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Shark Attacks 2013

Updated on July 16, 2013
great white shark attacking
great white shark attacking | Source

Shark attacks always make the news, because they are so few and far between.

While it might seem you are hearing of yet another one happening during the summer period, they are relatively rare.

Thousands of people swim daily in shark-infested waters in perfect safety.

Just watch some of the TV programs shown on Shark Week if you don't believe me.

Sidney Harbour, for example, is just one place where thousands of people take to the waters to escape the hot summer sun, while scientists KNOW dangerous sharks are present, because they have tagged some of them and are watching their movements.

On US beaches, watchers keep an eye out for sharks, and clear the waters when one appears.

Those sharks are never far away, and can make sudden, unexpected appearances.

Sadly, usually somewhere between 6 and 10 people die each year through shark attack, while another 50 or so can expect to be bitten.

Rare though it is, stay safe while in the ocean if you choose to bathe in areas where sharks are known to be present.

Here are the people who were not so lucky in 2013.

List of 2013 shark attack victims

  1. 5th Jan, 2013 - Jack Swaffer, Western Australia, spearfishing. Calf and shin bitten.
  2. 13th Jan, 2013 - Kim Bade, New Zealand, spearfishing. Minor cut on finger. Bronze whaler shark.
  3. 16th Jan, 2013 - Paul Santos, surfing, Hawaii. Bite left forearm. Tiger shark.
  4. 25th Jan, 2013 - Matthew Cassaigne, surfing, Australia. Lacerations to neck.
  5. 26th Jan, 2013 - 3 men fishing, Australia. Shark bit propeller of boat.
  6. 1st Feb, 2013 - Young man had knee bitten in Jamaica.
  7. 9th Feb, 2013 - Zohar Kritzer, scuba diving, French Polynesia. Lacerations to arm and thigh. Lemon shark.
  8. 10th Feb, 2013 - Cole Taschman, surfing, Florida. Lacerations to right hand. Blacktip shark.
  9. 21st Feb, 2013 - Jacob Lanskey, surfing, Hawaii. Shark bit board. No injury.
  10. 21st Feb, 2013 - Unnamed surfer, Hawaii. Lacerations to right leg. Possible reef shark.
  11. 27th Feb, 2013 - *FATAL* - Adam Strange, swimming, New Zealand. White shark.
  12. 3rd March, 2013 - Fundile Nogumla, swimming, Port St John's, South Africa. Hands and arms injured.
  13. 10th March, 2013 - Alvin Lovido & John Paul Mangaoang, swimming, Philippines. Minor leg injuries after small sharks attacked them.
  14. 12th March, 2013 - *FATAL* George Facey, spearfishing, Jamaica. Killed by huge tiger shark.
  15. 16th March, 2013 - Troy Henri, surfing, South Africa. No injury. Board bitten.
  16. 16th March, 2013 - Kobus Koeberg, tagging sharks. Lacerations to left calve and heel by hooked ragged-tooth shark.
  17. 21st March, 2013 - Monika Wanis, snorkeling, Belize. Nurse shark bit toe
  18. 21st March, 2013 - unnamed man, fishing, Bahamas. Left leg bitten.
  19. 29th March, 2013 - Richard Parkinson, freediving, Seychelles. Left foot lacerations.
  20. 2nd April, 2013 - unnamed man, Hawaii, right thigh bitten by 4' shark.
  21. 4th April, 2013 - male, swimming, Florida. Hand lacerations from being bitten.
  22. 13th April, 2013 - *FATAL* Nae Deok Kim, Guam.
  23. 13th April, 2013 - Joshua White, surfing, Florida. Bull shark bit his right hand causing minor lacerations.
  24. 14th April, 2013 - male, free diving, South Africa. Light scratches on hand. Blue shark.
  25. 17th April, 2013 - Colten Cicarelli, ages 9, playing in surf, Florida. 3' shark bit his right foot.
  26. 21st April, 2013 - male, fishing, Australia. No details of shark attack.
  27. 28th April, 2013 - Ted Collins, fishing, Australia. Foot bitten by landed 2m wobbegong shark.
  28. 4th May, 2013 - Michael Adler, surfing, Florida. Minor lacerations to left foot and ankle.
  29. 8th May, 2013 - *FATAL* Stéphane Berhamel, body-boarding, Reunion. Bull shark.
  30. 23rd May, 2013 - Hamed Salah, fishing, Gaza.Lost two fingers.
  31. 27th May, 2013 - Kyle Kirkpatrick, aged 11, swimming, Florida. Bitten right foot.
  32. 6th June, 2013 - Steve Adamson, surfing, Australia. No injury. Shark bit board.
  33. 6th June, 2013 - Walter Kefauver, fishing, Florida. Left hand bitten by landed lemon shark.
  34. 14th June, 2013 - Allison Foreman, aged 10, boogie-boarding, South Carolina. Puncture wounds to hands.
  35. 15th June, 2013 - female, surfing, Florida. Lacerations to left ankle.
  36. 16th June, 2013 - Kevin Bracey, surfing, South Africa. Lacerations to knee.
  37. 17th June, 2013 - Garrett Sebesta, 15, swimming, Texas. Left hand and leg bitten.
  38. 17th June, 2013 - Kori Robertson, boogie boarding, Texas. Lacerations to right thigh.
  39. 18th June, 2013 - James Kerrigan, swimming, Hawaii. Right thigh and calf bitten by 14' tiger shark.
  40. 25th June, 2013 - Joshua Watson, swimming, South Carolina. Minor injuries.
  41. 25th June 2013 - Colleen Malone, swimming, Florida. Lacerations t left foot. Bull shark.
  42. 27th June, 2013 - Kevin, Jamaica. Body found with shark bites. Could have drowned first.
  43. 30th June, 2013 - male, fishing, Taiwan. Right thigh bitten.
  44. 2nd July, 2013 - Jimmy McDonald-Jones, body surfing, South Australia. No injuries. Holes in wetsuit.
  45. 11th July, 2013 - Barbara Corey, wading, North Carolina. Right foot bitten.
  46. 15th July, 2013 - *FATAL* Sarah, aged 15, swimming, Reunion.

Reported Shark Attacks
46 (so far)

Shark Attack Australia 2013

26 year old Jake Swaffer became the first reported shark attack victim of 2013 when he suffered deep puncture wounds to his lower left leg on the 7th of January, 2013.

The Australian was spearfishing off Legende Island in Western Australia when the shark attacked. There were some hammerhead sharks nearby, but he believes the shark that bit him was much larger judging by the size of his bite wounds.

He swam back to the boat and headed to shore where he was met by his fiancée who drove him at speed to Nickol Bay Hospital in Karratha. From there he was airlifted to Royal Perth Hospital where he was stitched up and released.

The type of shark involved has not yet been identified.


On the 25th of January, Matthew Cassaigne suffered lacerations to his neck while surfing off Noosa in Queensland. No further information available.

Kiholo Bay, Hawaii:
Kīholo Bay, Hawaii 96740, USA

get directions

US shark attacks 2013

On January 16th, 43 year old Paul Santos was taken to North Hawaii Community Hospital for treatment following a shark bite to his lower left arm.

He has been surfing with a friend at Kiholo Bay in the west of Hawaii when the shark attacked.

The attack too place in waters 8 foot deep and murky, at dusk, which is when sharks come out to feed.

Read: How to avoid a shark attack.

The shark involved was a 15 foot tiger shark, one of the top 3 most dangerous types of sharks.

Mr Santos's hand was nearly severed in the attack and was saved only due to the skill of surgeons at Kaiser hospital on Oahu where he was later transferred.


On the 10th of February, 16 year old Cole Taschman suffered lacerations to his right hand when he was bitten by a 4 - 5ft blacktip shark while surfing off Stuart Rocks, Martin Country, Florida.

Muriwai Beach, New Zealand
Muriwai Beach, New Zealand | Source
Muriwai Beach, New Zealand:
Muriwai, New Zealand

get directions

Site of fatal great white shark attack, February, 2013

Shark Attacks New Zealand 2013

On the 13th of January, Kim Bade suffered a minor cut on his finger when he bitten by a 3ft long bronze whaler shark while spearfishing off Great Mercury Island, New Zealand.


*FATAL* 46 year old Adam Strange was killed by a great white shark off Muriwai Beach, north of Auckland, on the 27th of February, 2013.

The beach was full of families enjoying the summer sun and popular watersports when the predator attacked.

The white pointer was believed to be about 4m (13 feet) long, and the attacked was witnessed by fisherman Pio Mose.

Police launched an inflatable dinghy and shot at the shark, which had kept returning and nibbling at Mr Strange's body, preventing rescuers from recovering it.

The shark was to reported to have rolled over before disappearing.

Two or three great white sharks have been spotted in the vicinity, and the beach has been closed until further notice.

police in dinghy shoot at shark
police in dinghy shoot at shark | Source

Jamaica Shark Attacks 2013

On the 1st of February, an 18 year old man was badly mauled on the knees at Pedro Cays, Jamaica, while on a boating trip.


*FATAL* On 12th March, 68 year old George Facey was mauled and killed by a monster 16 foot long tiger shark while spearfishing off the coast of southern Jamaica.

He was with a group off a remote island 3 miles south of the mainland when they came across a shoal of tiger sharks.

He became separated from the main group, and they were unable to save him from the vicious bites of the attacking shark.

His body was later recovered from the water by his comrades.

French Polynesia

On the 9th of February, 48 year old Zohar Kritzer suffered lacerations to his right arm and thigh when he was attacked by a lemon shark while scuba-diving in Tapu Reefs, Bora Bora.


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    • sharkfacts profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from UK

      They attack in very shallow water too. Not trying to put you off paddling or anything! lol

    • Better Yourself profile image

      Better Yourself 

      6 years ago from North Carolina

      Wow - even though it's rare it seems like a lot when you look at the list of people who've been attacked! Very scary and why I don't go in the ocean past where I can see my feet thru the water.

    • sharkfacts profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from UK

      Yes they are horrible.Thanks for commenting :)

    • profile image

      BriannaM. Valadez 

      6 years ago

      Kinda scary to me. I feel sorry

      for the family who lost there dad or brother. Anyway cool discovery and keep up the great work.


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