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Fundamental Theory of Long Term Relationship

Updated on September 20, 2018

Introduction of long term relationship

There may be different conception of life in terms of different view. When a biologist defines life with a specific parameter then a sociologist defines it in a different view. Whatever happened, life to continue smooth and happy manner, there need an establishment of a happy family. People struggles with searching appropriate life partner and spends a lot of time in his lifetime. But, someone get success and someone fails.

For a certain types of causes human and animals learned enough about necessity of a long term relationship between male and female. In major parts of the animal world such kinds of relationship is visual and clear.

There have a long period of time that animals learned about a conception of long term relationship. This learning system flows generation to generation.

Selecting a life partner

It is very important for someone is that first to selecting of a good life partner. Different psychologist and sociologists believes that, selecting a good life partner is very important for each people. It is equally important for girls and boys. Exactly, the people who win in this matter, exactly he can win most of the happiness in life.

Who do not want to be happy? The clear answer is nobody. If some people replied against it then it have nothing to say him except a mad. Each animals in universe wants happiness.

Not only for human life, In different animals life story and evolution of life, family became an unique important platform of happiness. From primitive period, from the starting of life in universe the bound of family structure was so strong in every animals life.


How a family establishes? The establishment of a family starts from by an agreement of two people to living together and sharing their social responsibility, including reproduction of next generation. A major cases of this social responsibility is occupied by responsibility of reproduction and continuing the flow of next generation.

Whom should be select as life partner?

It is completely scientific. An utilization of scientific theorem and laws may help in selecting a good life partner. What should be consider in terms of selecting a good life partner. This selection criteria varies human to human. What may be a good standard of selecting for you may not be same to others. Different minds thinks in different ways about the topics. This is not wrong to think differently, but it may be very mistake to think in wrong way.

Just think about a specific kinds of birds behavior about selecting a male birds by a female bird. Female bird selects male bird on the basis of the beautiful song of male bird. The male bird that can sings well can attract more to the female bird. There have an interesting cause. Research have discovered that from which area the beautiful song of male bird is coming, there have an abundance of food. The more sweet song of male bird indicates that there have more food in the area where the male bird is living. Generally, female bird selects these male bird as their mates. In that a satisfaction happened of food securities.

Females selecting criteria

The behavior of male and female in terms of selecting mate is different with their views. Female animals in most of the case thinks about food security in selecting male mates. Why females thinks in that way? There may found a lot of cause. But I think about just only a primitive cause.

Male and female both are responsible for reproduction of next generation. But only difference is that, female carries new infant in their ovaries. In most of the animals this time period is longer. In this period of reproduction, female animals become too much weak that they can not look out for searching food. Not only that, after completion of successive reproduction period most of the female animals have to take care of their child for a certain period of time. In that time they are not capable to looking for food.

But it is universal truth that to alive they need energy. Food is the source of energy for animals to alive. Plant can get energy directly from sunlight by photosynthesis process. But animal can not do this.

Emergence of conception of long term relationship

How the conception of long term relationship have been started in animal and human world. For an active reproduction need only one things. Just only happening a relationship between male and female. The relationship means such kinds of relationship, that may be responsible for reproduction.

But in that case there emerged very great problem from the earlier period. Just think, after completion of short period relationship between a male and a female, If the male leaves his mate what social problem may happen? If female animal get pregnant, It will be incapable to manage or search food. Hunting is so far distance! In this period of pregnancy how female animal will survive without. Hence, there need help of others in order to supporting of food. Most probably, for the basic need of food security, females are learned for a long term relationship instead of a short term relationship. This tradition started selecting of these males by female for relationship who tends to a long term relationship.

In animal world started establishment of family structure. If we think these pkhenomenon in human life same inner things will be found.


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