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Study plans- Never Procrastinate

Updated on December 13, 2017

We often procrastinate when we sit to study. As a result, we are not able to cope up with the work load. Since its said every person in this world possess unique qualities, therefore it is no doubt our learning techniques will be different. This gives rise to what we call self study plans.

The way we organize our work, plays a great role in our success. Without proper organization, everything will get distorted and we may end up procrastinating as well. Maintaining a planner in every field is very important. The efficiency, the boost to start our work, everything comes from a planner. A good planner will help us to complete our task much faster, with greater stability and with grater success. Below I have mentioned the three very important role of planners in our everyday lives.

Why planning is important?

Planning in every field is important. Having a planner is important and people who maintain a planner are able to complete their tasks in time or maybe beforehand. The importance of planning are as follows:

1. Having and maintaining a planner will make us achieve our goals faster. This is because we always plan to succeed. While making a self planner we keep our goals in focus and this eventually leads to our success in the future.

2. Our planner will surely include our progress. This is really important for us so that we know our strengths and weaknesses. Once we keep track of our progress, we will be able to complete our tasks much faster.

3. Planning any work beforehand increases our stability and flexibility. There is no distortion in the way we do our work and thus we achieve a mental peace and stability.

Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.

— Alan Lakein

How should you start?

The first and foremost step is to find out our own learning style. It is seen that when we try to follow other's learning style, things seem tough. It is because we do not find the learning technique interesting. Some people may be visual learners who remember stuffs just by looking at the related pictures, others may be aural learners who finds easy to remember things only by hearing. Likewise, there are verbal, physical and logical learners. What we ought to find is which learning method do we find most useful.

Secondly, we should set up our own goals to give us motivation while we lag behind. It does help because then, we keep track of the time and make up the mind to achieve that goal. We should see that we set up only he things which we really think we can complete, keeping many goals at the same time do not hold good.

Thirdly, our day planner should always include some hours of study. We need to structure our own time table, find a suitable place to study, and make a habit of maintaining notes depending on our learning style. At equal intervals of time, we should check our study planner for the progresses. It helps to maintain and keep track of our goals. It is also necessary we maintain good sleeping habits and get adequate hours of sleep everyday.

Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.

— Paul J. Meyer

Its always good to start early

We need to make our own study schedule. The subjects which we need to learn, the topics we need to cover up, should be arranged according to our convenience and required time should be given to that. Some time also needs to be saved for non academic works and entertainment as well. Our mind demands that we take short breaks in between our study schedule to help refresh the mind and it also helps in remembering things faster. Our body works like a clock and so it is really necessary that we stick to our study plan to get things done at a faster rate. It may seem difficult to follow your own study planner at times but it is necessary that we at least try to keep up with it.

Do you always maintain a planner for your work?

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