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Secret Space Program Insiders Are The Catalyst For Full Disclosure

Updated on July 4, 2017

Next Generation Aurora Space Plane

The secret Aurora space plane has been rumored to exist since the early 80s and uses zero point energy propulsion system.
The secret Aurora space plane has been rumored to exist since the early 80s and uses zero point energy propulsion system. | Source


This closely guarded Secret Space Plane, the Aurora is now being leaked to the public, perhaps in anticipation of Full Disclosure.
This closely guarded Secret Space Plane, the Aurora is now being leaked to the public, perhaps in anticipation of Full Disclosure. | Source

Secret Space Program

There seems to be no shortage of people recovering memories of being a Secret Space Program (SSP) Insiders. Since my last article on this topic, many people contacted me to share their memories and experiences. This article Secret Space Program Insiders Are The Catalyst For Full Disclosure will provide their stories and more, as we unlock the mystery behind the Secret Space Program and learn how their testimony has begun the Full Disclosure movement.

The three Secret Space Program Insiders that reached out to me after reading my last article on this topic are Ben Davis Jr., Tony Rodrigues and Mark McCandlish, all of whom are featured in this article. This is not a mere coincidence but, in fact, a form of synchronicity designed by a higher source too initiate a Grass Roots Full Disclosure Movement not predicated on information and knowledge from our own Government or any Secret Space Alliance, which may or may not exist. Full Disclosure is happening now, you may become part of the solution or part of the problem, this is your Free Will Choice.

While the vast majority of SSP Insiders experience an abduction type scenario, what is known as MILAB (abbreviation for Military Abduction), to become indoctrinated into the Secret Space Program, not all of them go through this scenario and some have worked outside the Program but are connected to it. While others have been enlisted by various Alien Races to infiltrate it, work within it and ultimately reveal and stop its clandestine activity, here on Earth and in space. It is a complicated story with many different parties working together and against each other.

While it is true that the Secret Space Program really became popular through the revelations shared on the Gaia TV Show Cosmic Disclosure with host David Wilcock and guest Corey Goode, many people are now beginning to shy away from their information based on their lack of transparency as well as their complete disregard for answering the many questions raised from their testimony. I too was a BIG fan until I began researching their story and began asking questions that never got answered. This lead to my own research and three articles about their show, which are the embedded links above.

What is important to recognize is that most of the information shared on the Cosmic Disclosure Show, has already been published in books, movies, videos and articles and is not new. Some of this information is well over 150 years old, so it is important to realize that the entire show could very well be made up. I for one think that Corey Goode is a legitimate SSP Insider however I do not think his message is designed to produce Full Disclosure and that his only true goal is to make money and to share a sanitized version of the Secret Space Program to garner public support for his Illuminati handlers, what is commonly referred too as The Cabal.

I think this propaganda type agenda is designed to slowly drip, drip, drip the information out in a slow Partial Disclosure scenario to buy time for The Cabal and to create a story that will help create immunity from the Crimes Against Humanity that The Cabal has perpetrated against the public, such as MILAB kidnapping, child slavery and pedophile practices, human slave trade with Extraterrestrial Races, torture, murder and even unsanctioned wars.

Whether or not Corey Goode and David Wilcock are active participants engaged in this agenda with full knowledge of their roles or just patsies in a well organized propaganda campaign, remains to be seen but I do find it interesting that Corey Goode refuses to share with the public his role in some of these practices. I also find it suspect that he has never once answered any of my inquires, over 30 questions I have asked him on his website or addressed any of mine and others concerns involving some of the glaring inconsistencies in his story. Many recent articles have come out calling into question his legitimacy and credibility to his anecdotal testimony. I find Corey's recent promotion of his own publishing company geared towards developing a comic book based on the Secret Space Program financed by a GoFundMe campaign a questionable way of creating a Full Disclosure Movement.

Without further speculation I wish to share with you the stories of the other Secret Space Program Insiders, whistleblowers and participants that have contacted me since my first article and some of the ones that I may have inadvertently left out. Their stories are similar and yet unique, each in their own way. They are the true heroes in this saga, because they have found the courage to share their stories with the rest of us, I am merely the conduit.

Ben Davis Jr. Incident at Fort Polk

Ben Davis Jr.

Ben uses his Insider knowledge to provide reputable information in his books and shares on his FB page and in groups. A true American Hero!
Ben uses his Insider knowledge to provide reputable information in his books and shares on his FB page and in groups. A true American Hero! | Source

Targeted Individual vs. Artificial Intelligence

Ben Davis Jr.'s new book is shown here and shares with the reader important information about AI technology created by MIT scientists that is used to target individuals.
Ben Davis Jr.'s new book is shown here and shares with the reader important information about AI technology created by MIT scientists that is used to target individuals. | Source

Ben Davis Jr.

While Ben isn't a true Secret Space Program Insider in the traditional sense his interactions with this program from an outsider stand point maybe even more beneficial in terms of sharing his experiences and story. As member of the United States Armed Forces (Army), Ben was drawn into the Secret Space Program by a group of Aliens intent on recovering technology stolen from them. Here is a short bio of him taken directly from Neely Worldwide Publishing.

Ben Davis, Jr- Was born in Madison, Florida, in 1955, to a politically known family in the northern Florida rural counties. He was the only son of a US Navy Frogman of WWII era and raised in Tallahassee, Florida, when his parents relocated in 1960. He was diagnosis of being afflicted with Legge-Perthes bone disorder in the same year and was prescribed to wear a prosthetic leg brace until a cure was completed. August 6, 1966, Ben was declared cured.

Gaining high honors in high school sports as an athlete in track & field and being a player on the varsity football team who played for the State Class 4A Championship his senior year. After graduation, the Vietnam War was still ongoing and instead of being a draftee, he joined the US Army on November 26, 1974, until discharge on June 16, 1976, after being involved with top secret projects written in his first book titled, It's About TIME, self published June 5, 2016! Now Ben joins Neely Worldwide Publishing as an official Author on our team to re-release his book!

His first book details his interactions with a benevolent group of Aliens, that enlist his and other service members help, to recover stolen technology, specifically direct energy weapons (DEWs), the US Army had in their possession. His book, It's About Time Incident At Fort Polk, is his one man crusade to start a Full Disclosure agenda and finally reveal the Military Industrial Complex involvement with Dark Extraterrestrials bent on global domination of humanity.

His new book Target Individuals vs Artificial Intelligence, is a continuation of his first book but is centered around how MIT scientist created technology used by Intelligence Groups, such as the CIA to influence the public minds and manipulate our daily lives. Here is a description in his own words . . .

My new book is about the follow up research continued from Book 1, Incident at Fort Polk, when actual podcasts partake in the evaluation of what a Targeted Individual has been through and then related to actual US Patents proving there is Artificial Intelligence in operation by the CIA and how it is connected to Mind Control being used remotely, wirelessly and invisible to the public... YOU!

Ben is a charismatic person, that has found the courage, perseverance and dedication, to reach out to not only this author but the world and share his story, at great personal risk to his well being. I, for one, applaud his integrity to bring his story to light and to continue to share his insight and knowledge with the public. I encourage everyone to get a copy of his book as well as his new one, to help share his story with the world.

Eric Raines

Eric Raines

Eric is a natural healer and expert on etheric-implants, shown here from a FB photo he is actively involved in the New Age Community and only now has begun to remember is role in the Secret Space Program.
Eric is a natural healer and expert on etheric-implants, shown here from a FB photo he is actively involved in the New Age Community and only now has begun to remember is role in the Secret Space Program. | Source

Eric Raines

While Eric Raines is still in the initial stages of recovering his memories from his involvement with the Secret Space Program, he is a well known Etheric Implant Healer, accomplished writer of many articles involving esoteric subjects and healing and avid researcher. His self described mission is to help humanity rid themselves of parasitic entities that use AI technology to influence our thoughts and alter our DNA.

His knowledge of Etheric Implants and how to remove them is what links him to the SSP because it is the exact same technology they use to memory wipe their abductees and implant new memories. This kind of information is a direct counter balance to the technology being used to target individuals using artificial intelligence, which will be discussed briefly by the next SSP Insider in this article. Being able to remove these implants from our etheric and physical bodies allows humanity to clean their slate and establish their own thoughts, habits and use their true insights.

Here is a short bio from an interview that was done of Eric and is posted on his site Unleashing Natural Humanity, A movement dedicated to awakening the natural power innate in humanity.

After an intense energetic activation in 2012, Eric became aware of the implantation and parasitic construct, in a very real way. His subsequent search for answers about this experience, led him on a journey to self discovery. This discovery, coupled with increasing real world practice, allowed him to gain a deep understanding of how this other system works, how to identify the interference's and constructs, how to promote self protection through daily practices, and most importantly, how to remove these false constructs from himself, as well as others.

Eric is constantly expanding his repertoire of tools; he currently implements a wide range of energetic tools ranging from parasite/implant removal, meridian clearing and balancing, crystalline organ rejuvenation, theta healing, soul fragment retrieval, remote lymphatic work, and Golden light energy work; he also utilizes physical based practices such as Quantum Pause Breathing, Reverse Breathing, self lymphatic massage, Cycle Stretching, Chi Kung (Qigong), and meditation. As an ardent advocate of aiding the entire human race to achieve their full, natural potential, Eric is called to teaching as many others as he can reach.

As a receiver of this hidden esoteric knowledge, Eric considers it his duty, his life's purpose, to share this information with the world, to free all of humanity from the ravages of this system and to help create a world filled with light.

I have included Eric Raines in this article to show my readers that we all have a role to play in awakening our society to the truth. Their are ways and people with the information to help us rid ourselves of mind control tactics, rediscover our true selves and establish a new paradigm closer to the heart. I encourage my readers to visit his site and read his articles on Etheric Implants.

Tony Rodrigues

Tony Rodrigues

Tony recently recovered his memories after an MIR and reached out to other researchers to help him recovery from the denial of accepting these traumatic events in his life.
Tony recently recovered his memories after an MIR and reached out to other researchers to help him recovery from the denial of accepting these traumatic events in his life. | Source

Tony Rodrigues

Tony Rodrigues was a MILAB, which is an abbreviation for Military Abduction, he was part of a group of gifted children in Michigan. He says that his induction into the SSP came about because of his interaction and confrontation with another boy in his class whose father was a high ranking member of the Illuminati. Soon after this confrontation with this other boy he tells of his abduction by a grey Alien and three Reptilians to a secret base. They came into his room at night and removed him, passing through his bedroom wall and took him to a secret base.

He says he was held at this base for a mkultra trauma based mind control programming, from the age of 9 when he was abducted until he was fifteen. He served in earth based programs and learned a variety of skills until he was sold off to an SSP program, at age 15. He was first stationed on Mars and then Cerces. He tells us that he remembered bits an pieces about his life as a slave/worker in the SSP, after he was returned from his twenty and back program. He says he remembers the day he was returned, was the morning after his MILAB experience and feeling as if he hadn't seen his family in years, which technically he hadn't. He did have some memories of his life as SSP slave for twenty years but as a kid he learned to handle them by dismissing them as vivid dreams and an overactive imagination.

Then after going into the hospital for an MRI, his memory returned in big chunks and was so overpowering that at times he would have to sometimes pull his car over just to absorb his returning memories. At first, like many other SSP Insiders he was in denial but eventually he began to research the places they had held him here on Earth and found that they were real. He even visited a part of Seattle, Washington he was held and remembers the streets and beach where he was held even down to particular rocks on the beach. He says he also found a town in Peru where he served as an intuitive, on Google Earth and so he confirmed the existence of these places for his own sanity.

He tells us that he was reminded of his MRI by reading an account in the PDF document by Michael Relfe, whom is mentioned in my previous article, entitled The Mars Records about a Super Soldier that regains his memory after undergoing a MIR scan of his brain. Electro-magnetic devices are used in todays medicine to help psychiatric patients block out memories of traumatic events, so this technology exist today and could certainly explain how his memory wipes returned to him.

Initially he just wanted to talk to people that had similar experiences and reached out to Dr. Michael E. Salla, Ph.D. and share his memories with him through a series of interviews. Dr, Salla has worked closely with Corey Goode and compared Tony's notes with Corey whom claimed Tony was a fake b/c some of the information was inaccurate. Dr. Salla broke off communication with Tony based on Corey's assertions but it should be noted this kind of behavior between Corey Goode and Dr. Salla has happened before and since, so it is not jsut Tony Rodrigues that has had to deal with this kind of nonsense.

Tony then began to work with Morgan Starr and Rob Potter and was mostly just interested in therapy and dealing with a flood of memories that deep down he knew were real. Over time Morgan Starr was able to bridge the discourse between Dr. Salla and Tony and they again were able to work together and conduct some interviews. These are very traumatic memories a person has to deal with and traditional therapists might not be as receptive to this information, so in the beginning he tread softly.

Christopher S. Jacobs Interviews Elena Kapulnik

Christopher S. Jacobs

Christopher is able to verify and make contact with higher dimensional beings related to humans through his own psychic abilities.
Christopher is able to verify and make contact with higher dimensional beings related to humans through his own psychic abilities. | Source

Christopher S. Jacobs

Christopher Stephen Jacobs is a unique Secret Space Program Insider as he is a psychic healer and medium that is able to make connections with other peoples higher selves, past life incarnates and entities that other people have connected with during their lives. This ability allows him to help answer many questions individuals may have about their own experiences. This is what he has to say about himself as taken from his own website, in his own words.

"My name is Christopher Stephen Jacobs and I am a psychic medium, remote viewer, and healer from Prescott, AZ. The Lifting is my business where I not only conduct readings of people about life's situations, but can cleanse their homes and business as well as give insight as to what may or may not have been the real causes behind things that have occurred in their lives.

Some are past life related, some are dimensional related, and some are ghost and demon related. Some of these occurances may actually be extraterrestrial in origin. Many are alien abductees and they do not even realize it. I can check to see if anyone has one alien implant or many. Usually many. When found, I can force them to shut down and disintegrate. I can also see if anyone was tested on by said aliens. The law of one, along with wards and catalysts (spells), are my tools of the trade."

He tells us that many people do not remember their abduction experiences because of memory wipe technology and etheric and physical implants. He is able to identify these and in most cases remove them or disable them, through various psychic abilities he continues to use and practice. He has a very unique philosophy of seeing events, ideas and information from a perspective that provides new insight into common misunderstandings and experiences.

The Law of One

We are all one.

When one is harmed, all are harmed.

When one is helped, all are helped.

Therefore, in the name of who I am, and I am one with all there is,

only the highest good of all concerned happens.

I give thanks this is done.

So be it and so it is!

"On a more positive note, we all come to earth with guides at our sides to help us navigate through life. We live in a free-will society and those guides will be there to help but can never interfere with our free will. Many of these “angelic” guides are actually big brothers or sisters from other extraterrestrial races. I can help you to understand who they are and your own higher soul self. They are happy to meet you. Over the years, I have acquired a multitude of psychic tools to assist my profession. However, there is one over-riding theme to my work, and that is the Law of One."

In the interview with Elena Kapulnik, Christopher is able to identify and make contact with a woman Elena knew as Lilith, whom he says is connected with the Divine Feminine. I find it interesting that the original person named Eve, in the Biblical story of Adam and Eve, went by the name Lilith, coincidence, probably not. Elena holds many secrets about humanities ancient past that the ICC and other SSP groups would love to get their hands on but this information has been blocked by Lilith, through implants and memory wipes, for her own protection.

Christopher offers a variety of psychic abilities that can used to remove etheric and physical implants, connecting with your higher self and readings. More information about these services can be found on his website The Lifting.

Lindsey E. Hooper interviews Ben Davis Jr.

Lindsey Elocin Hooper

Healer and Super Soldier, Lindsey is an outspoken Secret Space Program Insider unafraid of speaking her mind and letting people know the truth.
Healer and Super Soldier, Lindsey is an outspoken Secret Space Program Insider unafraid of speaking her mind and letting people know the truth. | Source

Lindsey Elocin Hooper

I asked Lindsey, who is a member of my secret Facebook group TERCES to write her own bio as I was finding it very difficult to get much solid information on her. Here is her response, unedited except for a few minor spelling and grammar corrections. Lindsey Elocin Hooper is a Super Soldier that has been involved in the Secret Space Program since age five.

"My experiences of abductions began as a child. I was born in 1984 and my first memories began in 1989. I was 5 years old and would not speak publicly about my experiences until 2016. My first memory was that of walking the halls of a large ship, directly guided by a man and woman specifically dressed in medical garb. I was instructed to relax and that everything was going to be fine when I knew this couldn’t be farther from the truth. After asking to see members of my family to no avail, I was soon given a test of sorts, in order for those in charge to what I assume determined what program I would best function within.

This wasn’t a normal test, I would have small electrodes placed onto my scalp while a series of images flashed before my eyes as though they were determining what I could and couldn’t process "properly." This is what I consider to be the first MiLab abduction to take place during my life. Of course with the rapid age regeneration process and how the syndicates now control and manipulate time, no one would ever notice that you have been gone for more than 5 minutes. I immediately had memories of this occurrence and did not speak a word for I knew I would not be heard, especially as a child, and continued to keep quiet as an adult as well.

After the test was over I would then, still a small child be placed in a program in which we were to alter specific timelines, important timelines. Within this particular program, you must watch certain realities play out in front of you on a holographic screen, and in order to mold and shape the events into what your handlers see fit, you must project an alter into this timeline in order to create the circumstance that they wish (most involving tragedy.) The only catch is you cannot leave your alter behind, you must destroy it by any means necessary. So forcing an alter that you had just projected into such a reality was commanded to self-destruct (suicide) shortly after the mission was complete. I cannot count the amount of times I had to watch what looked like myself, physically die on a regular basis.

You can never get out of these programs via your own free will, or they physically torment you. I suffered headaches beyond imagination that no doctor could find a reason for and no medication could cure. The headaches lasted for months on end, almost a year to be exact. They were solely the source of an implant that was used to literally force me to lie down and sleep at a specific time during the day. If I did not close my eyes and sleep, I found no comfort in my pain. Eventually I was taken out of the facilities of which I was commanded to shift the events of time, I was soon sent to Mars via jump technology.

I was a prime candidate for this as I could easily go from any point in place with this technology and have little to zero side effects. I remained on Mars and was essentially used as a "runner" to deliver documents from various locations and make sure they arrived securely as I was and am also today being used as a super soldier, in which we are sent in groups on many types of missions. These missions are not simply just on Mars and Earth. As I know of now there are operations very much so happening on Venus, as well as Phobos one of the two Moons belonging to Mars.

As of now it is also of my knowledge that there is indefinitely a breakaway super soldier agenda of which I am a part of, in which we are in a sense going rogue, and operating under our own commands. The fact remains that the elite very much control time, and many timelines. We must now if not ever do our best in taking back that control by exposing what the agenda is and has been for centuries in order to create an awakening that puts an end to the madness that has taken over our planet and species."

She has gone on too conduct numerous interviews with other people involved in the Secret Space Program as well as work in various fields related to this subject. Her experiences in the Secret Space Program trained her for combat and Black-Op missions but she now uses her psychic abilities to heal. Her FB page Sacred Garden of Light provides psychic healing, channeling and readings.

Mark McCandlish

Aurora Space Plane

The Flying Triangle, as it is sometimes called, is the Aurora Space Plane, that has been rumored to exist since the early 80s but maybe was developed in the early 60s.
The Flying Triangle, as it is sometimes called, is the Aurora Space Plane, that has been rumored to exist since the early 80s but maybe was developed in the early 60s. | Source

Mark McCandlish

Mark's experience and knowledge of the Secret Space Program reveals a large degree of technical knowledge into designs and classified programs.
Mark's experience and knowledge of the Secret Space Program reveals a large degree of technical knowledge into designs and classified programs. | Source

Aurora XR7

The XB-70, made by Lockheed was a high altitude prototype developed by SAC in the late 50s.
The XB-70, made by Lockheed was a high altitude prototype developed by SAC in the late 50s. | Source
Notice the similarities between the Valkyrie above and the Blackbird below and realize that this plane has existed since the early 80s.
Notice the similarities between the Valkyrie above and the Blackbird below and realize that this plane has existed since the early 80s. | Source
The SR-71 Blackbird was one of the first supersonic high altitude spy planes in the US fleet.
The SR-71 Blackbird was one of the first supersonic high altitude spy planes in the US fleet. | Source

Mark McCandlish

Mark McCandlish is another controversial Secret Space Program Insider that has come forward with some very technical aspects of secret aircraft propulsion systems and designs. His knowledge of designs and craft sets him apart from the average SSP Insider because he is able to describe this technology in laymen's terms.

Mark grew up a "military brat" as we are called, I too grew up on military bases all over the world and could identify all existing aircraft just from a casual glance as it flew overhead. His experience of living in a military family, influenced his decision to join the military to pay for college, through the GI Bill.

After leaving the military he went to college to become an industrial graphic designer, with the intent on designing cars. While in school he took an intern job doing special effects for Hollywood movies and met Col. Thomas Beardon, whom was a specialist in zero point energy technology and psychotronics and other lesser known aspects of pyshics. He soon got a job working for General Dynamics, working for them for two years before going out on his own as a freelance conceptual artist working for various Defense Agency industries and contractors.

He has worked for all the big names in the Defense Industry, such Lockheed, Beoing, Northrop, Rockwell International, Allied Signal and General Electric for thirty years beginning around 1980.

Early in his freelance career he was approached by Lockheed (Skunk works) to do some conceptual work for a new aircraft program but due to the top secret security involved he wasn't allowed to know what the craft looked like, he was merely told to come up with some art for a craft that looked very fast. He based this new aircraft design on the two fastest high altitude aircraft at the time, the XB-70 Valkyrie and the SR-71 Blackbird.

He came up with a hybrid concept of both aircraft and when he showed this Skunk Works group his design illustrations, they reacted in surprise and anger because his designs were, in fact, very close to what the actual craft looked like. Immediately they thought classified information had been leaked to him and became very concerned. But during the meeting some of the engineers inadvertantly revealed classified information about this crafts capabilities such as being able to fly at Mach 17, which is around 12,000 mph, far faster than anything the public knows about.

This was Mark's first glimpse into the ultra-top secret Aurora aircraft programs, which were only rumored to have existed in the early 80s, when he became involved. Of course as time went on these craft began being seen by many people and the rumors started to fly about this Secret Space Program.

Mark's insatiable appetite and curiosity for these programs, coupled with his ability to conceptualize and illustrate images in his mind, much like this author has lead to what many call synchronicity in his life or a gathering of information on all topics related too, not just the Secret Space Program but reality that is not shared with the general public.

Let me be clear, this is not random coincidences but, in fact, a program of design or way of sharing information in a format that allows one to recognize that the reality we have been taught in our mainstream education process is far different than what we have been lead to accept.

People all over the world are being influenced in such a way as to make connections with each other and share information, so that a Grass Roots Full Disclosure Movement has already begun, without many of us even realizing it has. These connections being made may seem random and coincidental but are really by design, much like the 100 Monkey Theory.

Mark McCandlish vast experience into the technical aspects of the Secret Space Program, will provide even the diehard skeptic with a plethora of information that is rarely found in this field. I for one recommend that anyone interested in this subject to explore his information in depth. His own website simply entitled Mark McCandlish, provides his own drawings and illustrations, along with a plethora of important SSP technical information and reports.

Mark McCandlish

Mark believes there is a plausible answer to interstellar flight without violating the currently-accepted laws of physics. Having had literally dozens of sightings since 1966, he feels certain that this carefully protected technology has been co-opted by an as-yet-unknown group, and the sequestration of this technology has provided that organization tremendous leverage in world politics, finance and international conflicts over the past five decades.

James Rink & Super Soldier Talk

James Rink

James major contribution to the Full Disclosure Movement is his many interviews with SSP Insiders and Super Soldiers.
James major contribution to the Full Disclosure Movement is his many interviews with SSP Insiders and Super Soldiers. | Source

James Rink Lone Wolf

James Rink has written a book of his experiences called Lone Wolf Alpha Squad 45 Copy Over.
James Rink has written a book of his experiences called Lone Wolf Alpha Squad 45 Copy Over. | Source

James Rink

Too me, James Rink, is an interesting character within the Secret Space Program because he has spent a lot of time gathering an extensive amount of information on other SSP Insiders, through interviews but hasn't fully exposed his own connection too the Secret Space Program, at least publicly.

He has many similar experiences as other Super Soldiers, Whistleblowers and SSP Insiders but doesn't seem to have fully accepted his role or experiences and may be still in some form of denial. Evidently, this is a perfectly natural part of the recovery process for these experiences as many, many of the SSP Insiders I have researched go through a period of being unwilling to fully explore their own past memories.

I have come to the conclusion that this maybe due to some of the mental conditioning these SSP Insiders go through, to prevent them from fully recovering these memories. A way to keep memories fragmented and to disassociate the conscious mind from accepting the reality of these memories. Consider for a moment how you would deal with memories that had no basis for reality within your own paradigm or world view and you will understand the reluctance many of these SSP Insiders have with not only coming forward and sharing these memories publicly but in taking the time, effort and money required to explore them, in depth.

When one considers the ideas and synchronicity in their own lives to becoming involved in this subject matter, then the next logical question is, why? Which would lead one to wonder, if perhaps, we have our own memories of such experiences buried deep within us. Many SSP Insiders, such as Max Speirs, Elena Kapulnik and Tony Rodrigues think that there are millions of SSP slaves, super soldiers, military personnel and other workers that have gone through these programs but will never regain their memories.

James Rink's experiences show that he had a difficult childhood, anxiety about Alien Grey's that created physical as well as emotional issues during childhood and into early adulthood. That he fixated on SSP subjects early in his life and became involved in many similar subjects throughout his life. Despite his unwillingness to fully explore his own experiences and memories of SSP "events" he has contributed to Full Disclosure by interviewing dozens of SSP Insiders, Super Soldiers and Whistleblowers.

James website Super Soldier Talk provides the reader with an outstanding source of information on all things related to the Secret Space Programs and interesting interviews with some of the top names in the Full Disclosure movement. His question and answer article with Corey Goode reveals a lot of unanswered questions many fans have with that information and storyline. Although James has received a lot of criticism for his own role in the SSP, he has contributed a great deal of information to Full Disclosure.

Anthony Zender on Super Soldier Talk

Anthony Zender

After eight losses in a row to begin his MMA career, Anthony Zender has made some adjustment and won four in a row. Evidently Super Soldiers aren't quitters.
After eight losses in a row to begin his MMA career, Anthony Zender has made some adjustment and won four in a row. Evidently Super Soldiers aren't quitters. | Source

Aurora B

This artist rendition of the next generation stealth technology spy plane, has not been recognized to exist by the U.S. Government but has been seen as a UFO, all over the world.
This artist rendition of the next generation stealth technology spy plane, has not been recognized to exist by the U.S. Government but has been seen as a UFO, all over the world. | Source

Anthony Zender

Anthony Zender, like many of his contemporaries in the Secret Space Programs, doesn't have many clear cut momories of his early induction into the SSP but does have some childhood memories of a MILAB event at age six. He remembers being taken to an underground base for testing and grooming purposes. It isn't until after he discharges from the United State Marine Corp at age 23, does his memories of MILABS and other strange childhood events begin to surface.

He spends the next eight years researching and reading about various paranormal ideas and subjects, that his memories begin to return to him, meditation and other healing practices begin to unravel his murky past. He is able to connect some family members, such as his Grandfather working as an engineer helping to develop the SR-71 Blackbird and two step Uncles, that were Marine Corp pilots to events in his own life that groomed him for becoming a Black-Op Super Soldier.

He learns that he is involved with an SSP group known as Kruger, which is a splinter group of the infamous Monarch Solutions Program. Both of these factions of the SSP are (according to Anthony) for all extensive purposes at war with each other or at the very least have opposing agendas. He tells us that they both have close connections to DARPA and the Dept. of Naval Intelligence.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is an agency of the U.S. Department of Defense responsible for the development of emerging technologies for use by the military. Originally known as the Advanced Research Projects Agency, the agency was created in February 1958 by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in response to the Soviet launching of Sputnik 1 in 1957.

Many of Anthony's memories are still fractured as he puts the pieces of the puzzle back together but I do think he has gained enough memories to be a credible new witness and Secret Space Program Insider. His willingness to explore his spiritual awakening and dig deeper into his own Hero's Journey and Dark Night of the Soul, offers a unique perspective of the Super Soldier mindset and his own MILAB experience.

Just as there are competing factions or groups within our society, corporate industry and even the New Age Movement, so too is there division amongst the Secret Space Program on how exactly to bring about Full Disclosure. Anthony Zender tells us that there is also good and bad groups within the Illuminati of Cabal working against each other for control of this planet.

Aurora Space Plane

Another artistic rendering of the Aurora Space Plane.
Another artistic rendering of the Aurora Space Plane. | Source

Unmanned Space Plane

There are also unmanned version of space planes or drones that are operated remotely, to provide a variety of missions.
There are also unmanned version of space planes or drones that are operated remotely, to provide a variety of missions. | Source


Pulling together all this information was once again a daunting task but well worth the effort as humanity inches closer towards Full Disclosure. Conversing with all the different Secret Space Program Insiders willing to come forward and put their reputations, personal lives and careers on the line, is inspiring and rewarding. These people are the true hero's of our time and should be applauded for their perseverance, dedication and commitment to bringing the truth into the light of day.

I find it perplexing, if not a little sad that the one person that has done more too bring the words Secret Space Program into the public eye, now seems intent on getting rich from his efforts and augmenting his own popularity. Imagine if you will, the progress that could be made towards Full Disclosure, if Corey Goode and David Wilcock were to interview even half of the Secret Space Program Insiders, I have written about in this article Secret Space Program Insiders Are The Catalyst For Full Disclosure and the one before it Whistleblowers And Insiders Reveal The Veracity of Secret Space Programs.

While the many true Service To Others Whistleblowers, Super Soldiers and Insiders continue to bring us their truth as they struggle to make ends meet. The one person that could provide them with Unity In The Community turns a blind eye to their own struggles, while giving them a cold shoulder to their efforts to make Full Disclosure happen in our life times. The Cosmic Disclosure Show and those that support it even have gone as far as calling some of these people featured in this article fakes and con artists.

Despite very similar stories and backgrounds, the Sphere Being Alliance chooses to divide and conquer public opinion by picking and choosing whom they wish to accept as valid, without making public what criteria this vetting process entails. Meanwhile comic books, movie deals and even action figures are being created to further fatten the bank accounts of those that have made Full Disclosure and the Secret Space Program, their own personal business venture. This doesn't even take into account the hundred's of thousands of dollars sent in as donations and the GoFundMe contributions.

I agree that everyone has a right to make a living but at the cost of disparaging others reputations and their own ability to make a living using their God Given talents or skills enhanced by the very Programs they are trying to expose, I find this tactic and practice somewhat hypocritical, if not down right selfish. How a person can promote Ubuntu, while selling coffee cups, t-shirts and action figures, is beyond me.

I wrote this article Secret Space Program Insiders Are The Catalyst For Full Disclosure to reveal the many other SSP Insiders that I failed to recognize in my previous article and along the way met some very good people. Every person featured in this article with the exception of Mark McCandlish, is now a member of the secret group called TERCES on FB. We don't argue, we don't cuss and we respect each others opinion, simply agreeing to disagree at times. This allows us the freedom and safe haven to discuss the topics mentioned in this article and other controversial subjects like adults without getting attacked by people that disagree with our ideas and comments.

Alberto and April Colon are featured in the interview by Christopher S. Jacobs, below. Unfortunately due to space and time constraints, I was not able to include them in this article. But, because so many Secret Space Program Insiders reached out to me based on the last article, perhaps more will do so after reading this one and I will be writing another one soon.

I hope you enjoyed this article as much as I did in writing it. If you have similar memories and wish to share them with humanity, just reach out to this author and leave a comment below and I will do my best to help you get the attention, healing and recognition you deserve, thank you for reading.

Chris Jacobs Interviews April & Alberto Colon


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    • Ben Davis Jr profile image

      Ben Davis Jr 

      22 months ago

      As of today, my 41 year wait for the time for me to publish my book to save humanity from extermination was a success! There is one final matter to contend with, and that is what I not only predicted would occur, but wrote about it seven years ago in the 5 remaining Chapters of my manuscripts. There have been many, many talk radio show hosts that had me on their shows talking about my story, and some of these shows heard me off the air and on the air saying that when my book is finally completed and published, that I was going to be "taken down" once it was done!

      That final statement did occur a few weeks ago, and it included my former publisher as being an 'affiliate' of a particular talk radio show host, who has already been denounced years ago as being a part of the COINTELPRO trained network of 'shills', whose job is to 'discredit' and cast down any truth tellers that have succeeded in what their agenda was, and is to prevent them from being publicly known and then my books were suppressed intentionally!

      That show host, is non other than Michael T Vara... aka.. Donald Breaker.. aka... Lyne Stafford... of the LNM Radio Network...

      As so documented on the below link:

      I will make this comment short, due to lack of time to write the entire story, but for accomplishing exactly what was predicted 41 years ago and now forecast as fact when this "takedown" occurred recently. I have now deleted my Fakebook account and will never participate with online talk radio shows, unless invited to expose these Narcissistic Personality Disorder 'shills' with the proof that I wrote over 7 years ago and the court documents that have now defamed me, discredited me and suppressed all of my life's work of recording, researching and writing about my personal life events, all related to the Army secret programs and experiments cast upon me from the very start, was done maliciously and intentionally.

      I was 'Targeted' by a real team of manipulators, all orchestrated by the 'secret intelligence' agency types and I have two, 4 drawer filing cabinets with documented evidence collected during the time that I was a "Targeted Individual", who was about to have a non-disclosure' agreement signed, when I was "Taken down" and arrested for false felony charges and then the Judicial system, local cops and State law enforcement being part of this grand scheme to stop me in 2003, from going public with a LIVE streaming audio/video program that was stolen from me through 'Industrial Espionage'... and Yahoo servers. That stream occurred and a success and I still have the files on a CD.

      It is now called Skype!

      I care not to pursue the lies and the defamation of character, the fact that my dead-fathers name was spoken aloud (Felony Libel charges there) and of course, my poor breast cancer survivor's (my wife's) name was illicitly and intentionally spoken by Michael T Vara, all in the ruse to "expose another fraud??"

      I see it as patting himself on the back to gain more attention and LIKES for his radio show... Well... I suggest everyone research the link above and see how the secret 'unknown' named talk show hosts try to convince the audience that they are right and I am a fraud.

      I laughed so hard, then fed the jerk more rant and rave input, just so he could shoot himself in his foot and of course, his mouth of lies! He even boasted about if he ever saw me in person, that he would kick my ass all the way up where the sun don't shine!

      REALLY? Have you ever tried to do that to a "super soldier" Mr Dumbass?

      Meanwhile, Dr. Carol Rosin, hears of this "takedown" tactic and calls me on Skype (ironic she calls me on Skype) and she told me that I am the very first person EVER... to have published the entire TRUTH and the facts to back it up regarding the UFO, Alien and Abduction agenda in her 41 year career, and the only woman to ever testify in Congress about the same topics! She too, has done her final talk show hosting and will now disappear until time ends for her. I concurred with Dr. Carol Rosin, and told her that my 41 year mission is complete and it is up to those higher up the food chain, that has the only chance to stop the AI from exterminating the human species out completely.

      She also told me that I am the only person she has ever known that she can trust, and maybe 3 more people in her 72 year life as well.

      Having said that, and no longer reachable, if you don't know my cell number or email address, you are out of time and luck to contact me until time ends for everyone! This is the first time since I 'volunteered' to take on this very secret 'mission', that I have ever felt at ease and accomplished. This "HERO", has now settled into a piece of mind and will finally have FREEDOM... from the evil planet, controlled by very high technology that us peons will never get to see why, or how, it really operates until we are round up and put down like animals in a stock yard!

      By the time this occurs, I will be nanotechnology cleansed and invisible to the higher advanced technology and will await the end of mankind... laughing my ass of at the cyborg humans, with no souls left to retaliate against TPTB who own us all!!

      The Singularity is the end! Good luck everyone, it was a long journey and it was fun!~Ben Davis, Jr.

    • Nadine May profile image

      Nadine May 

      22 months ago from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

      As always this was a very comprehensive article about what has been going on for decades. More and more are now being revealed through people who had first-hand experiences, Thank for sharing Daniel.

    • Ben Davis Jr profile image

      Ben Davis Jr 

      24 months ago

      I have an update to post... I was heavily attacked by a DEW on May 27, while installing a new stove for a tenant at my wife's rental home. Keeping a record of my health daily, the attack came on during a time when I was in high heat and low humidity, after having to concentrate on my task.. and as I recognized the attack being similar to the one I had 3 years ago, I knew what to do... so I focused all of my mental capacity on my breathing.. slow... deep and exhale the same... until I knew that I had it under control... all this time the renter was freaking out... and I had him help me up... walk me to my van... turn on the AC full blast and sit in driver seat.. and my cell phone in hand had already been used to contact my wife (at son's wedding) and my oldest sister (still asleep in Vegas) and as the time passed with a heart rate of 205/bpm for 18 minutes... all I could do was await the DEW frequency attack to end... and just as sister called, the instant I answered the call, the attack stopped instantly... and dear sis talked me down long enough for my brain to get the needed oxygen back in the brain... but duly note the 'incoming' cell call interrupted the attack... and not outgoing calls or texts...

      Now, after getting my brain functions back, I realized that I had forgotten to put my Orgonite necklace back on around my neck and I can only mention this because I have a giant Orgonite pyramid in my home and I believe that when my body took a heat and beating, combined without my Orgonite necklace, that the AI used the super secret nanotechnology inside my body when the Biofeedback sensors knew I had a weakness... and the AI tried to shut me down permanently...

      At least it wasn't 113 minutes with a 195/bpm heart rate like it was the first time I used my EMP device 3 years ago...

      Now I know how to beat these attacks!!!

    • Ben Davis Jr profile image

      Ben Davis Jr 

      2 years ago

      For anyone who needs some more input from my end of this article, I posted on my Fakebook timeline the YouTube videos that brought my new book TI vs AI on the table... The video with Lindsey Elocin Hooper interviewing me is the very beginning of my book, as transcribed from this Professor in his Mind Control Recovery Podcasts..

      I also included a short iMovie production Trailer on what I exposed in "Incident at Fort Polk" book I wrote... and in that video I put in my own Red Wine test results that showed the Nanobots, nano-fibers and nano-chips in action...

      My book includes 17 photos taken from that same test in full color in the paperback and hardcover editions...

      And just today, I was contacted by a very trusting friend who asked me to research a new micro-electric device that cures all illnesses and injuries to the human body that is somewhat like the SSP whistleblowers spoke of when they were treated for drastic injuries and the age reversing technology that I also contend that it is the Bio-Molecular Resonance Generator that a certain scientist had posted (now archived) and became deceased (probably 'taken out') and now this new device will put the Big Pharma's out of business and the entire healthcare issue will collapse..

      Perhaps the secret memorandum that Trump had allegedly signed to let out certain secret Patents has now come to fruition, especially after his speech in Saudi Arabia touching the entire world to stop the evil on the planet and all people to join together for a better world and future for our children and grand-children to carry on with the human species for the first time in history as we know of it.. ~ Ben Davis, Jr.

    • fpherj48 profile image


      2 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      Thank you!

    • profile image

      Pamela Jason 

      2 years ago

      So it is written so it is done. Wow you left nothing out Daniel. Keep it up.. Cheers! Thank you Blessings

    • somethgblue profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Sure, can you find me on FB, you should be able to do that based on what you know about me and friend me of send me a PM. We have 12 Secret Space Program Insiders in that group, so you can get a lot of questions answered directly from them.

      But I would be happy to answer any you have. So just let me know, the group is really amazing, Nadine May is in it and so is Sparkster, so you might even know a few others. Let me know if you have any trouble, in fact here is a link . . . to my profile page.

    • fpherj48 profile image


      2 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      Hey there blue.....I started on this hub a few hours ago, read down a few paragraphs and viewed the first 2 videos. Then I got sidetracked but I plan on returning to continue reading asap. Actually, I normally wind up re-reading your articles anyway to help myself let them sink in. (You must be used to that from your readers) I already foresee having several I was just wondering: Would you consider collecting a number of questions from your readers and then writing a piece in answer to them? It just seems your thread could get very long and drawn out, answering the questions from your readers.

      Also, can you tell me how to jump in on that particular online group (is it FB?) you were telling me about? Thanks! Paula


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