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Sheffield University - Night Life

Updated on July 5, 2013
Ring of Fire
Ring of Fire | Source
Shot Roulette
Shot Roulette | Source
Ride the Bus
Ride the Bus | Source

Sheffield University - Drinking Games

If you haven't already, once you get to University you will be introduced to pre-drinks. You play drinking games with a couple friends for about 2 to 3 hours before leaving for the club. The drinking games involved are pretty much the same at every University as no one can usually be bothered to think up new games.

Usual drinking games:

  • Ring of fire.
  • Arrogance.
  • Ride the bus.
  • Shot roulette.

I'm sure you are or will be aware of ring of fire and so will not explain this one. Shot roulette is basically roulette but if it is the number on your shot glass you take the shot. The lesser known games are arrogance and ride the bus. Arrogance is a game were you pass a jug or other large glass around in a circle, each person adds an amount of drink to the jug. The amount is up to the person but after they must flip a coin. If you choose heads or tails correctly you don't drink and pass on the jug. If you guess wrong you down the entire jug. Ride the bus you place cards face down in a row starting with 1 card down to 5 cards. The remaining cards are shared out between the players, a card is left face up. A card from the first row is picked up, the any player that has that card will put it down and choose another player to drink two fingers. When you reach the end who ever has the most cards must ride the bus. Riding the bus is the same layout but after the first card the player must guess higher or lower. If they are right they don't drink but if they guess wrong they must have drink the same fingers as the value of the card. You continue untill you get to the end or run out of cards.

Drinking game poll.

What is your favorite drinking game?

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Sheffield Clubs

The clubs in Sheffield aren't much different to normal clubs, some are quite large and some have annoying bouncers. The music will depend on the night and the club. DQ on a Monday will play RnB Hip Hop Rap Dubstep Dancehall (very little). They do something different to other clubs as they change songs very quickly, they will play a song for approximately a minute and then change to another some. More popular songs get longer play usually.

A great thing about Sheffield clubs compared to London clubs is the huge drop in prices, one club / bar called basement offers 50p shots of Sourz and Sambuca. During freshers week I would advise you to go to what ever clubs your flatmates are going as you probably won't no many people. As you get to no more people you can find clubs that play your kind of music, the best thing as well is to go to as many different clubs as possible. A lot of people in their first year got to 4 or 5 clubs and then just keep going to the same places over and over again. This can get boring and make you feel like all clubbing is boring. You may also notice that some places have terrible DJ's. A place called Embrace night club on a Saturday on the 4th floor has a DJ that plays RnB, Rap and Dancehall but he would repeat the same songs every week. He didn't even bother to change the order of songs so you would know exactly what was going on.

A problem you might fins is that people like to throw drinks around at the club for apparently no reason, many times the person that gets wet can't tell who threw the drink over them so has to let it go. Other than that it is a lot nicer than London clubs and u rarely see any fights, most fights are between locals.

Sheffield music poll

What's your favorite music when going clubbing.

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40 shots I bought during freshers week.
40 shots I bought during freshers week.

Sheffield University Night Life

Such effort into my costume LOL
Such effort into my costume LOL

Sheffield University - Best Student Nights

  • DQ - Monday nights.
  • Replica - Student Saturdays.
  • Plug - Jump around (Thursday).
  • Studio 54 - Afro beats.

Sheffield City Centre

Sheffield University Bar Crawls

The biggest University events are Carnage and Uni VS Hallam, during these events shirt costing £10 is used as the ticket for the clubs / bars. Uni VS Hallam nights the shirts will differ by color and there is a checklist on the back to be completed if you so wish. The checklist includes:

  • Get with a member of the opposite University.
  • Downing a drink.
  • Pimping your T-shirt.

Bar crawls go from bar to bar with various drinking competitions till you reach one of the last 2 or 3 clubs you will enter that night. Bar crawls can be fun especially with games that you play on the way, it also gives you an opportunity to try out new venues. When going on the Uni VS Hallam nights you will usually be split into groups, you don't have to remain with your group and can change when ever you want. You will participate in drinking games at each destination and the marks are usually counted nearer to the end. Don't bother worrying to much about the games as most people don't play and of course no one really counts and so the end result isn't usually right. Also don't be afraid to go in case you cant fill out your check list, there is no need to actually fill it out and no one really wants to be walking round with a marker all night.

Regular bar crawls don't consist of drinking games or groups and is just either a society event or a Carnage event.

Sheffield University Night Life

Sheffield night life poll

What do you most look forward to on a night out.

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      5 years ago from India

      Impressive hub on Sheffield University. Voted up.


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