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Self Realization the Fun Way

Updated on September 6, 2012


Could it not be that the man looking for his spectacles while they are propped up on his forehead is simply not aware that they are just a short distance from the very place he wants them to be while he rummages everywhere else for them?

The message of this relatively new web site purports that ultimate knowledge often referred to as self-realization is just as close at hand as the man’s spectacles. It is simply a matter of reaching up for them, hence the seemingly bold claim of instant self realization.

The site is engineered by someone who has fully experienced the traditions of yoga whether hatha, jnana, bhakti, karma or raja but has purposefully eschewed those wrappings in this presentation for the precise effect of avoiding complications and too many distractions. After all the man who thinks he has lost his spectacles does not need to know where his spectacles were last year or what material they are made of or even what his neighbor thinks of their design he just needs to know where they are right now!

The underlying advice is to look at what the finger is pointing to and not confuse the finger for the message. The extremely difficult balance of providing guidance without becoming the focus itself is particularly well attended to in the site content.

The site can be found here.


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      Jim 8 years ago

      Excellent article and extremely well written. I enjoyed the analogy of the man searching for his glasses in regard to the close proximity of gaining self realization, and intend to check out the site in more detail. It's refreshing to find such quality writing on a subject that's often ignored or overlooked in today's complex world.