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Seen but never noticed

Updated on December 26, 2009

Real Music Is Dead

Its the CHAMELEON here to lay it down. what the hell is up with music these days why is it that no one seems to sing about real stuff. I mean rapper talking about all the stuff "they wish they could do" cause in real life they are scary little bitches that cant evern kill a fly. they know who they are and what they are, I hate turning on the radio and and every other word is a curse word in a song. why can't we get back to the time when songs ment something and you could understand them and know that person felt.

the musicindustry is all messed up now no one does it for the love of music and more, its all about having all the best stuff and money. why is it that they tell you not to down load but they give you all the equitment to do so, they need to make up there mind or just give up the fight. we don't care that they are losing money its not like they need it any way they got money than they know what to do with. I guess thats why they buy the same thing more than once so if one brakes they can just replace it. they don't care about us cause if they did a cd would not cost as much as it does and you would not have to my 3 or 4 cds just to get a few songs you might like.

they need to change there ways cause the every one else is not going change theres.


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