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Shift of vibration into a New golden age, Ascension, Christ conciousness.

Updated on June 18, 2015

Here's what i am picking up about this crazy turmoil of an adventure we call life, hope it helps! The theory still hasn't sunk into me but it seems possible. Sorry if it gets a little fuzzy as i have edited it to much.

As we know everything is vibrational, from a rock to a feather. A rock is of a low static vibration and animals and humans are of a high vibration.

We are now entering a faze of great vibrational increase, some have attained this in the past, Jesus for example or Buddha, as we know the list goes on. When a person goes through these changes they vibrate at a higher level, giving them a cleaner and clearer link to there higher self or Spirit, which in turn gives them super human powers, which can heal, control the elements, contact spirit, see the future, and manifest thoughts etc.

We are now going through a similar experience, which some have coined Christ conciousness, ascension, a new age where some are gaining a vibration closer to spirit and shedding the old shackles of duality and the third dimension.

The problem comes as we know from the story of Christ, that we have to suffer to learn, we have to build our own strength to be able to know our true spirit. The more past lifes a soul has had the more lessons it has learnt, the more lessons a soul has learnt in past lifes have to be remembered and installed into this life.

This would account for the many changes we have been through, i have suffered greatly and still have a few lessons to learn, as do you. The final lessons i feel are letting go of duality, the system which keeps us grounded in the third dimensional concepts of love & fear. light & dark etc. We need to let go of the fear of losing or not being in love as these are just feelings and not truly what we are. We are just light beings, made of vibrating energy which has to have faith in the light, the one true energy.

Love is the vibration we get when we look at the light, fear is the vibration we get when we look into the dark, love & life, fear & death. Its easy to see why so many want to live in the light, this is where we are heading, if we choose we can raise & cleanse our vibration of light, there is only one energy, that is pure light, there is no energy in pure darkness. What i am trying to say is that love is just a feeling we have for light & life, it is only one of two feelings, which we have freedom of choice to experience.

This is the final lesson of Christ, as we see him let go of all that he fears, and lose all he loved for his faith of the light.

This is obviously where we are at, i can tell you have been losing all you love, as have i. There is only one true love and that is Faith of self, spirit and vibration. When we no longer fear/love we will ascend into higher beings, able to shape our lifes at will, we will be connected with all the people who helped us along the way and see the truth of life as we once knew it back in the times of past creations.

This is not death, this is what we have been building our vibration for, this is the new age so many talk of, a time when we bring earth to heaven, a new golden age.

People all over the earth are awakening to this, putting down tools, forming groups and talking about there experiences, letting go of material life and looking for answers. As people are doing this they become stronger and build vibration which is love of self, healing there body's and learning the lessons of past masters. This leads alot of people to feel they are taking on the roles of the old mythological spirits, you will find people forming groups of different faiths, feeling they are the reincarnation of one of the group from each story, be that the story of Christ & Mary, Angels, Buddha, Egyptian, Greek, the Norse and so on.

The one thing these all had in common was the ability to vibrate in the fifth, to be able to form what we call magic in the third dimension. This is what the shift is about, why we are so deeply tested at this time, what people are doing is manifesting there fears to be able to learn from them, as the mind deals with fear it has to deal with love as they are of the same vibration.

We have got to be careful of the things we fear as we manifest them at a greater speed in these special times, the more a soul, group or mass focuses on a fear, it gains energy and manifests. Be careful what you focus on as you will draw it in towards your life.

As we draw in the thing we wish for like a new car or house, the bigger they come the greater fear we bring into our life's, the fear of losing the precious things external of our true self, when all there really is to take care of is you and your spirit.

Try and focus your energy to building a greater self, you will keep all the profits and learn a new way of life.

Hard lessons, hope my theory makes a little sense!? Life & Light . Stephen xxx


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