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how to Shovel your Stair way in 5 seconds!

Updated on February 9, 2012
Black plastic material
Black plastic material

I know what you are thinking, but no that title was not an empty hook! The newest and most innovative way to shovel your drive way is soon going to be commercially available in stores such as Walmart and Canadian Tire (and the American equivalent).

To the right is an image of the type of material this mat is going to be constructed of. The actual mat includes two handles, a non-slip surface for your stairs, and will be prices at about $20 per mat (medium staircase)



1) Attach Velcro to your staircase and place SnowMat on your staircase before a storm/ night of snow.

2) Apply salt around your staircase as well as around on top of the SnowMat

3) When you feel that your staircase is getting dangerous then ask a friend to help you with the next step.

4) Each of you grab one side of the SnowMat and lift with your legs until the snow mat is off the ground.

5) Dump the ice and snow on the SnowMat, put it in a snow pile to the side of your drive way.

6) Repeat steps 1 - 5 whenever it snows.

How it works

The genius of the SnowMat is in the idea rather than the design itself. However, the perfect design is another reason why the SnowMat is so useful

  • The mat itself is made of interweaving fibers that is durable enough to endure season after season. 
  • The black color, as opposed to the beige color of your stairs, makes the SnowMat more heat attractive which melts snow the minute it falls, while preventing ice build up by keeping the temperature above 0 degrees
  • The surface of the SnowMat is grippy and skid proof which conveniently replaces the surface of an icy staircase.


Would you be willing to purchase a SnowMat?

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