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How to Make an Eco-friendly Model on Water Cycle in Kids Science Project

Updated on August 22, 2017
radhikasree profile image

Radhika assists her kid in making crafts related to Science Projects. She tries to use Eco-friendly and recycled materials to save energy.

Model on Water Cycle
Model on Water Cycle | Source

Science projects can inculcate interest in learning and researching about new things in kids’ little minds. They’ve become an essential tool for teaching Science from the very early stages of present day education. Science project worksheets contain pictures and description of the given topic. But models provide a 3D representation of the Project emphasizing on the topic with attractive design and eminent built.

This year my kid who is studying in 3rd standard had to build a model on Water Cycle. The same was done in his worksheets and based on that information; we parents had to embark on the same. The very idea got designed by my husband and I had to act accordingly. This Water Cycle model is built from reusable and natural materials and so it is ecofriendly, too.

Materials required:

  1. Thick big cardboard box (used)
  2. Natural dried thin small bamboo sticks and coconut hairs
  3. Cotton
  4. Picture of sea or river (photo or a printout will do)
  5. Plaster of Paris
  6. Thin silver wires
  7. White sequences for showcasing raindrops
  8. Water colors
  9. White cardboard
  10. Glue, acrylic paints and scissors

Water Cycle model building

When water in the oceans or seas becomes hot from the hot rays of the sun, vapors are formed that rise up called evaporation. When these water vapors reach the upper space, they’re seen as clouds. Cooling of these clouds is termed as condensation that results in rain (precipitation). Water Cycle Worksheets provide a clear picture of this natural phenomenon by means of graphics and notes.

Watercycle worksheet
Watercycle worksheet | Source

Steps of Construction

  1. Cut the front flapping of the cardboard box so that ‘Water Cycle’ is visible from outside. Place it vertically in such a way that a side face becomes the base.
  2. Stick the photo of sea onto the base. Laminated photo is more preferred as it won’t fade due to spoilage.
  3. Make a thick paste of the Plaster of Paris, mold and cast it in the form of rocks as seen in the model. During this process, plant the dried bamboo sticks and coconut hairs here and there before the paste solidifies. Paint the coconut hairs using green color acrylic and now the greenery on the rocky surface alongside the sea is ready.
  4. Next step is the fixation of cotton onto the top of the box to portray the clouds on the sky. Cotton yard has to be molded into the shape of clouds and glued on the top.
  5. Now paint the backdrop like a sky with the bright, burning sun using water colors.
  6. To depict rain, take the silver wires and glue the sequences with a little gap on them. Pierce the wire into the rocky mold so that it stands a bit slanting touching the cotton clouds. You can adjust the length of the wire as per the necessity by cutting its edges. Placing some more wires like this creates the illusion of rain.
  7. Cut the white cardboard into pieces as shown in the model for writing notes. The three phases of the water cycle such as evaporation, condensation and precipitation are shown in these cards and glued.

This finished model can teach kids the process of water cycle visually. They may find it easier to recall the same as the 3D picture may live long in their memories.

Do you go for natural, reused materials while working on a Science Project?

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Demo on water cycle

© 2013 Radhika Sreekanth


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      5 years ago

      It was help to the students


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