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Selling in Wholesale Lots - eBay As a Platform to Sell in Wholesale Lots!

Updated on November 23, 2009

“Wholesale lots” section

eBay is also a platform for wholesalers. Every category of merchandise sold on eBay from Antiques to Art, Baby to Clothing, Shoes & Accessories, DVDs & Movies to Musical Instruments has a ‘wholesale lots’ section.

How buyers set their search on eBay for Whole lots

Buyers could select the merchandise you deal with say, Clothing, Shoes & Accessories and streamline their search to say, Women’s Accessories. Now, they could further streamline their search by setting the “Buying formats” under the Preferences section to “Listed as lots”. They could click on “Choose more …” to open the “Preferences” dialog box, if they do not see the option under “Buying formats”. Simply put every category of merchandise has a section for wholesale. Hence whatever be the category under which you sell wholesale the buyer could still reach your ware and buy in wholesale.

Individuals too are looking at wholesale purchases to get a better deal and hence do not limit the domain to just resellers.

Wholesalers have started capitalizing using eBay to sell wholesale to resellers.

Benefits of eBay as a wholesale platform

Buyers have a list of wholesalers to select from, which indicates seller’s confidence in eBay and hence a traffic of buyers. The seller has options to limit their wholesale selling to few numbers like 5-6 or sell in the hundreds.

Further the seller could capitalize upon:

  1. Seller feedback – which represents the seller’s reputation as a member at eBay; which is but the comments and ratings left by past buyers.
  2. Ability to understand the buyer - better put, the seller and the buyer could talk together.
  3. The seller can be verified by the buyer through the item description – buyer could receive seller’s contact info knowing the id of the seller and item no. of the item the buyer intends to purchase from the seller through eBay.
  4.  The seller could in turn verify the buyer’s profile and also verify the feedback the buyer has received from other sellers.
  5. The seller has the option of creating effective listings to sell their products better.
  6. The seller could be paid by the buyer through Paypal.
  7. The seller has capabilities to send invoices and revised invoices as well to the buyer upon checkout.
  8. The seller has the convenience of creating an eBay Store, where the seller has access to resources for the creation of a central shopping destination facilitating buyers to learn about all the products the seller sells.
  9. eBay’s ResolutionCenter supports the seller in resolving payment problems if any with buyers.
  10. Further, eBay’s seller tools helps sellers sell more efficiently by aiding them in keeping track of their sales and properly communicating with their buyers.

The seller can thus take his business to the next level as a wholesaler!


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