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Should Branches of Trees or interfering Trees be allowed around Electricity Power Lines?

Updated on June 21, 2015


As I write this, I will tell you that it saddened me to recollect an incident surrounding the issue of power lines and crowded branches of trees. Obviously, I will attempt to point out potential sources of the problems. It is true that electricity poles are made of wood, however, the problems associated with falling branches of trees on power lines are disturbing. Don't get me wrong, I like natural objects, but allowing trees and their branches to interfer with electricity is clearly concerning and intolerable. This issue can bring about medical problems as well as legal implications. In this article, I will look at stormy weather as well as whose responsibility it is to maintain safe power lines.

Stormy Weather and Health

In a stormy weather, no one has control as to the outcome of the situation. However, controlling the number of trees around power lines can or may reduce the complications caused by stormy weather in a particular area. Tree branches can fall on power lines during stormy weather and can cause power outage for selected areas. In winter period, such outage can subject many homes and their residents to hypothermia, shock and sudden heart attacks. Why would anyone in their right mind allow or leave trees and their branches to tamper with power lines? Well, in some areas throughout the world, it is so because of lack of concern for the road or street. Have your light ever been out due to fallen trees on power lines? I have seen damages caused by fallen trees on power lines and how the residents of those areas were without light for about a week. It is absolutely unbearable.

Health Problems

Throughout history, I am sure we have heard or even seen pictures of trees falling on power lines. Innumerable injuries has resulted directly or indirectly on people and their belongings. Trees and their branches can actually tear down power lines. This is troublesome because it can bring medical problems for people that are dependent on electricity. Take for instance, patients that are in nursing homes or assisted living facilities who uses oxygen may face serious issues if no substitute is available.

Fire, fallen Tree and Power Lines

Is it possible that fire can result from damages caused by fallen trees on power lines? If so, why allow such problem to exist? There has been several reports on cases of electrical fire caused by fallen trees on power lines. A lot of calls have been made out to fire departments as a result of such incidents. It almost always causes power outage only in nearby areas.

Whose Responsibility?

It is true, of course, that home owners are responsible for trees around their homes, however, in an area or street with trees outside home boundary, I am not sure it is the responsibility of the renters or property owners living around the street or area. If there are boundaries and the trees interfering with power lines are excluded from boundaries, then , I seriously wondered why the city government should not be involved. We must understand that transmission lines have the potential of electrocuting persons on the ground near a tree once the tree makes contact with a transmission line. This kind of scenario usually bring about legal issues when medical problems or loss of personal property is involved. Who is responsible for the tree removal to avoid problems?


To prevent emergency situations and problems, it is necessary that the city government intervene to ensure that trees interfering with power lines are trimmed and/or removed on a regular, rotating schedule to dispose of branches of trees. This strategy could involve total tree removal near a power line. Sometimes, it might be a tree, or its branches in danger of breaking or falling near a line. On the other hand, homeowners should equally tackle this because any problems arising and affecting passing vehicles could implicate them . Fire caused by fallen trees on power lines can cost homeowners or renters great amount of loss if not prevented. It can bring about power outage, loss of personal properties and possibly risk of health problems.


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