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Set Up to Box In

Updated on March 10, 2019
Henry Michael Saunders profile image

Are we being set up for success? What is the school system really about? Are we as parents too dependent on the school system?

The Breakdown

For every human being life begins at birth where we cling to our mother and father, if we are lucky enough to have them both, to fulfill our every need and want. This phase of life runs about a four or five year course only for us to be thrust into a school system which tells us when we can eat or go to the restroom and gives us certain information that a curriculum deems sufficient. For the most part, as students coming up in the school system we have no say so in the information being presented to us. With that being said, parents have to also be teachers of life; unfortunately, in most cases, they are dependent on the school system because they have to work so much to keep a roof over the heads of the family. In my opinion, time management should be a huge part of parenthood, school puts us in a box and every curriculum in every school system only gives us so much information; the information being forced down the throat of the youth is set up to box us in.
When I say school basically puts us in a box, it can easily be broken down; it usually goes as follows. From birth till about four or five years of age we are basically under mommy. She ensures we are fed, changed, loved and everything in between so we literally have to do nothing for ourselves. Then comes the school system where we get taught what someone else deems right until we are nearly, or at the age of eighteen. Then we are pushed into college, where we are supposed to figure out what we want to do for the rest of our lives while accumulating huge debts before we even hit the workforce. Next, if all goes well, we get a job where we can pay off this huge debt while also keeping bills paid, saving and investing for retirement, starting families and trying to put funds away for our children's future endeavors. As hard as this sounds, we also have to hope to accumulate enough wealth to retire at a decent age and continue living without having to go back to work. This lifespan sounds extremely difficult to me but these are the cards about 90 percent of the country is dealt in the time here on earth. So how do we adjust or eliminate this box we are trapped in? That is the million dollar question.
In my opinion, it starts in the home. Parents have to make the time to teach what the school system does not. Things like how to find what they love and figure out a way to make a living off of it; along with financial management and how credit works. Parents have to take into consideration that they are tasked with teaching their children to have hustle and drive and constantly employing life lessons like earning everything they want in life because nothing will ever be given to them. As parents we can not force things on our children, for example, if your kid struggles with school I do not think it is a good idea to force college on them because it creates debt and job placement is definitely not a guarantee. I personally know people who have multiple degrees and work with people who did not even finish high school. Instead of forcing kids to do things like that I think it is a better idea to tap into what they love and push them to turn that into the way they earn money.
This box is set up this way for a reason, without this box there would probably be no economic classes. I wonder how our society would be if there were no high class, middle class and lower class? Would our country and even the world be a more peaceful place? What do you think?

Why I feel this way

I feel like the entire society is set up to keep us as humans separated by things that really do not matter. Things like race or political views and even religious preferences. I believe all these things are picked up as we grow into adults and a big part of it comes from how we are raised as kids and also what we are exposed to in the school system. I really think we as the adults have to make the changes for our youth to break the chains of the rat race. I am sure there are probably people that do not want me spreading these ideas but this is a free country right?


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