a crisis within the school system here in Canada, no matter how great the education is. Even though we have the best education in North America, this includes the education system from Kindergarten to College and University inclusive. However, that being said let me tell you what concerns me.
What I have issues with is that there is a high school which places children in their vocational program, this program is only for those who are mentally handicapped, but what happens is they put children into this program who have no business being there, these children maybe need a little extra help in one or two courses only, but instead of working with them they shove them into the vocational classes. I know of a child who was dealing with dyslexia and was diagnosed as being ADHD, this child was, but instead of working with this child and being patient with him they took him out of elementary school directly after the 7th grade and placed him into the high school vocational program. He missed out on grade 8 and his grade 8 grad, they made him many promises of allowing him to participate in the grade 8 grad and telling him that he will be able to graduate with a grade 12 diploma etc. but when he tried to apply for the local military reserve unit (he needed Ontario grade 10 credits to do so) he was informed that he had no Ontario credits. This young person was crushed and so were his parents as he worked extremely hard to overcome the dyslexia and to get the ADHD under control. At the age of 16 he quit school and he decided to work on getting his high school by way of correspondence, he did ,and in less than two years he graduated with a 84% average.
Now this young person has an older brother who was in the same high school but did very well, he wanted to do the high school co-op program through the reserves, which is allowed. But the school gave him a very hard time, they tried to block his every move attempting to prevent him from doing the co-op with the reserves. But he went ahead and went over their heads to get it; he did, but the end result was that they kicked him out of school. What kind of a school system does Ontario have when kids who truly want to be in school are treated like dirt by the system. These are only two stories of several which I have heard.
The school system needs a complete overhaul, staff need to be encouraged to encourage students to succeed and also realise that every student learns differently, they have no business shoving them into vocational programs or even kicking them out just because they want to do their co-op placement with a military reserve unit. Oh by the way, the staff pretended to be so buddy buddy with the reserve staff, but behind their backs they put them down and called them down to the lowest. To their face though, another story.
Now, the next thing is which happened in this school which I recently found out is that they had a gay person speaking about tolerance and acceptance to the students, but the speaker was not stopped when he began putting down the Christian Church. The Christians in that school were completely offended. A child went to speak to the Principal stating that she was offended that this gay person who spoke about tolerance and acceptance was not tolerant and accepting of her spiritual views, but completely intolerant. Why do some homosexuals get away with being verbally abusive toward Christians and saying that Christians are homophobic, which many are not, but when a Christian states his/her views they are called every name in the book. If one group of people are allowed to speak their mind on issues then another group must be allowed to do the same. But in this specific high school it was not allowed.
Sounds like the same when it comes to teaching a mere theory, the theory of evolution but not teaching the fact about Creation. Why do the schools only teach one side (a Theory) and not teach the other (Creationism)? The school system certainly is one sided.
We have our son in the Catholic school system, were we have had no problems whatsoever. It is a school where they make every effort to teach the children and encourage learning and hard work. Something to think about folks.
One last note I must add is that the school system does have some great teachers, but they are limited and muzzled to some degree where they are not permitted to help in the way they want or teach in the manner which they feel is necessary. Sometimes it is the regulations which limit them, other times it is funding, other times it is that the school does not want to upset the minority, either way, I am not here to bash the system but merely trying to figure out how to bring about change for the better by bringing this to the light. Our children's futures are at stake, we must work together and let our voices be heard if we want the best for these children; the future of Canada!


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