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Self Education

Updated on March 4, 2012


In U.S. education the public schools have made children so dependent on modernized equipment. Dependency is not a weakness, but can be if abused. Children need to depend on their parents. Humans need to depend on food. Abusing dependency is when you have a perfectly good way of doing something by yourself, but instead you decide to rely on someone/something else. Children have to depend on their parents because they are not old enough to make adult decisions. The same goes with food. We need food to survive so we are dependent on it. I will now go through a list of dependencies the public schools have offered.

Not teaching how to survive with little water and almost no food. Most America cities are on the grid system, which means if something hits the power grid there will be no power. period. Most household appliances are dependent on electricity, the same electricity that comes from the grid. Your frozen and cold food will go bad within a day if the grid goes down.

Modern science in a lab is not helping to educate the populous. The problem with modern science is there is a problem. Almost all scientists today are dependent on technology to allow people to stay alive. What if the grid went down? What if your lab had no power? You couldn't run all your scientific programs in order to make a new drug to save people. You would be lost, totally lost in the dark.

Where does our food come from? The supermarket of course! Teaching how to grow food in your own back yard is a very smart way to go. If you are able bodied and have some room to plant a small garden you should do it! Food nutrients is also a must know. Young kids are growing up on processed food and not getting the right nutrients.

In conclusion, our whole education system is dependent on things we shouldn't be. We are able bodied people who should start acting like able bodied people. The only path this false dependency will lead us to is slothfulness, which in turn leads to laziness.


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