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Sensitization of Community: Boon in Disguise

Updated on January 23, 2018
lowkeysurvivor profile image

Amateur writer. Here to write my heart out. "Learning to write and yearning to learn."

It is high time we started recognizing and acknowledging the crime and the criminals, not the victims. It is crucial to understand the importance of acknowledging the crime and the power of unity.

It has been so many years and still no one solution has been implemented or even surfaced for that matter, to combat rape. I am not talking about a raped woman or a man or any other gender, I am talking about RAPE, as a traumatizing event of robbing one’s own identity/body/thoughts/space and just about everything.

Why is it that someone who has already been through so much of physical and mental trauma, has to adhere to victim blaming and shaming as well? It’s like, if someone falls and instead of providing for first-aids, you are accusing him/her of their recklessness and how they should have seen it coming. Forgetting the whole point in its entirety that someone went through something mortifying and deserve to lead a normal, happy life despite of the devastating trauma, they endured.

We have come to that point, where there is no solution but to raise our mindsets and become better human beings. We have reached that point, where we have to seek evolution of our thoughts and attitude in order to survive peacefully.

I am saying that why do we have to make rape a big deal? No, I am not asking you to accept it. I am asking the community to come together and not make rape a big deal for someone who just went through it. If we cannot stop it, or prevent it then let’s at least contribute in making the person strong enough to move on and lead a happy life. If someone is raped, it should not mean that their life is over. As a community, we should take the responsibility to provide a cure for the anguish and work as a whole to make that person feel wanted, vital and strong. So what if she/he was raped? They came out of it much stronger and deserve to forget and move on.

Instead, the culprit should be shamed and blamed for the rest of their lives and should be given a taste of their own medicine for once. We have to become one as a society and outcast them, just so they could feel the repercussions of their transgressions.

This might not stop everything at once, might not even make a difference at first. But eventually, when everyone have each other’s backs and take a pledge together to protect each other regardless of their blood ties, race, genders etc., things will take a turn for the better.

What we are going through right now is a crisis. We desperately need to protect each other, make each other feel wanted and loved. We are the only solution to this self-hatched crisis.

The sensitization of our community, our parents, friends, relatives and neighbors is extremely important at this time and age. This not only aids in boosting the morale of the survivors but helps in equally demolishing the twisted confidence of the culprit as well.

I had a hard time, myself, pondering and beating my head over how to stop this? I still haven’t found a legit solution. However, the one thing that I understood was the choices and the shortcomings on our part. We have to help the survivors feel normal, lead a normal life and to remind them that how strong they are, that they endured the unfortunate event just to emerge stronger and have nothing to repent or be afraid of anymore, cause it was not their fault.

I know it’s not easy to stand up from ashes; it’s not easy to live your life, like nothing happened, it’s not easy to trust people after what they’ve been through.

The only thing that will help them move past it will be to actually forget and that can only be done by us, the society, and the community. We have to stop with the constant reminders of what they underwent. They don’t need anyone to remind them of their distorted torment, but to remind them of their strengths and courage.

I have often wondered when some of the parents (especially mothers) see a rape reporting on the news and directly arrive to the conclusion that “since she was wearing short dress/revealing clothes, she was inviting it.” HOW? Where is this notion stemming from? How can you equate feeling good about yourself by dressing the way you like to look yourself in to ‘asking for it’? So looking nice is a crime? Wearing whatever you want, WITHOUT forcing others to act on it is a crime? Even after getting raped, being questioned on one’s own character is normal? HOW? How is anyone, especially mothers (being such powerful women themselves) have the audacity to question the victim’s character? How can you not see the fault of the culprits who were not able to keep it in their pants? How can you be so oblivious to the culprit’s incessant cat-callings? How can you be so ignorant of the constant flashing in the middle of the roads? How can you be so judgmental when you know it was not their fault?

You think this will help someone move on? Any amount of Counselling shelters, therapy sessions or even rehabilitation centers will not help if we continue with this mentality and notion of “asking for it”. Engrave this into your minds with bold letters that NO ONE ASKS FOR IT, so work on this rather than inquiring about someone’s character.

How people are able to blame the victims is completely beyond me. It angers me to no end when these people have nothing to say, when the victim is a 3 month old baby or an 82-year-old grandma. Then it is suddenly a heinous crime, but if it is committed on a young adult, then it is the girl’s fault. This goes to show that we might not even be that different from the culprits because the roots of both the psyche are apparently corresponding.

I just wish to restore peace and help the survivors in order to continue with their lives and go on being happy and for that to happen, the roots have to be changed, the core has to be renewed and the mindsets needs to be refreshed. We have to come together so that no one is a victim anymore, they are all survivors of something that is best left forgotten and can become a beam of light for others to see that no matter what, they have emerged stronger and will continue to survive and thrive to make their lives and the entire community a better place. This is only possible if we, as a community, become their fortitude and help them grow just like the soil which provides the tree a firm ground to stand on and rely on, no matter what.

So instead of calling them out and shaming them, we need to empower them to celebrate themselves and be blithe.

It is the time to show everyone who is trying to break the spirits of even one of us, what it means to be one for all and all for one, and let’s empower each other towards a better nation. For the sake of sensitizing the community.

© 2018 Zihana


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