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Secrets of the Stone Age - Glozel edition

Updated on October 22, 2012

Pre-Historic Men dressed like us...

This is a little on the ancient astronaut theories area, but here's a fact:

In August of 1937, two archeologists found some interesting pieces of Stone. One of them, Stephane Lwoff, made the assertion those pieces of Stone were actually stones with drawings on them. Pre-Historic drawings, that is.

There was something creepy about these drawings tough. Even though they date from when men supposedly didn’t even have the ability to use metal, the people portrayed in them used shoes, pants, shirts and hats, just like us!

This discovery (as seen on the “Bulletin de la Societé Pré-Historique de France”) destroyed everything Pre-History was assumed to be.


Have you heard about the discovery of Glozel? There were lots of bricks from the Stone-Age that were carved. Carved with symbols that some experts claim to be Ancient Letters. There are even some carvings of the letters X,K,L,V,W,K,O.

So, it is amazing that they were able to write in the stone age. But to have language, they had to dominate knowledge that preceeds that, like metalworking. Metalworking on the Stone-Age? That’s impossible, we had to find evidence of metal tools right? Wrong. Metal deteriorates very fast geologically speaking. If we disappeared right now, and the equivalent time passed, all our buildings would be Dust! That’s right, everything from skyscrapers to houses, everything, guns, tools, all Dust! Maybe it’s what the sands of the beaches are, dust from a fallen civilization. Now continuing, If you died with a sword and some stones to light up a fire – those people digging us up would see your skeleton and the stones and think – wow, these humans were just using stone tools.

Think about it...

What if stone-age humans aren’t what you think they were. What if we didn’t evolve from the gorillas and evolve from the remnants of a great civilization that had iron, houses, farming everything we see in the middle ages, and we just don’t know because all the modern things they had vanished from the time passed and all that was left was rock?

Think about it….


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    • Rui Carreira profile image

      Rui Carreira 4 years ago from Torres Novas

      If someone knows I want to know too!

    • profile image

      Alex22 4 years ago

      Anybody had seen the Glozel reindeer stone and the Ica glazed stones of Peru?

      What are the similarities and the differences?

      Would be great to know.