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Security: Myth, Misconception or Reality?

Updated on February 2, 2011
Are we deluded or are we justified with this psycho need to win the war against corruption, terrorism and Internet safety?
Are we deluded or are we justified with this psycho need to win the war against corruption, terrorism and Internet safety?



In this increasingly frightening time of terrorism, recession, banks failing, forclosures, sickness and internet compromise, what do we make of it all? We are all just trying to make an honest crust by doing what we do, whether we enjoy our endeavours or not, we slog at it blindly, taking our lives through a daily regimen of chores, either successful, productive or seemingly pointless , at times. In the end, what is iit all for? Do we leave feeling unfulfilled or do we rush through the pearly gates, having made earth changing achievements, with the ebullient feeling of moving on to achieve greater things in some paradise that has succeeded in solving all the problems we have here on our earth?

My biggest fear in life, so far, is not having said all I want to say, done all I want to do and be all I want to be - the best that I can - and, I think that's everyone's dream - simple and easy - or is it? I have lived through two wars on the African continent and discovered a third war In a country I thought was free of discrimination and intolerance and have found out that I've not changed at all but become even more resolute to deal with the former in a calm yet intelligent and educated manner and sail past the latter without reactionary thought or deed but pure example and to do this maintaining my self-esteem and more importantly, humour!

We had the word "terrorism" thrown at us frequently by the governing body of the day, in the '70's, during the war in earnest and I grew up confused and disillusioned, not being able to reconcile my taught standards easily with my own, conceived inner thoughts as an adult and felt more and more withdrawn into a world I no longer understood or wanted to be part of. Terrorism was a major part of the daily brainwashing propaganda we were dished up with and all I learnt from that excercise was "terrorism begats terrorism" and world just becomes a more evil party to it! This has proved true, time and time again in the ensuing world wars since then and I often wonder when the hell the world is eventually going to grow half a brain cell and learn from all this.

The Media not only feeds off this to survive but, in many cases encourages it by reporting, to my way of thinking, far too sensative news that should never be allowed to see the light of day and only serves to endanger lives even more. NOBODY wins the war, never have done, never will do. Sure, good things have come out of wars like radar, ultrasound and advances in plastic surgery but, on the whole was it really worth it for the following generations, carrying the evil legacy forward?


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