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Selling Wholesale Clothing on eBay – Avoiding Fake Wholesale Clothing

Updated on November 23, 2009

Items are being sold and purchased on eBay. eBay is the best of places to make money whether part time or full time. A suite of features is on offer on the website which helps you to sell better. A thoughtful use of these tools along with the success stories of successful business people on eBay would give you a picture on what approach you need to take to reap success selling on eBay.

Clothing sells best on eBay. Clothing being a basic necessity it is always in demand. Fashion, style and changing designs are also reasons for people to be on the lookout for better clothing. Having a reliable wholesale supplier to cater to your store requirements is a foremost thing which determines you being either a success or a failure. Identifying the right supplier is not an easy task. Fakes of reputed brands are becoming a common thing and only a reputed wholesale supplier could cater to genuine products. While clothing could be made cheaper only utilizing cheap labor in certain countries during the manufacturing process, the same cheap labor is being used by certain unscrupulous people to produce fakes of known brands as well.

While dealing with international wholesale suppliers, though the products could be procured cheap, the genuineness cannot be ascertained. International wholesale suppliers could be hard to deal with in case of disputes. Selling fake products could also put your store in a legal mess. Identifying a reputed wholesale supplier could alone free you of the fake products. You could always verify with the wholesale supplier how they ensure that their products are not fakes.

eBay discourages stores from selling fake goods. VeRO Program is eBay’s means of protecting Intellectual Property. Since eBay has no way of verifying that sellers have the right to sell or distribute the items sellers have listed, eBay is committed in having infringed or unlicensed items removed once the rights owners authorized representative reports it to them. eBay also provides VeRO members the feature called Favorite Searches to search for infringed items.

Branded goods always sell better than unbranded ones. Having a trusted wholesale supplier who could provide you with original branded clothing is really important. Their ensuring that the products they sell are authentic and having their guarantee would keep you away from a lot of troubles.


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