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Schools taking punishment too far...

Updated on May 7, 2012

We live in a society that will sue over everything and anything. People have become overly sensitive and use that to their financial advantage. Schools are great examples of how people use power and fear to get what they want.

Many of you have heard stories about kids being suspended for wearing items that support breast cancer awareness. These items may have catchy or racy wordings but they are made that way to get people's attention about a serious matter. It really is smart marketing, in my opinion.

The most recent

The latest suspension to make the news was a six year old. He was suspended for three days. The first grader didn't hit or make fun of anyone, there were no curse words coming out of his mouth and he didn't have a weapon of any kind. He was suspended for sexual harassment for reciting a popular quote from a top 100 Billboard song. "I'm sexy and I know it" has been used in commercials, silly viral photos and youtube videos, which has helped with its popularity among young kids.

The mother, as you would expect, was shocked over the suspension and all the school could say is zero-tolerance for sexual harassment. A Denver, Color. news channel picked up the story on Thursday, the day after the child was suspended, and since then it has made it's way around the country.

Some parents may be asking "where is line on suspending students?" The zero-tolerance policies adopted by schools leave no room for anything. Our kids are taught about freedom of speech, expressing themselves and being individuals and yet the school systems tell them that they can't speak freely, they can't express themselves and they all need to be the same. To punish our kids for things that are harmless, like lyrics to a song, is taking it too far.


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    • bbpaula888 profile image

      bbpaula888 5 years ago

      I totally agree with you AudreyCB! Our children are growing up in a culture that has little respect for people and has little sense of propriety. We teach with our mouths and not by example. We, the adults should walk our talk. Also, children should learn that freedom of expression has its limits. We cannot say everything that we want, specially if it can hurt someone.

    • AudreyCB profile image

      AudreyCB 5 years ago from Colorado Springs

      I believe your Hub is a prime example of what happens when people do expect the government to limit children's behavior. I personally believe that it all started with political correctness.

      There is a line that must be drawn, but children are confused. When TV shows depict sex scenes and foul language and music videos are doing the same, we're telling children with our mouths to be "respectful" but what what they feed themselves in entertainment says something else.