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Sign Language Alphabet

Updated on June 25, 2010

The Sign Language Alphabet

sign language alphabet
sign language alphabet

My Story of sign language

 As a kid, our secondary school had no pool and the nearest swimming pool in the area was a short walk around the corner to the Deaf School in our community to utilise the swimming pool for our lesson and then to return to our school for the next lesson.

As kids we did not give a second thought to the hearing impaired kids as we passed them in the classrooms taking their lessons. Having not been exposed to the hearing impaired learning curve, I just assumed it was just another school in the area.

A few months later we were back to visit an owl that was nesting in the tree outside the school building at the deaf school and as such was great for our sciences lesson for our teacher to march us around there and have a look at all the rat bones lying on the floor around the tree.

It just so happened that one of the deaf kids classes arrived shortly afterwards and many of us had not been exposed to sign language before. We all had lots of questions for our science teacher all the way back to the school.

As luck would have it, our teacher went the extra mile and taugh us sign language as part of our class. It was extremely interactive for us as young kids being able to communicate in another means. The parents were extremely pleased at was being learnt and took greater interest in the deaf community in the area.

Knowing only a few deaf people in my older years, it is difficult to understand the effect of larger vocabularies in sign language and so they just speak and sign at the same time for us in their company. But boy are they fast.

So I am grateful to have at least had the opportunity to learn sign language as a child in my school years and believe that every child should be given the chance to gain a better understanding of the difficulties experienced by hearing impaired kids and their families.

The Alphabet Song for Kids

Do you think it should be compulsory learn sign language at school

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