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Secrets of the deep waves: the waves of the sea under the skyscrapers along

Updated on October 1, 2015

Scientists say in a new study conducted for the first time (October / October 2013) through the University of Washington: The study has a deep, cool and dark area in the Pacific Ocean, has been detected in all the largest deep waves yet world's largest deep-sea waves as high up Some waves to 300 meters which is equivalent to a skyscraper!

Scientists devices have come down, for measuring the height of the wave to a depth of 5000 meters and the device to register properties of water and the density and height of the waves and the intensity and so on, and have found that these waves are formed at a depth of five thousand meters almost below sea level and take an hour or more until the break, they are very deep and dark and the layer underneath of water is very dense.

These waves are necessary to mix the deep sea and the lack of corruption over thousands of years, it also contributes to maintaining the ecological balance. The mixing of the water helps to lack of heavy water in the survival of the ocean floor and thus uncle corruption seawater. In spite of the continuous mixing and blending and turmoil, but the water in the bottom maintains its quality and density and salinity and temperature ...

This computer image of the ocean floor and see where the waves green and yellow color and a height along the skyscraper (300 meters), a very violent waves and covers a very dark area of the ocean depths.


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