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Sex Ed Classes in High Schools : Promoting The Wrong Messages To Teens?

Updated on January 21, 2011

Sex Education, also known as sex-ed, is a class mandatory in most public high schools. The class is definitely beneficial as far as us students being educated about our bodies, sexual intercourse, and our reproductive systems. However, sad to say -I believe the overall message this class attempts to promote is unrealistic.

What does sex education teach?

  • human sexual anatomy

  • sexual reproduction

  • sexual intercourse

  • reproductive health

Sounds like good stuff, huh?

Indeed! Do not get me wrong, these are important concepts we NEED to be educated on.

However, sex education promotes abstinence* as it's overall message?

*Not Having Sex*

Abstinence is a great moral to live by while you're young.

But - Sad to say, teens are having sex!

We've been hearing the "Don't have sex speech" all throughout our lives.

In my opinion, the classes' overall message should promote the use of contraceptives, and protecting ourselves. I feel as if this route could be the start in preventing many teen pregnancies.

This route can help teens be more informed on how to protect themselves in general.

If not currently. than for their future!

I would love to hear some feedback on how others feel about the issue, for I've had many people strongly agree with me, and strongly disagree!

It would be nice to hear from some other teens, and some parents as well.

Everyone's feedback is appreciated!

Thanks so much :)


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    • Denise Handlon profile image

      Denise Handlon 

      8 years ago from North Carolina

      Okay, Briana Jill- here's my opinion about what you write about. We are generations apart. You, a teen, me-an old(er) lady born in the 50's and part of the 'hippie' generation. I have a couple of decades of experience on you. I have raised two daughters who are now in their thirties and let me tell you, I could have written this hub!

      In fact, I actually did write something like this back in the mid 70's. It was a very long letter to the editor of the newspaper: the Mining Journal, from Marquette MI about the closing of a Planned Parent Clinic.

      Not having been raised in the upper peninsula I was much more open minded about the need for 'support' for teens. I moved to the area through marriage and found myself facing a whole different world of teen pregnancy, poverty, and high school drop outs due to the pregnancy issue.

      And here was a place for teens to 'protect' themselves from an unwanted preg. which would (in the best case scenario) help them to stay in school, get educated and stop the cycle of poverty. But, the 'good people' of the town wanted to close it down.

      I was shocked to find that not only had the editor ran my letter, but he never edited one single word. He ran the lengthy letter that could have been an article in itself with all of the analytical points I had made.

      There were alot of narrow minded people in that town, but I got a good deal of positive support from many people as well for speaking out about the ignorance of a few people with clout.

      So, we are not that different in our opinions about this subject, despite our age difference.

      And, here is my point: It is a fact that teens experiment with sex. It is a fact that they do not all abstain from sex prior to marriage. It is a fact that there are many STD's that they expose themselves to and that there are other risks as well i.e. pregnancy.

      Given all of this, sex education is not complete when only one option is given. Kids don't want to hear 'just say no'. They want to be realistic and prepared.

      As a parent of two children my opinion back then was-prepare them. Give them a chance to finish being a teen before they become a parent.

      As a grandparent of 4 and the guardian of a teen boy, my opinion after all of these years has not changed.

      Useful hub. I hope more people read it. :)

    • burning bush profile image

      burning bush 

      8 years ago

      Well said!

    • rajivnandy profile image


      8 years ago from India !!

      informative hub there ....keep writing n god bless!!


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