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Searching the Cosmos for Life

Updated on October 4, 2013

SETI Sites and Large Telescopes by NASA


The SETI Program

The SETI project in the US concentrates on listening for any sign for intelligent life other than ourselves. SETI is short for Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. The project has been going on for years. It has not so far yielded much hope at all for finding other life within the given Universe.

That is so far. But hope remains. Scientists of today do not take no for an answer. There is every probability with all of the planets in different galaxies that other life does exist. Many of the scientists out there are determined still to find out where the life is. They of course want to know all about it if they find it.

The scientific community has seemingly given up on the idea of different broadcasts being intercepted by us that are direct communications. They are now concentrating on the idea of just sort of eavesdropping on different communications that they may hear between different forms of life that may be there. So far, that idea has not produced any results of alien civilization's messages.

They are also looking at the idea that they have that other civilizations may be using a lot of energy and they would be able to see it by looking for the infrared from the energy centers. It also has not yielded much of any results. Still if one does not try, they will not get anywhere.

The SETI project has been going on in recent years by private funding. The US government ceased to provide their own funding for the project some years ago. It did not seem to be proving effective at that time.

Research is also going on in different universities. Men are curious and they do want to find out what is really happening. A lot of strange sightings have been reported. If other explorers and scientific minds had stopped looking science would have not gotten anywhere.

Information about the SETI program I have in this section is from "Astronomy" magazine.

NASA Images

W3 Stellar Nursery in the Milky Way
W3 Stellar Nursery in the Milky Way | Source
Magellanic Cloud Galaxy
Magellanic Cloud Galaxy | Source
Messier 94 Galaxy
Messier 94 Galaxy | Source

UFO Encounter Reportings

There have been so many UFO reports that one wonders when we will really see something with some more information that will explain it all.

One of the reports with the most information is the case of Betty and Barney Hill being taken into a spaceship in the United States. The story is that they were a mixed couple of black and white races. Some people thought that it may have been what made the aliens decide to stop them. They were interested in what had happened. The report has been taken seriously by many. There has also been a scientific test on Betty's dress. The testing found it to be a substance not of this world on it. It is a puzzling tale. There is no telling what is really the truth until we all have some solid information.

There is a report that in Russia in the recent past there was a sighting of a robot like being that stepped from a UFO and the whole school sports team saw it. It is hard to tell what to think about that report and others.

There have been sightings all over the world. The UFO idea with different descriptions has been going on for hundreds of years.

I have listened to many UFO reports and seen them on television. There is the program Coast to Coast on the radio late nights that goes into a lot of the details. I also found a book recently that had all of the International reports. It is hard to believe that for all of those people and sightings it was all made up. It can many times be proved to be that there was nothing there. There are many other happenings or excuses for what is there.

There are some people that thought that President Kennedy was actually killed because he had said that he was going to reveal something important about the UFO reports.

Former President Carter is the president that had himself had a UFO sighting. He was a witness to seeing a UFO craft. He had insisted on looking at the files of what was going on. He had gotten the runaround for looking at them. He was finally told that there was no reason for him to view all of the files. Even now I see it listed on the Wikipedia as if he did not see anything and it was just Venus.

There have been reports that the US astronauts saw things in space that they could not talk about. They seem to have been disturbing.

The small town that I am from in Connecticut even had its own UFO sighting. It was on a nearby hill. I was always in dread of that hill. I really believe it.

The Betty and Barney Hill Abduction Case


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Why is There No Contact Yet?

I have thought of why it is that they have absolutely no contact yet from any other planets. With all of the activity going on you would think that there might be something. But I had an idea that I think others have gotten also that might just be true.

If there is an alien civilization that is so smart, maybe they just do not want to be heard. It would be very simple for them to block the communications from other's ability to hear it. There are many things an alien culture may be able to do that ours is very far away from being able to do. If the aliens did want to contact us, they would most probably do so.

There have been reports of the UFOs having special powers in flying and what they can do. The objects have been reported to be able to shut down power on a plane or a station that was attempting to control them. There is no telling what they are really likely to be able to do. It is just I think that it is a little over our heads with what they are trying to do in their research.

They have found in research that there are many planets really that are capable of the same type of life as on Earth. It is not far fetched to think that there are other worlds with life. It can be very different from Earth as many people state.

A European scientific community has been watching two galaxies merge in the Universe from their telescope. It says that the galaxies there are making 2,000 stars a year. That is information from "Nature" magazine. It is something to think about.

Research Into Other Worlds

There was an International program to look at what was happening with the UFOs and other alien races. This was in the 1970's. They had found according to their own research that there were four types of other alien races that they had the information on.

The most frightening part of that to the people that had heard about this information was that one of the races was just like humans. They could have gone undetected on this planet and no one would know about it. There was no further word on the project for what had happened to that information. There have been some strange reports about hybrid beings with humans.

It is something like you would see on Star Trek. They would always find other planets with human looking people on them.

NASA Image of Ancient Stars

Ancient Stars Cluster
Ancient Stars Cluster | Source

Reasons for SETI

Government Reasons for SETI

Why would the US government decide to try to contact other planets with this space program?The reason for the trip to the moon is said to have been to prove something to other countries. President Kennedy did it so that our country would be keeping up with Russia and overtaking them in the race for space.

Was the reason for SETI all to find out about other civilizations? Scientists I am sure would like to work on it. But scientists do want to get paid and will work on a lot of projects. There are many I am sure that do take it very seriously. The idea of actually going to other planets is really very far away in the future.

Could the reason for the SETI program have been out of fear for the UFOs coming to this planet? Could they have been trying to reach out to other planets to find out things about them? It is said that the number of UFOs coming here has gone down since there is not as much of a threat from nuclear warfare. There are still many reported sightings in the world. It does seem to be an ongoing happening.

It would seem that if Russia really had other information on UFOs that they would share it. Britain from what I heard on the radio released a lot of classified info on UFOs. The US has released info with some people being disappointed in it all.

I think it is kind of unlikely the idea that the US had info from other planetary communities and was using it for their space program. That is what some were saying about Roswell. The space program is really not all that advanced. I don't think they would really let aliens from other worlds experiment on US citizens. It is hard to tell what really does happen in Roswell and other government centers.

The more mysterious they try to make Area 51, the more people are curious. Most people have come to think of it as something not that serious now. Many are very curious. There is a museum there with alien statues that people can go to see. There were people there recently that had gone into the area and been arrested. It is off limits to people being government property. A guard had threatened the kids going there as if they would shoot them so they said.

Area 51

Area 51 Gate
Area 51 Gate | Source

Mystery Airship Sighting 1896

Sacramento, California
Sacramento, California | Source


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