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Sigh and why

Updated on January 4, 2012


You inhale deeply and exhale in a similar fashion; why? Have you just unloaded some seemingly unbearable burden from upon your back?

Perhaps you are at ease for some other reason or if you are unfortunate, you have just found yourself burdened with rather difficult problem.

I just caught myself again. Even when I’m sleepy, it’s not a yawn I just can’t shake, this sigh, this outward sign of inner turmoil. This must be to my mind what a shiver must be like to my body and its grip will not let me go. If this continues certainly this must be a symptom of a depressive state.

Where can I find or what can I use a/for my release from its embrace? Perhaps I should go to a doctor, they surely must have a pill to ease the symptom, but while I chase that rainbow the problem remains.

As a shiver offers temporary relief from the biting cold; so too must the sigh give to the one who exhales a second wind of reprieve. With each labored respiration, we must try with all we possess to push away the self doubt and cling to the hope of a better day.



Hmmmphhh... So where is my hope? I have heard it said we can reach within ourselves and by sheer will make the impossible, possible. To that I say I will stake only half of my hope. My other half comes externally, from what I witness going on around me.

If we search long enough, I mean if we actively and purposely engage that search, we will find our comfort. We must not waiver in our search though; we sometimes want this suffering to end like yesterday, but that is our gut reaction, a reaction out of an action. This is a most vulnerable time, for if we act out of instinct and impulsiveness this is when we sometimes make our poorest choices.

We must be patient; with ourselves, with others and in all circumstances. We must consider each option that we can control and weigh them as carefully as a pharmacist weighs out the medicines for treatment. Physician heal thyself? Not exactly, all must find their own "Personal Jesus", a savior upon which our burdens may be laid.

Do I advocate God? I will answer that I myself have sought and found help in seeking His guidance, but for each of us this is a personal choice. I advocate the person, place or thing that keeps you well, but if we should happen to make a bad choice, don't let this be the discouragement that sends you over the edge rather begin anew, get back on those feet. Your search will continue then and surely you will find what you seek and I can imagine what you seek is a sigh, except this time the sigh of comfort.


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    • noturningback profile image

      noturningback 6 years ago from Edgewater, MD. USA

      Your so welcome txlittleone. Try this one Ahhhhhhh, now that's more like it ?

    • txlittleone profile image

      txlittleone 6 years ago

      Thank you for the nice write, I'm a very big sigh person myself..