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Sex and the Cyber-Revolution

Updated on December 26, 2017

The world of the internet has undutiful become a magical and fascinating to both minors and adults for the purpose of communication, making and interacting with friends and exploring the world. The experiences of cyber-revolution can simply be categorized in three perspectives, terrible, exceedingly amazing, and good.

There are those who can claim that the internet has made it easier to encounter and relate with people of the opposite sex. In particular, one can make and maintain an acquaintance, friend or even a marriage partner through the internet with much ease than it could be possible in physical realm. This is made possible by the many dating sites, where people looking for relationships or partners can easily find one another. Furthermore, there are also social networking sites such as Face-Book, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, among others where people can connect easily for relationships of any nature. Information can now be obtained easily from any part of the world, and can be accessed once it breaks. It is now possible to for individuals to get updated on important matters at any time and in place of the place, thanks to the internet.

Nonetheless, there have been concerns among parents and stakeholders of the cyber becoming a place of inarticulate idiom, encounter and over familiarity with strangers, and inappropriate exposure to sex and sexual scenes. Indeed, Cyber revolution has facilitated the emergency of sexual related ills such as internet pornography among others. Furthermore, cases of cyber-bullying and other cyber-crimes over the internet are rife and continue to increase on a daily basis. This has been a case of concern for many stakeholders. In virtual reality, the word simulacrum has been occasionally used in hiding the actual identity of a person or an object. In essence, there are so many camouflaged materials, software and even persons hiding in the internet with intent to cause malice.

In this technological innovation, artificial intelligence has proved to change the way work is done to a significant level. Among its functions are beneficial while others are detrimental. For instance, works such as internet searchers, facial recognition technology, driving, and drone control have been made easy by AI. On the other hand, it has also led to development of dangerous and lethal weapons among others (Tegmark, 2016). The impact on the society can be related negatively and positively

Indeed, the demand for internet porn has risen and continues to do so on a consistent basis. For example, one of the largest porn organizations in America, Naughty America is noted for making the VR porn which has a high demand. However, as attested by Wong 2016, exposure to pornographic content has a negative influence on the user’s thoughts and attitudes towards sex. According to an infographic done by a New York post in 2017, porn use and exposure happens to be addictive, reducing an individual’s desire to marry and increasing ones chance of committing rape (Carstensen, 2017). Furthermore, users find it easy to equate sex with violence while also promoting to a large extent an uncouthly sexual behavior, group sex, infidelity among other impacts.


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