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Shipping Wholesale Clothing – The Drop Shipping Advantage to Shipping Wholesale Clothing

Updated on November 23, 2009

Drop shipping is being considered as a smart option by many online businesses. Drop shipping is now being used by online businesses to their advantage. Wholesale clothing suppliers who drop ship are finding themselves in great demand of late. Businesses that have set shop recently find these services really helpful and are reaping the benefits.

Though for the popularity, drop shipping is still quite an unknown territory to a majority of online businesses. Questions often arise on what actually is drop shipping, its benefits and how an online business could benefit from it.

The retailer not having to stock the goods he sells and thus saving on the shipping costs of having the goods shipped to his warehouse and further shipping the sold goods to the customer are but a few of the benefits of drop shipping. As seen from the above possibility it can be seen that the cost benefits are many. Shipping costs are saved by the wholesale supplier drop shipping the goods directly to the customer instead of the partner warehouse. The store further benefits from not investing in a warehouse and its maintenance, manpower included. The work load is considerably reduced as so is the overheads and additional complications.

The costs saved from not maintaining a warehouse could be better utilized in competitive pricing of products and could also be diversified towards store marketing on the internet. The online store plays a crucial role in generating clothing sales. The online store needs constant updating. The customers should have a display of a variety of clothing to pick from. Variety is achieved only by being associated with as many wholesale suppliers as possible. Only dependable wholesale suppliers can help you achieve the goal of low pricing and better quality clothing.

Searching for wholesale suppliers who can provide you with supplies of good quality clothing at low prices are a hard find. Though a difficult task to pull off, this is very crucial to your business. Directory websites could be trusted to an extent. Salehoo is one such wholesale supplier directory. They list manufacturers, wholesale suppliers, drop shippers etc. Price negotiations are possible only after being aware of what a bunch of wholesale suppliers can offer. The cheaper you could manage your bulk purchases from the wholesale supplier the better would be your product pricing in your online store, and hence better would be your online sales.

Add value to your online store by being associated with a good wholesale supplier. The relationship that you share with the wholesale supplier should also be long term and should not be any different as dealing with a family member.

Associate with the right wholesale supplier and reap the benefits in dollars.


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    • soni2006 profile image

      Rajinder Soni 6 years ago from New Delhi, India

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