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Scientific Law Vs Political Law

Updated on September 11, 2010

Scientific Law Vs Political Law


               What is law? Law is force as put by Frederic Bastiat in his book “The Law”. Naturally there is more than one type of law just as there is more than one type of anything. The two types we will cover in this article are Scientific Law more commonly known as common law and its opposite Political Law.


  Scientific Law operates off the principle that there is right and wrong and that there is something referred to as “Higher Law” or “God’s Law”. Higher law is believed to come from ether nature, thus being natural universal concept, or the Creator. These were the two beliefs held by the founding fathers of America.

                Higher law is simple to understand because it is as natural as the laws of physics and chemistry. No one is exempt from this law as it is finite. This means all are under it, Kings, Queens, Politicians, and Commoners. Thus Common Law was a system to disseminate, understand, and implement these laws.

                There are two fundamental laws in common law. First Do all you’ve agreed to do, Period. Second Do not infringe upon others or their property, Period. The period has been added to get the point across that there is no but, or loop hole as in Political Law. These laws are absolute and from them all laws spring forth.

                As you can see Common Law makes sense and law is supposed to be predicable and common law is just that. It is of nature and thus if you follow its laws things tend to improve and if you don’t things get worst (For proof look around YOU).

                The Opposite of Common Law is Political Law. Political Law is primitive and out of date but allows for people to use law as a weapon (that is bad, FYI). Political Law unlike its opposite common law has no backing; it is simply made up from thin air at the whim of those who hold power.

                Thus political law is based on brute force or the or else factor. Those that get elected put whatever law forth they feel like, irrelevant of natural law and things begin to decline. This is how they encroach, this is how they steal, and this is how they terrorize. They simply wield law as a weapon, something that it should not be.

                Common law is simple while political law is complex and could change at any moment without reason or regard to anything so it would be fruitless to try and explain its ins and outs as by the time I finish this sentence I could very well be wrong.

                Those are the two types of law. The world needs stability and Political law does not offer that, it is not of nature. Thus whether you believe common law stems from God or Nature we can all agree that it is the more superior law due to its grasp set in reality.


Want to further your study of Common Law check out “The Law” By Frederic Bastiat and “Whatever Happened To Justice?” By Richard J. Maybury




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