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Selling Wholesale Clothing – Deciding Between Selling Wholesale Clothing or Retail Clothing

Updated on November 23, 2009

Wholesale clothing supplier has a serious role to play in the clothing industry. Wholesale clothing suppliers are the link between retail sellers and the manufacturers. Having decided to start a clothing business, you could decide about becoming a wholesale clothing supplier or else about setting up a retail store. In both of the cases you would be pocketing a profit by reselling but your investments vary and the volumes of your purchase from your vendor vary.

Your vendor becomes the manufacturer when you set up a wholesale clothing supply business, and your customer is a retail clothing business. Your purchases from the manufacturer would be in huge volumes and you sell it to your customer in smaller bulks. You buy and sell in bulks. Your investments are comparably higher than setting up a retail unit. Further, you should have a strong marketing team to push the clothing into the market. The stronger is the marketing the better you sell.

If you have decided to set up a retail unit, then the services of a wholesale supplier becomes real important. The trust you build upon the wholesale supplier determines the pricing of the clothing you source from the supplier. The services of wholesale supplier are very important. The retail unit could be competitive only when the prices of the clothing on sale are competent. Cutting upon a huge list of overheads could alone bring down your costs and hence the price of the clothing on sale. Wholesale clothing suppliers alone can help you achieve price reductions, hence identifying and associating with a good wholesale supplier is important.

Variety in brands or designs could again be achieved only be associating with more than one wholesale supplier. Wholesale suppliers may be associated with a particular brand and hence to bring in multiple brands to your store you need to associate with various wholesale suppliers. Try associating with as many wholesale suppliers as possible.

Based on your comfort you could either walk into the wholesale supplier’s warehouses or you could visit their websites and traverse through their product lines and decide upon your choices. Researching on a wholesale supplier’s reputation is also really important. To make or break your business is decided by the wholesale supplier you are associated with. Research well.

Starting off as a retail unit and then delving into wholesale after strengthening upon your business marketing would be the right of the choices. Selling is the lifeline of any business and marketing is the key to selling. Your marketing strength determines your business success. Having it all planned is definitely your springboard to success.


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