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Should We Spend More for Education?

Updated on April 13, 2013

I live in an upscale bedroom community of Los Angeles. On a recent Friday, schools were closed. Why? They seem to be closed much too often. For example, a two week “vacation” for Easter. Or maybe, not to consider religion, it was “spring break”. When I was young we went to school nine months a year with maybe a week off for Christmas and a day or two off for Thanksgiving. It's no wonder kids graduate from high school in our area and then must take remedial classes to even be ready for community college. And they can't make change without a computer.

We are told it is because the state, the county, our school district does not have the money for more days of education, yet you mostly see people driving Mercedes Benz, BMWs, and other expensive cars. And the city wants to waste $400,000 to replace a charming wooden bridge on a bike path, while Governor Brown insists on a $68 billion railroad that will never pay for itself.

Our state used to lead the nation in education, and America was at the top among nations . Not any more. As a society, we've got our priorities all screwed up.

I think the inmates are running the asylum.


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