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Life of Senior's

Updated on March 7, 2017

When they enter senior age group

Living with old people is not easy,maybe that's the reason the government and other groups created "Old age Homes" where all the seniors stay and most of them experience peaceful death.Theirs kids who have their own families visit them occasionally with presents and flowers which may satisfy the parents.I have been living with my grandparents and I have been observing their behavior very closely.Their perfect routine,their need of using restroom most of the time,their unusual struggle for food,and their senseless talks.Let me take you to an aged world to understand them better.

How their mind works

Every human have his/her own way of thinking and reacting,we all have our own principles and values that often fade with time or sometimes get stronger with time.People in late 60's and 70's deal with million things in their mind. We think its the youth and middle aged one's that are struggling and earning to make their living better while seniors struggle in their own way. They get stubborn with age,their principles get almost inscribed on their minds and they are stubborn enough to force people to live according to their suggestions and advice.Its often hard to explain them that we have a totally different situation.And they even get mad when we ignore their advice.

While they tend to forget things,they have their own imaginations and hallucinations,which is the reason why its hard to believe them.But,when they narrate about their childhood,they never lie. Childhood and parents are that phase of life which a human can never forget. I remember my grandfather mentioning the food cooked by his mother. They do remember few things clearly and believe it or not,that's something that make them smile and weep at the same time.Its often entertaining to hear stories from them that can never happen and experience those cute moments where they make up stories in their head and believe them too.

They want food

Have you ever seen a senior struggling for food? Living with grandparents taught me this simple "Senior Law" i.e. "For every restriction,there is an opposite equal dessert and junk food". A diabetic senior will always struggle for a dessert. A heart patient will always wish for junk food. This is a normal human nature where we are attracted to food while we are restricted for it. But, there is a reason why old people are so frustrated and literally struggle and sometimes even steal things from their own kitchen at night time to eat and satisfy themselves,regardless of all the consequences.

The reason is,with age their patience decreases to almost 1%.Normal people can be patient with food for many reasons like diet or sickness. But the seniors are very fearless and impatient.They don't care how high their blood pressure or sugar level may go.They just want food.And its not easy to keep them away, they have their own ways of stealing too. While we think they are out of their minds and can't really think,they surprise us with their stealing skills specially during the night. So,if u have an elderly person staying over,you can easily guess who stole that caramel pudding from the refrigerator.

They seek attention

They are old,they are grumpy. We all are aware of this fact. The reason is a simple one. Most of the seniors seek attention. They are more insecure when their kids are busy in their own lives. They do millions of things to seek attention. Sometimes they even fall sick deliberately. All seniors have a mindset of being sick all the time and that's a fact too. While dealing with all the medications and sickness they begin seeking sympathy and attention from anybody who is around them. Many seniors pretend to be independent but trust me,somewhere deep in heart they want somebody to give them the attention and talk to them and hear their imaginations and experiences. They get grumpy and cranky when they fail to get the attention.

If they have a partner,there are always those cute arguments and both of them come to their younger one's for rescue.Again,they seek and need attention.

They want to socialize

Its a concept that seniors need to stay only at two places,either home or in a hospital.Their kids try to keep them away from family and friends as they fear embarrassment and responsibility.The elderly people strive to socialize.They get frustrated and depressed staying alone at home and they wish to interact with more and more people. They love all age groups while all age groups avoid them for being old and too creative in fiction. Sometimes they even complain about their own kids to strangers.

Another reason why old people wish to socialize and attend parties is the food. They feel too restricted and want that freedom of food. You must have noticed a dinner table occupied by seniors that will have more of desserts and drinks than expected.

They need counselling

They don't listen to anybody as they are too stubborn.They do crazy things and hate advice's. Perhaps its the toughest job to counsel the most matured people on earth. Their values and ideas get stronger while they get weaker. They throw tantrums and would never listen to others. They whistle when they speak and their smile is the cutest one.How many of us are touched by that smile?Seniors need a constant counselling. They reveal things which they are not supposed to reveal. They say random words,they don't calculate others reactions. They have a weird fashion sense,their pants often touch their chests.They repeat same words a hundred times.

Believe me its not easy but a constant counselling and not nagging can keep many things under control. We have to give them that space,love and attention to gain their trust.However they can still betray us during social gatherings but most of the time they need counselor to help them think in the right way.

How to keep them busy

My grandfather used to read newspapers all day, and my grandmother loved to knit. Its very important to keep seniors busy. We just need to find out what they enjoy. There are lot of activities such as reading,knitting,painting,writing,listening to classical music,listening to novels, watching their favorite television show ,baking,collage art etc. All these activities can keep them distracted and busy and can prevent them from mental disorders that occur due to loneliness.Anything which they enjoy to do,anything that can pass their time and keep them calm.

They get worse each day

Aging is a very tough process and we all have to face it one day. There are so many issues with seniors that people just get afraid of.All their intrusion and crazy orthodoxy thoughts and the hallucinations and all the cranky acts they do.But keeping all aside,nobody can deny a fact that they are weak and get worse each day.

They are not taken along during a family vacation because they can't travel. They can't sit for more than 20 minutes because their back hurts. They need to use restroom every half and hour because they are diabetic.They have to carry a whole bunch of medications where ever they travel. Even if they visit their doctor,they take medications with them. Its hard for them to walk.Somebody need to move their wheelchair. They suffer from shortness of breath.Their immunity is weak.They are sick most of the time.One person need to dedicate his/her own life to them and grow old before time.Maybe that's why more of seniors need payed nurses and home makers and stay by themselves.

Younger people have complete right to enjoy their life but life always synchronize with responsibility and its always hard to choose. We all choose life and leave elders behind thinking they are just in front of us while the time is just passing by and will never come back.

We are partially wrong here. Those elders who are just there in one corner of the home may pass by too and may never return. We all will grow old one day and we never know how bad we will age.We may get worse than our elders and our next generation may get worse than how we were with our parents.Its hard to stay with seniors but think for a while if they ever felt same when we were kids. Kids want food too,they eat everything they are restricted for.They are impatient.They seek attention. They poop and pee in diapers. They can't walk on their own,parents need to hold them all the time. They cry at the most random times at nights and parents stay awake happily.

When they can do everything for you while you were helpless and ignorant,why can't you do the same when they go helpless and weak and ignorant?


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    • greenmind profile image

      GreenMind 13 months ago from USA

      So sad. Old people are getting worse every day, you say. They are going to die soon. This is such a sad article. Is it a poem?