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Self Knowledge

Updated on June 27, 2016


While young we are told school is important, that it determines what job we will have. What about after that? I have found that I have more than one interest because I like to be challenged, however I can't spend my whole life in school. Self Knowledge is about teaching yourself in all aspects of life.

Amazon and eBay offers many books and technical books to learn from, as well as pintrest. I'm a pintrest pinner everyday, learning a new recipe or putting together solar-powered cells that I bought from eBay.

Knowledge is at our fingertips with all the new technology we have today. I'm no where near grasping all it has to offer. To be able to learn how to be self sufficient and survive by your own means from that you built with your own two hands.

In order to create self knowledge there has to be self discipline to set aside time for studying. A quiet place to focus and depending on how you learn (visual or hand's on) have the materials you need for your project. I buy what I need online if I can't find what I need at home. 1 of the things I taught myself was how to save money. I use free paletes a lot around the house. My current project is putting in wood floors using palets.


How to choose what to learn

Choosing what to learn is not only based on your interest but also your living environment, and or the income you would like to make. I chose anything that will save me money and to depend on myself. Solar energy, gardening, small farm, well water taste so much better. I was told a story that increased my focus and determination to become self_reliant, I'm going to share that with you. While getting a check up an older man came in to have testosterone levels checked. The nurse asked him, what have you been doing your 90 years old and your levels are very high? The man said he only ate what he grew or raised on his land. That my friends is how to stay healthy, in mind, body and spirit, by working your land. Even if you live in an apartment, you can have a garden. There are many plan's on pintrest to choose from. If you have a home why not create your own electricity and put that money back in your pocket or into an at home business.

Self confidence

Use what you have learned. Fear of failure is only if you don't learn from it and try again. Get out there and teach yourself. Procrastination will get you no where, especially when SHTF. I know I'll be prepared, will you?


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