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Sharia Law Police in Europe and Banning Muslims in America

Updated on December 10, 2015

To the average man in the street, there is a building paranoia and anti-Muslim, anti-Islam bias. In London, there are small Sharia law police in a few areas that walk the thin line of breaking the law and being lawful. They try to persuade via verbal harassment any non-believer or infidel or apostate ( i.e., anyone not Muslim or were Muslim) passer-by of how they should be living, wearing, and so on. Sometimes, tempers flare and the thin line is crossed and REAL police are called. Up to now, the “Sharia Police” were confined to London, England, however, now they have appeared in Wuppertal, Germany, a known hotbed for Islam and Muslims. The German Sharia police leader is a converted to Islam German and together with others, they wear vests with “Sharia Law Police” on them and generally harass passer-any by about how their lives are “ungodly” by listening to music, dressing in certain ways, drinking etc. The leader was previously accused of being a member of the Islamic State and has been to Syria many times. The German police arrested the leader and followers because they were violating others freedom of assembly and wearing a faux-type uniform simulating a governmental authority, which is a crime. But this was in September, 2015. Now, the German court has told the prosecutor that that charges filed must be tossed out because the Islamists did not violate any German law because of freedom of religion and gathering, which of course, is a pillar in most Western societies. The group even designated that certain areas were “Sharia Law Zones” where certain activities were verboten. Their film on YouTube was popular by denounced by the Central Council of Muslims in Germany.

Just wait until it happens in the USA. I suspect the same decision that the German court reached will occur in America. Just as the recent Donald Trump declaration that all Muslims attempting to immigrate into the USA will not be allowed until vetting out these people can be done satisfactorily. While many support this, and there is a logic to it to a degree, most are not in favor of it because it impedes on Freedom of Religion. But, what if the religion has followers, many followers, who are hell bent on destroying those that oppose it? Is the Christian thing to do just to accept and allow Sharia law or elements of it spread like cancer in society? Sharia law is NOT willing to coexist. It is their way or no way. Islam, at least, the more extreme version, has Muslims that are not tolerant of any other religions or customs they do not agree with. Yet, they arrive in free societies like in Europe and the USA, and then start trying to force their beliefs and customs on non-Muslims and are protected. This is the real problem, the more extreme Muslims that also receive protection under the Freedom of Religion right but intentionally bully their ways, customs, and beliefs on others. Yet, until something crosses the line, the Courts will protect them.

It is a war of religious beliefs and intolerance promoted by the more extreme Islamic Muslims. They are no different than any Communist, Fascist, or Nazi. They use the same fear intimidation tactics but more extreme. Since it is a “war”, certain rights of the “enemy” are curtailed.

So, as terrorism carries the Islamic Muslim under Allah banner used by the Islamic State, the idea of it spreads among those seeking retribution, not God. Its appeal is really for those who are angry about something in their lives and seek to be a part of something “great”. Some are criminals or mercenaries but the source is their anger or sense of injustice in their personal lives. Maybe jealousy. Perhaps, the core of the Islamic State are just religious fanatics fueled by some sort of inner anger over the years. After all, everyone in the Islamic State was born and up to some point led a normal childhood before things went awry in their lives. God did not just suddenly appoint them “holy warriors”. LOL.

Since it is a “war”, certain rights of the “enemy” are curtailed. Not all Muslims are terrorists but since vetting out the good from the bad is ill defined, something more has to be done to defend America. Exactly what is some less extreme version of what Trump proposed, whatever that is.


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