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How to Sell Used School Books on Amazon

Updated on July 12, 2017
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Tips for students: another little topic you will find among Alessio's articles, coming from personal experiences as a student.


Don't Burn your Books: Make Money From Them

Some students, at the end of their school life, decide to burn their books. By doing this, they celebrate their gained freedom, but stop for a second and think about it: do you really want to burn your books, while you can make money from them? You can buy new clothes, enjoy more nights at the disco... so why destroy your books? Just sell them, and get your money!

Selling Books

There are many ways you can sell your school books: you can post adverts on your school's Facebook group, if available, or you can just go in front of your school and try to find some students who need your books. These are two valid solution, but they both have a problem: you reach a limited number of people who may be interested in your books (only the ones going to your school). In addition, if you are trying to forget your years spent at school (for example, because you had a terrible time with teachers or schoolmates), these are not exactly the best ways to achieve this! At the same time, selling your books to a dedicated store specialized in buying used school material may not be a good idea, as they often under-estimate the value of your books, and you are basically giving them away. So what's the best solution?

Selling your used school books on online marketplaces like Amazon, may be a good way to earn money!
Selling your used school books on online marketplaces like Amazon, may be a good way to earn money!

Selling your Used School Books on Amazon

The solution is quite simple: just open a seller account on Amazon and start selling all your books through the biggest marketplace of the Web! By choosing this solution, you have no more a limited choice of potential customers, but every student living in your country may potentially buy your books. At the same time you are able to choose the price at which you want to sell your books! Obviously, by comparing the price of other used copies, you are going to propose the same price, or even a little lower one (so people will firstly buy your copy, because it costs less than the other ones). Then, whenever someone buys your book, you will receive an email notification and you will be able to deliver the book at the address shown in your seller panel. In this way you can earn a good amount of money, even considering the cost of delivery services and Amazon fees. In order to start, you just need to sign up for the Amazon Seller Central! You can also use other marketplaces like eBay, however Amazon has the ability to list all used books you will sell, as an option for everyone who is going to search for the title of the book (in general, if you search for a product, you will see you are able to buy a new one, or a used edition from people who are actually selling it). eBay, instead, allows you to just publish a new product page. They are two good ways to sell your books, but maybe on Amazon your used books have more chance to get spotted, especially if you set prices a little lower than the ones set by your competitors. A good solution may be selling books both on Amazon and eBay.

Amazon and eBay are two big marketplaces where you can easily sell your used school books
Amazon and eBay are two big marketplaces where you can easily sell your used school books | Source

Sell your Books Everywhere

The biggest marketplaces like Amazon let you sell your books and check all your orders everywhere. In fact both Amazon and eBay offer mobile apps to manage your virtual store. In addition you get instant notification when one of your books has been ordered. After you confirm the delivery (you will need to provide Amazon with the delivery number), the customer is charged and you get money on your Seller Panel wallet. Then Amazon periodically transfers money on your bank account (when you signup for Amazon Seller Panel, you will be asked to provide IBAN data). Instead, if you use eBay, you will also be able to get paid by PayPal.

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