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The 6 Best Secrets of Influential Teachers

Updated on July 28, 2016
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Stevie G. is a Life Coach, Educator and Researcher. He is the founder of Infinite Visionary Training Center in Minnesota.

The Most Member-able Teachers

The teachers we remember the most are the ones who:

  • Left a powerful impression of something said or done
  • Pushed us beyond our fears of reaching for academic excellence
  • Never gave up on us even when we doubted ourselves

The most influential teachers I have ever encountered were the ones that left me with a powerful impression of something said or done that guided me to this day. These teachers never gave up on me, even though I had given upon on myself and my ability to be academically competent in several areas of study. Not only what they said and done impacted me, but how they said and done it. The intense expressions on their faces, which I see over and over again, never stop motivating me. When I am tempted to give up, these expressions become more vivid in magnitude.

All dedicated teachers attempt to deliver a powerful influence upon their students in order to provide the best possible opportunities for achieving academic and social excellence. Dedicated teachers are needed more than ever in every school in America. The academic performance of the nation is steadily in decline, especially among minorities, in particular African Americans. Studies show that African American students graduate on a much lower scale than their Caucasian counterparts. One of the reasons is that there are not enough role models for young African American males to stay in school and achieve an education. Many are tempted by quick money, gangs and drugs, not only out of fear but also out of the need to survive in a nation that turns a head to their plight.

Embracing the Uniqueness of all Students

For dedicated teachers, this urgent student plight is an opportunity to reach and positively affect as many minorities as possible and to make them believe that they are highly unique and special and that someone cares about them. Students must be reminded that they can also use their uniqueness to make a possible impact upon their families, communities as well as the society in general. All students are created to make a contribution. Dedicated teachers will scoff at the idea that there are certain parts of the student population that are unreachable. They are willing to put their life on the line to prove that such belief is a gross misconception among educators and administrations who have given up on certain type of student.

Kindness, Motivation and Extra Push

Dedicated teacher have certain qualities that distinguish them from the crowd. For one thing, they have a philosophy that no student is unreachable. They believe that with a balance of loving-kindness, motivation and push they can deliver any student from the chains of illiteracy and onto the path of academic progress. They are willing to use every means necessary to get the job done, including seeking the advice of parents and community leaders. Dedicated teacher know that when parents show an interest in their child’s education, the child becomes motivated as well. Not only do parents hold a wand of influence over students, but also the community itself holds a persuasive power over the minds of these future leaders and pathfinders. Therefore, dedicated teachers often invite community leaders inside the classroom in order to give students in idea of what it’s like for businesses to play a significant part in the prosperity and success of the community.

A Teacher's Wisdom

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Time is Not a Factor, but neither is Distraction

Dedicated teacher are willing to spend long hours both inside and outside the classroom. For them rushing out to go home when it’s time to clock out is not an option. They would rather stay and assess the needs of their students within their classroom, zeroing in on the weaknesses and strengths of each student and then devising lesson plans and strategies to meet those needs. The vision and passion they have for academic success and excellence drive them to such measures. Although they have a life, a good part of their lives are dedicated to helping to close the achievement gap in the American school system. For instance, if they discover a teacher strategy that works, they are willing to share it with other teachers as well as the entire education system. Dedicated teachers are not selfish and competitive. There chief concern is their success of their students. To be selfish and competitive is to possess and attitude of out teaching or attempting to gain advantage over another educator for the sake of popularity. A dedicated teacher has no time for this. It is a major distraction that gets in the way of her one hundred percent commitment to the academic progress of students who are struggling with the idea of how special they are and the great things they can do for society.

Super Teachers Stay ahead of the game by:

  • Spend long hours planning for their students
  • Dedicating themselves to closing the achievement gap
  • Putting the care of the student above self promotion
  • Are willing to learn from others

Staying ahead of the Game

Dedicated teachers choose stay ahead of the game by researching and keeping aware of all the latest educational materials and technology available. They are always looking for some new strategy or method that will give their students an advantage over their doubts and fears about learning and being the best they can be. They read and study how these new educational findings and technologies have brought success to other education programs across the nation. Dedicated teachers are willing to learn from others as well. They are not too proud to take what has worked well for other teachers and use them in their classrooms. This attitude is one of the many reasons that most dedicated teachers are nominated for the teacher of the year award. They take the strategies and ideas of other teachers across the country and create something new and exciting for their classrooms.

Excellence in the Face of Obstacles

What makes dedicated teachers so memorable is that they take a positive attitude and approach to educating their students. They don’t yell at students or get frustrated at them due to learning difficulties. Dedicated teacher push forward despite what appear to be hopeless situations and obstacles. To them, giving up on a student is like giving them poison. Students will remember this kind of commitment for the rest of their lives. The memories of such teachers live with them in vivid colors, especially when circumstances and conditions call for advice and guidance. A positive attitude and approach must take priority especially if a teacher finds herself in a highly challenging classroom. She must see through all the seeming hopelessness and despair. She must dismiss all the negative attitudes toward learning and the extremely slow progress her efforts have produced. In the end, dedication and commitment will prevail.

Creating Lasting Memories

Teacher who desires the best for their students, even above their own desires, will live in the memories of students forever. These teachers will be an everlasting mentor. When the student needs help and advice in the latter years of their lives that pertains to success and prosperity, they will heed the long remembered instructions of their best teachers. Several students who I have taught over the years, who are adults now, always leave the message that,” Mr. Glenn is still the best teacher I have ever had.” Let a life of dedication be the priority of every teacher.


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