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Showers Curtains as Education Supplies

Updated on March 12, 2011

Shower Curtains That Teach

It may sound a little strange, but shower curtains can be used for a lot more than just keeping the shower water from getting onto the floor. Shower curtains can also be used to teach a variety of math, language and science concepts to children as well as adults. Think about it- the curtain is going to be there anyway, no matter what. And if it doesn't teach anything, that is a wasted opportunity to add to your body of knowledge.

Seeing the information on the curtain day after day drives home the information even if you don't consciously study it. This is perfect for kids who are struggling with a specific subject and having trouble getting the information to stick or understanding the basic concepts.

If you homeschool, this is a great opportunity to add in some extra study tome without expanding the number of hours spent studying each day. If you don't homeschool, the curtain can be a little extra kick that leaves a lasting impression in an important subject.

Shower curtains are available that teach the periodic table- a difficult concept to memorize. If you see the periodic table every day on your shower curtain, imagine how much easier it will be to remember each element and its symbol. When it's there in front of you day after day, when you have little else to do but look at it, you don't really even have to study it. After repeated exposure, it will just find its way into your consciousness. This is true for shower curtains that teach many different types of educational concepts.

Teaching Languages

There are many educational supplies that help you learn foreign languages, including CDs, DVDs and posters. But, a shower curtain is a fun and effective way to learn some language vocabulary easily.

There are educational shower curtains that teach Italian vocabulary, French vocabulary, Chinese Vocabulary and Spanish vocabulary as well as difficult English vocabulary.

This can be a nice boost to any foreign language class, or if can simply help you to keep up a foreign language without losing the vocabulary that you've learned. For kids, you don't even have to insist that they read it. While they are in the bathroom, they'll see it and start paying attention. What else is there to do while you're using the bathroom or brushing your teeth?

Teaching Science With Shower Curtains

Science is something that some kids don't get interested in right away, but seeing it in color every day may change that. Shower curtains that teach about scientific concepts are fun, and they are definitely a conversation piece. The conversation may be about where you got your shower curtain or whether you consider yourself a nerd, but it will be a conversation nonetheless.

These educational supplies can also make it easier to understand complicated processes that science often requires an understanding of. They spell it all out with pictures and labels. 

Geography Shower Curtains

Seeing a labeled map is a great way to become familiar with geography. I actually grew up with a map shower curtain and I liked having it there to entertain myself with during shower time. There's little else to do while washing your hair, so if you can learn a little while you're doing it, why not?

Geography is often one of the most difficult subjects for kids when they take standardized test. These shower curtains can serve as passive standardized test study materials and help to teach geography without adding on extra geography study time. And, you don't have to deal with the backlash often generated by suggesting more study time. When you push studying, sometimes kids rebel against it. When you provide something colorful and attractive that also teaches them passively, you don't have to worry a bit about rebellion. There are several models available, including world maps and U.S. map shower curtains. If you ever forget where a country is, this is a great way to keep it all in front of you. 


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