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Chief Arrow Heart, And A Sorceress Repays An Old Debt!

Updated on February 5, 2010



I visited Toni a few days later. I told her that I felt I could now directly connect with the spirit and energy of Kali when I needed help in uprooting and ridding myself of more unhealthy attachments. I passed on the Kali pendant to a friend who was going through some tough times. Then customers came in. I went to the back room and read some in my book The Teachings of Don Juan-A Yaqui way of knowledge, by Carlos Castenada. After finishing the chapter I laid the book on the table and closed my eyes. I drifted off into some kind of reverie and suddenly I beheld the image of an old Indian with a large feather in his long gray hair. I gasped then jumped because he seemed so real. I was surprised that my returning to ordinary awareness didn't cause the image to disappear. I saw the image of the old Indian as clearly in my mind as though he were a real man standing next to me. For some reason I felt no fear. "Who are you and why have you appeared?" I asked him.

"I am called Chief Arrow Heart. I am a spirit shaman and I am here to share some very important information about your broken heart."

"Broken heart," I repeated, beginning to feel sad. I knew that I wasn't completely over the breakup with my lover. I had been reliving many of our good times in my mind and found myself going through a terrible state of missing. I found myself wanting to pay a phone call although my mind told me that it was futile because the relationship was over. As though Chief Arrow Heart sensed my sadness he began to mentally speak to me again. "Get an arrowhead and place it near your heart. I can use this object to help render you some healing." By that time Teri came back and greeted me. "Hey, Teri, got an arrowhead?"

"What for?"

"This spirit who says he is a shaman who calls himself chief Arrow Heart just told me to get one. He said he wants to help heal my broken heart."

Teri walked up front, opened a drawer and handed me a small brown arrowhead. "I've had this for a long time. Now I know who it is meant for. It's for you. I'm going to lock up the store for fifteen minutes. I am feeling the need to smudge you while you sit with your eyes closed with the arrow heart where the spirit shaman told you to place it."

Teri locked the door and we went to the back room. I lay down on the massage table and placed the arrow head near my heart. Teri lit the sage and made swirling motions all around me. I teased her saying "I wonder what kind of shaman you were in a past life."

"I don't know and I don't care, Michael. If this kind of thing helps then I'm all for it. Doctors don't have all the answers and neither do the clergy or the Psychologists. Why can't the shamans have some answers too?"

I felt a lot of heat coming from my hands and the arrowhead got very warm. My head was tingling and my heart was fluttering about a bit, but it was not painful or uncomfortable. A few minutes later we ended the ritual and Teri returned to the storefront and unlocked the door. A few customers entered. I felt the urge to lie back on the massage table. I placed the arrowhead near my heart. I took a few deep breaths and thanked Arrow heart for whatever healing he had given me. Then I whispered, "what's wrong with my heart? how can anyone really break our heart?" I saw the image of three women with long dark hair and very piercing dark eyes. Chills went all through me. They all stared at me which made my spine shiver. "Who are you?" I asked.

I saw Arrow heart's image. Then he spoke in my mind. "Those women are three powerful sorceresses who bewitched you long ago. They stole part of your heart. You were a big mouthed daring young Indian brave in a past life who walked where angels feared to tread as the saying goes. Everyone knew to avoid those witches. They were known to lure men and use black magic to capture their hearts. You were cocky and felt confident they could not harm you. So away you trudged like an idiot until you met up with them. They did you in and your heart has been torn ever since. You will not be fully healed until you get the rest of your heart back."

"How do I do that, Arrow heart?"
"In a future time a few years from now you will meet a very unusual woman. She will come to you first as a student. In time you will become a very close confidante. For a time you will be her teacher and mentor. She will begin to come into her power and in time she will become your equal. You are destined to do much healing work together. She will know this right from the beginning but it will take you some time before you truly believe it and are willing to work with her. This woman will tell you the story of what happened in the past life with the three sorceresses. Then she will do a crystal layout and perform upon you the healing ritual 'The Returning The Pieces Of The Broken Heart.' I have given you some healing and protection but your healing will not be complete until you meet this shaman healer and get the missing pieces of your heart back."

I wanted to ask Arrow heart when I would meet this woman, but I did not. I intuitively sensed that I would meet her when I was supposed to. I looked up and Arrow heart was gone. "Whoa," I said, as I opened my eyes and slowly stood up. "You'd think I smoked some pretty strong stuff to have a vision like that. And it did feel like a vision. The Native Americans believe that our guides and Great Spirit can give us powerful visions if we are receptive, respectful and ready. Even though my spirit believed in the authenticity of the experience my questioning mind would, as usual, have to put in its two cents worth.

Over the next few days I found myself in an intellectual quandary trying to figure out the Indian's mysterious messages. Part of me thought the entire vision was nothing more than my imagination indulging in itself or working overtime. Yet a deeper part of me felt that there was more going on. A few days later at the crystal shop I meditated awhile when it seemed pretty obvious that the rain was keeping people from coming in. I lit some incense and found myself fanning it in my direction. I used my finger to make little smoke designs. Staring at the smoke and the designs made me a little lightheaded and dreamy. I wasn't asleep and I was not fully awake. I was in one of those in between and waking states. I saw images of three hearts dancing before my eyes. "What does this mean?" I asked out loud. Then Arrow heart's image appeared. His eyes were deep and dark. He looked to be over eighty years old and yet there was a childlike twinkle in those mysterious eyes which made them glow.

"Let me tell you about the hearts. They are the three pieces of your heart that was stolen from the three sorceresses by black magic long ago that I told you about in our last visit."

"Where are they now, the heart pieces I mean?" I asked feeling apprehensive, dreading to hear what he might say.

Arrow heart pointed his long wrinkled finger in the distance. "They are inside the sorceress; somewhere in the soul you could say. But there is more. Just as they stole part of your heart, you also possess part of each of their heart's in your soul. And no I am not referring to your physical heart. There is the spirit soul counterpart of the physical body and there is as much activity, actually much more, going on there. Sorcery adepts can do damage to the spirit soul body which in turn can harm the physical body, causing them to suddenly fall ill, or in extreme cases to even die. This is a popular occurrence in certain voodoo practices. The good news for you is that these three sorceresses are not totally evil and when they took part of your heart they willingly entrusted part of theirs to you in hopes that they could win you over."

"In here," I whispered. "So I have part of three sorceress's hearts in my soul and part of my heart is in theirs. This sounds totally crazy."

"Nothing is impossible, Michael. Things are never as they appear. When you learn who these women are you will understand much more than I can tell you now. Our work is done. You won't be seeing me again."

"Goodbye, Arrow heart. Thanks for everything. I guess."

He gave me a little bow and disappeared.

My heart was racing and my mind was reeling. How can such a notion exist? This all sounds so crazy. This is impossible. How can one person carry part of someone's heart (albeit a spirit counterpart) inside them, let alone three? I felt queasy and dizzy and feared I might faint. This was almost too much to try to begin to fathom. I poured myself a big glass of water and guzzled it down. It eased the dizziness. I slowly began to come back to myself. I tried to sort out what Arrow heart said and the implications seemed more than my rational mind could take.

I wanted to dismiss the entire experience as nothing more than a dream. Yet, I knew that I was not dreaming. This was some kind of vision and a powerful one at that. It touched something deep in the core of my very being. I tried to tell myself that Arrow heart was speaking in a metaphorical sense. It's often said that when you love someone they are in your heart and a part of you. But he didn't say that I loved them. If anything it would seem that I would dislike them if they performed black magic, invaded my being and took part of my heart. And yet there was probably more going on. It seemed that I was very connected to these three women or sorceresses as Chief Arrow Heart called them. And why was his name Chief Arrow Heart? I had forgotten to ask him about his name.

The more that I thought about it the more I realized that I have always felt that I had an intense capacity to know and experience love. I used to even say that I had enough love inside me that could suffice for several people, and I have always felt there were many different people, or sub-personalities inside me. Perhaps I was closer to the truth than I had realized and perhaps what Chief Arrow Heart had pointed out explained more of this mystery and helped some things to make sense that I had been trying to figure out for years. Could people really carry parts of other people's heart or soul within their own heart or soul? Part of me thought such musing was preposterous but another part felt something that somehow resonated on a deeper level of my being.

I kept trying to forget the incident but no matter how hard I tried it simply did not work. Is this your idea of another symbolic death?" I said to Kali. Then I wondered if someone, through sorcery, could invade our soul and steal part of our heart. Then I wondered just what is the soul and can we really ever know? Can we catch glimpses of our soul and get hints of its reality? The questions continued to formulate in my mind. Six o:clock arrived. I closed up the store and turned out the lights. "What a day that was," I said, as I headed for my car.

It would be some fourteen years before I received the answers to my questions regarding the three sorceresses that Arrow said stole parts of my heart. It occurred on Sept 1, 2009 when my friend Arielle from Indianapolis came for a visit. She is a shaman, sound healer and energy adjuster, healer, channel and is also developing her writing skills. She had been doing some healing work on me for the past few months. It is always a joy to see her because being the 'good and faithful' shaman that she is, she always brings her tools, crystals, gemstones, singing bowl and drum. She has quite a collection of beautiful crystals and gemstones of many different colors. She does her layout on various energy centers and parts of the body according to what her guides advise. In the past few healings she has done for me she has gone into trance and channeled for me. A couple of days before her scheduled time to arrive I had found my original story of Arrow heart in a pile of papers. It was written in 1995. I was drawn to read it and this little voice said, "this story belongs in Halfway to Heaven as well.

Arielle arrived perky and cheerful as usual. I helped her bring her 'shaman goodies' as I call them up the narrow stairway. We had a visit then went to Golden Corral for lunch. When we came back to my apt. I felt the urge to read her the story I had written based on what Chief Arrow Heart told me. Arielle listened raptly and I noticed that she was staring at me, hardly blinking. I felt a little anxious as I sensed that this story was affecting her. When I finished she smiled and said "this story is not done."

"More writing to this story," I replied, "man I never get off the hook."

"I was one of the sorceresses," she said softly.

"Oh Jesus, Mary and Joseph," I exclaimed, gasping.

We looked at each other a few moments and then I sat back in my recliner and covered my eyes with a towel. I had promised to do a channeling for Arielle. Merlin is one of the guides she works with so he is the one that came through for her. He gave her some advice and encouraged her on her healing spiritual path. Then he told her that my close friend Viktoria who died in October of 2005 was the second sorceress. My muse/spirit guide Dresda was the third one. He added that Arielle would tell the story of what happened so long ago with the three sorceresses.

After the channeling was done I gathered my pillows and lay on the floor. Arielle lit a white candle, did a gemstone crystal layout on me and played some tones on the bowl. She called in the guides and did some soft chanting and then some energy work on me. She turned on the recording device, placed her hands against my temple and began speaking softly.

"I am Arielle's higher self, who takes on the name of Ariana Issabella. We are walking up the crystal stairway; it's a spiral stairway that leads to the Magdalena and Sananda. We are standing before them and we kneel. They are giving us a blessing for our willingness to move forward at this time and our willingness to integrate and assimilate the energies that are coming in from other worlds. Sananda is kissing my forehead then he kisses your forehead. Then he puts his hand on each of our foreheads and he's chanting something I don't understand; it's a very powerful frequency and vibration. Words do not matter. He says we have done well. We shall continue on our journey, continue walking, moving forward. We are just beginning to see a glimpse of the light that lies on the other side. And for this we should rejoice and be gleeful, glad, joyous, happy. For we are assimilating many energies from many planets, many solar systems. They are moving into terra's atmosphere and realigning human's DNA structure with intense energies.

"My 9.9.09 trip to Arkansas shall be an awakening to a new frequency vibration, a new energy. When I come back I shall align you with the same energies for you are the same, the same vibration and frequency. Sananda tells us to go forth on our journey with grace, ease and gratitude. The Magdalena gives us a kiss as well on your foreheads and says "my lovely children, you are my lineage as you know. Yes, Arielle, the book is coming forth sooner than you can imagine for your powers and gifts are growing by leaps and bounds. Michael is moving into the proficient writer that he has always been. The words shall flow from the paper with such ease that he will not remember typing them and he will have to go back and see what he has said. He will be in bliss and joy during these times of writing. You two shall write together. You shall get back in alignment on the path of the writer when things slow down some in the next few months. You will get back to your Memories From Atlantis trilogy for these stories need to be told as you have agreed and promised to tell them before you even took your first breath in this particular lifetime.

"As the Magdalene speaks these words to us we turn to walk away and move forward until we are in the no-time. We float towards that which was wronged. It is a castle. We are in the blue castle once again. One thinks it and one is there. Is this not correct? The crystal castle has many secrets. There are many trappings and new doors that have not been opened. We are walking and all at once you went another way to a door that you do not recall or remember. I look but I do not see you. You have gone somewhere else. You took a different path as you have always done. You align and you take different paths that lead to the same destination. As you open the door you transfer to a different time, a different realm I should say. In actuality there is no time. As I pass through the door I am transformed into an aspect of my higher self known as Arianna Issabella. I have come to right that which was wronged; one aspect of that which was wronged. For the part of me that holds the heart is also another aspect of my heart known as Erionda.

For as the story is told Erionda loved you very deeply, Michael. She conspired to make you hers. To mate with you, to merge with you. To try to shatter the darkness of her heart with your pureness. She was a masterful sorceress and magician. She was at a level of mastery far superior to the others. She could time travel so she was aware of many lifetimes of love that you two had shared. You had loved her many times before in many places. And it was this love that she needed to bring herself back to the light. To merge once more into the wholeness of her being. She did not know that the other two sisters had a different plan. Erionda did not understand that the other two sisters were also aspects, fragments and were also connected to you. For they loved you as well.

"Erionda thought she would lure you in with a spell just to make you hers. In your innocence, and in her greed and lust to entrap you, more damage was done than she ever could have imagined. Since Erionda had been given the gift of time travel, only she knew of the many lifetimes of love that you two had shared. The other two knew nothing of this for they could not time travel as she could. All had been given special gifts, many gifts, unique to each of them. The aspect that is known to you as Dresda was known as Kirrione then. The other one which you know as Viktoria was known as Tirianne. As each was given their own gifts the other two used theirs for illusion as a way to trick her. So the spell was cast. The two sisters tricked her into luring you there through a song. She thought that she could lure you in with a spell just to make you hers. So they called to you upon the winds with a song. You heard the song in your head. You heard it on the winds calling out to you, whispering to you of a love that would never die, never end.

"It was calling you, calling you, luring you in. All the time whispering to you of this great love that you had known in other lifetimes, but could not quite remember where or when. It was only Erionda's song that you could hear. Softly, gently calling out your name on the wind. Once you arrived they all set out to prepare a spell for what Erionda thought would be her wedding day. For once mating with you, and aligning the energies, she thought it would align her soul with yours and bring her back the light. But before she could finish her spell on you, Kirrione reached into your body and took out your heart. As Erionda laughed at her trickery she thought, now at last he is mine.

Let it be known that Tirianne was the go-between for the other two sisters. She was the meeker and the mildest of the three and the most of the light. And she also loved you but did not know why. She tried to stop the taking of your heart but was not powerful enough to stop her sister. So she crystallized it into a beautiful rainbow heart. Then she placed not a neutral crystal, but a less potent crystal inside of you so you would still live. But you would walk with the emotional entrapping of hurt and heartbreak in many lives. This was just one aspect of your hurt and heartbreak. You have had many lives of sorrow and trauma. This is but a small portion. It's not the complete whole.

"As Erionda stood in shock, the tears fell. As she tried to reach for the rainbow heart it fell to the floor and shattered into pieces. With the crystal on the floor she could do nothing to save you. And she knew that her soul would not be released in that lifetime. She vowed to give it back to you in another lifetime as she sought her redemption. Kirianne picked up the shattered pieces and put them into her heart where they could not be gotten to easily. Tirianne quickly sealed up what she could for you to save you. And that is how the story is told.

At that point Arielle took a small phial of scented oil from her medicine bag and with her left forefinger she drew a heart on my chest. She began chanting softly and for several minutes her fingers traced the heart. Her fingers were very warm. I could feel energy being sent to me. There was a slight pulse which felt like a mild shock of electricity. My chest was tingling and my head felt lighter than a feather. It felt like I was not even in my body although I knew that I was. A few moments later she said "Now I put the crystal heart piece back in and I seal it with the shaman's breath." She blew several long breaths on my heart area then bent over and kissed my forehead. "It is done!"



          As far out as this story is I know it to be true.  I can feel it in the very gut and inner core of my soul.  I have met all three of those sorceresses in this lifetime even though I had only met Dresda in spirit time at the time Arrow Heart told me about three sorceresses having stolen my heart.  And then I did not know about that other life with Dresda.  I have met both Arielle and Viktoria and have a very deep connection with each of them; even a telepathic and psychic connection. 

          This story validated why they can get into my head so easily even though Viktoria died in October of 2005 and Dresda is not in human form at this time.  Still she is my muse and I often feel her presence strongly.  She, along with Viktoria, who was also a good writer while alive, both help me with my writing as does Arielle!  And Arielle has also taught me a lot about human love and helped me to heal in that regard.  She has given me my heart back and my life is much more complete and happy because of it.



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    • Mike Dennis profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Dennis 

      7 years ago

      awesome, kind soul. This story will be in my new book God's Many Mansions, coming out this summer from Ozark Mountain Publishing

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Hello Mike. It may be hard to believe but in a past life i was Chief Arrow Heart. I've been looking for stories that would tell me how i used to be. THought i'd let you know.


    • Mike Dennis profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Dennis 

      9 years ago


      Would the REAL WORLD PLEASE STAND UP. lol.

      PERCEPTUAL awareness is always on the sidelines.


      That I have learned.

      Keep the depth coming, sweet friend


    • LaughingRain profile image

      Alysia McAlister 

      9 years ago from Arizona

      Good story, more believable than I found Carlos C. stories actually. isn't it funny how we always think we're making it up? btw, I believe I have a choice now if I'm coming back. I too am ready for another planet!


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