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Server Stereotypes

Updated on April 20, 2010

StereoTyping as a Server

Now I know people say putting people into a stereotype is wrong and racist but the fact is stereotypes happen for a reason and even though not everyone fits into each little box they might be perceived to be in most usually do. I work at a High End restaurant in Las Vegas and being in such a Vacation spot we get many international guest coming through so as a server for many years and working with other serves for many years I have learned that many stereotypes sadly enough end up being true. I can also say though when someone doesn't fit the stereotype I am usually very pleasantly surprised. But here are some the most common ones I know about as a server.....

PS. These are my own and my coworkers personal experiences so if I offend anyone I do apologize but I think its better to know the stereotype and prove it wrong then not know it at all

If you are a pack of females,

You want separate checks. And I don’t mean split evenly by the number of people. I mean split down to the exact number of Diet Cokes with lime each person consumed. You wont order any of the high end food items and if you do end up getting drinks you will probably all split a bottle of the cheapest wine or champagne on the menu.  If you are a pack of females over age 55, I’m near tears. You want all of the above, plus you’re going to complain about every … single … thing.

If your Persian or Iranian,

Not only are you going to be EXTREMLY rude but you will also ask for a million extra sauces and spices on the side. Everytime I come to the table there will be at least 5 more things I need to get for you. Usually ordering many high end items on the menu and racking up a huge bill once its time to pay the bill you will leave a 10% tip if im lucky and gave you perfect service.

If your Hispanic or African American,

YOU DONT KNOW HOW TO TIP! Its really as simple as that. Usually wont order very much food and somehow always know exactly how many people we need to add a gratuity to your table because God Forbid you have to actually tip 20% (which is the correct tip at High end restaurant if you get good service) The good thing is usually very pleasant but being super nice to us and telling how great the food is only makes us think were getting a good tip only to be let down time and time again.

If your European,

 If you have a European accent I am not gonna lie the first thing we think is you are a horrible tipper. Accent = 10 percent. We know in Europe the gratuity is added and supposably they are not aware that in America it is not. However I would say most servers don't believe that for a second! They know because they always leave some sort of tip its just 9 out of 10 times just the TAX

If Your a Working Women

who has climbed your way into the higher levels of corporate success and you are hosting a business dinner, you will not tip as well as a corporate man hosting the same style dinner. I don’t know why. Please enlighten me.

If your a Middle Aged Caucasian Male,

 its kind of a reversed stereotype, we expect you to tip us 18% to 20% at all times because really we think you have no excuse not to but because you are cheap. We  usually will tell you about every special we have because you are most likely to listen to our recommendations and let us take care of the food order. However when we do everything perfect and we get a bad tip we want to go right up to you and ask "ummm did I do something wrong??"

If you have EVER been a server,

 then you know just how hard being a server can be, where you have 8 tables at once with order taking, refilling drinks, checking on the appetizers, entrees, and deserts there are many nights where I am literally running around the restaurant. So anyone who was ever a server themselves always seems to tip very well because they know exactly what your going through. As a server even if I get horrible service I will always at least tip double the tax but for good service 18% to 20%

Please let me know if you Agree of Disagree with any of my comments, always open to discussion


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    • profile image

      NewServerPub 5 years ago

      Hey Alex

      So here's the deal- I've just finished 6 years of post-graduate schooling- 4 years of undergraduate degree and a 2 year Masters degree. I am an Occupational Therapist (look it up). I moved somewhere because of the unique culture and habitat ... but guess what there are no OT jobs. So I'm serving for a challenge and holding out for a good job.

      BUT GUESS WHAT- serving is HARD- happy, energetic, blah blah blah h.

      You try it (and i"m not bitter- not at all, I've met some really great people!) but you try it before you judge. Have you? If not- its truly an experience. You do only live once right?

    • Glimmer515 profile image

      Glimmer515 6 years ago from Never Never Land

      Wow Alex obviously you have never been a server and for someone who was waiting tables through college as many people my age do since a "normal" job as you put it doesnt usually work around a school schedule!! you need to learn that its not our choice how the menu is priced and god forbid I ever have to serve you or anyone like you! what and extremly ignorant thing to write on my wall!!

    • profile image

      Alex 7 years ago

      The waiter's job is the most stupidest job in the world which can be done even by a monkey. Waiters don't deserve any tips. Do you want more money? Ask your cheap manager why food is so overpriced. Or take some classes and start working like normal people.

    • tdanielle55 profile image

      tdanielle55 7 years ago

      so so so true!

    • thevoice profile image

      thevoice 7 years ago from carthage ill

      I agree its true great hub thanks