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Should the Confederate Flag Be Taken Down?

Updated on June 25, 2015

Its waves stating to All The South Still Stands


Born in land of Lincoln, raise with a Southern Pride

In The recent wake of another church shooting in SC. Has your opinion changed when you see this Flag? How?, Why? I know the south held it high in times of war, but, it also represent an area of our Nation that has bred some of the strongest backbone men and women, of All color skin. It hold a reputation of the GREATEST COOKING EVER! Foreign countries have drooled over the food delicacies of the , often times tried to duplicate but never come close to its own great authenticity as Only the South can make. The people there will make a totally stranger feel like either well welcome friend or the prodigal son returning home again.

Should they take it down, in doing so does it also take down the pride of the south? Does it belong in a museum or just change the current design and retire the elder Dixie girl. Isn't that Southern Pride just at strong as the pride held by the northern states. The roots of the majority of Northerners, started in the south, is not the strong morels, manners (respecting of the elders by children, saying yes, mama/sir no matter what skin color. In accordance to the storms they've endured and lived to teach us about.)

A piece of cloth with pretty colors, designs arranged neatly upon it and displayed so all can see. Telling the World that the South didn't loose the war or the battle, cause this flags. Let's you know the South is Still Standing? The American Flag has and does raise up hatred for some at its sight, just as the confederate flag does. It's meaning at start, has changed over the years as has the confederate. Both, have remained the same, which is unfortunate for those not open to change.

But, should it be taking down, because a few individual personages, don't and refuse to adjust too change?

Behind the Dixie Stars

Black Confederates - Forgotten Men in Grey - BLACKS OWNED SLAVES TOO

Southern Foods

Confederate Flag Support by both Black & White-Americans

In life people look out toward the prize wanting, with different eyes. There are many people that support the flying of the Confederate flag, both black and whites alike. Yes, blacks. That support the confederate flag strongly, while others of their brothers and sisters do not and just as strongly. As do the Whites some do support her continuing to fly while others don't. The supporters strong stance is that it is a part of their heritage, those opposed see it as a reminder of hatred slavery of blacks in the south.

In my research of about the true meaning of this beloved and hatred flag. I found that this flag has been given and receiving a bad rep. The flags start did not start with the current flag of today, just as the Northern American flag both have been changed over the centuries. And its meaning, the current confederate flag came about 100 years after the civil war was over in 1961. Along with it a new meaning change, but to those that have held its pride within their hearts its true meaning didn't change. It deepened and was instilled in the children as a strong part of their family pride and who they are. Not, because of the slavery, for or against, but a stance for their homeland, their Southern nation.

These are supporters are again both black and white, the know the good that this their flag represents. Which many people don't and I doubt have ventured in learning more about it, learning the truth from the myths in today's controversy about it. I've found various articles on the truth of the confederate flag. They seem to very in the telling of it, but all state of the strength, pride and heritage the flag holds for lot of people.

Those that support and hold true, their forefathers fought in the civil war, they were black men that were heads of regiment of men into the battle, they had even organized pensions and filed for pensions when the war was over. The were even black slave owners of other black families, in fact it was the blacks that were the first black slave owners not the whites.

Downtown Asheville at the Vance Monument. Says he's a proud Southerner & believes the Confederate Flag should continue to fly.
Downtown Asheville at the Vance Monument. Says he's a proud Southerner & believes the Confederate Flag should continue to fly. | Source

We Are One Nation Under God each grows from the other

Southern, manners that were born and bred in the rearing of Children.
Southern, manners that were born and bred in the rearing of Children.
Old Glory/Dixie Land,  you can't have the northern Honor without the Southern Pride
Old Glory/Dixie Land, you can't have the northern Honor without the Southern Pride | Source

Part of the Same History

My daughter, born in the northern states, raised under southern rules, all my children were, like I was and my siblings. My daughter moved to Georgia taking her children with. Well when they got down there it was a different world. The grandchildren being raised up in IL, a elder woman that lived in the apartment complex my daughter lived in. She took my daughter to the side and told her that the kids down there have to say 'yes/no mama/sir' or they were perceived as not having manners or no home training.

I went down to visit and I was shocked and loving the mannerism change in them. The South still holds true to teaching a child manners and to respect elders. Read the post 'I was Raised!' it pretty much sums it up.

The confederate flag has had just a long standing of waving its heritage, pride and strength as Ole Glory has. And Dixie is a great strong part of this United States of America Nation as the stars and stripes or even longer some would venture to state. Both are Brothers, siblings, family, proud and strong standing firm in the soil of its forefathers and the land that made them still today and will be in years yet to come.

The confederate flag has done nothing to anyone. Its those that thinks its a sign of hatred, because one shoots within the House Of Our Lord. Years earlier, a man went into a church in the south Baton Rouge, La 2006 and kills four, taking a woman and three children hostage later killing her. I don't remember hearing any hue & cry about taking down Dixie. Why? Perhaps it was because it was a black man that did the shooting and the woman was his wife? It was still in the south, still in a black church and the confederate flag still waved afterwards.

People would rather hold to the evilness than take time to learn the true history, then follow or believe that there is an original story behind that which you see. It goes beyond the hatred you were raised , history books and media poisoned to believe and teach.

Everything that seems bad or evil, didn't start off that way.

I ask again: 'Do you think Dixie lands Stars and Bars should come down? Personally I think she needs a change for the better to show the strength and pride of the south for all the people. We are a part of the same history.


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