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Things to do in Branson, MO

Updated on April 9, 2017
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Places that I have had the pleasure of taking the time off to enjoy with either family or my boyfriend and his family.

The Journey Stagecoach

The Journey Stagecoach
The Journey Stagecoach | Source

Silver Dollar City's First Ride

On my trip to Silver Dollar City in October 2016 we got to see the first ride. Apparently, it had been sold. Someone found it, recognized it, bought it, restored some of it and brought it back home to Silver Dollar City.

The Journey Stagecoach.

Bottom line story

Many children before my time fell in love with the original 1880s stagecoach at Silver Dollar City. The stagecoach is said to be the hallmark of early entertainment. And this is the first year that the stagecoach, which still has about 80% of its original wood returned to Silver Dollar City for the 52nd annual National Harvest and Cowboy Festival, which features 125 craftsmen and a salute to the Great American Cowboy.

A third generation American cowboy who never forgot The Journey Stagecoach noticed something familiar behind a blacksmiths shop in Arkansas. He said, "She was a little older, a little cracked and scratched, but I was too." He bought her on the spot. A decade later, while visiting with the Herschends, he told him about this amazing find. Tears started rolling down Herschends face. This third generation cowboy knew that he would have to bring Journey back to Silver Dollar City. AND HE DID JUST THAT.

It's a perfect icon from the past. It's coming home, and it will be preserved here to.

Thanksgiving Horn (Cornucopia)

Fall decorations at Silver Dollar City was a Cornucopia filled with an abundance of pumpkins. Beautiful!
Fall decorations at Silver Dollar City was a Cornucopia filled with an abundance of pumpkins. Beautiful! | Source

Other entertainment

No Silver Dollar City festival is complete without amazing entertainment, and the National Harvest and Cowboy Festival is no exception. The festival includes a Wild West Show that salutes the Cowboy, Native American and all things west and wild.

The Wild West Show was actually one of the shows that popped out to me when I took a look at the flyer. Surprisingly, it must have intrigued my boyfriends parents' as well, as they were already there in their seats when we got there. It was quite an entertaining show with rope, dog and horse tricks. It had us laughing and saying, "awww," at different points in the show.

Doggie jacket



While there, I also found the crafter that made my doggie jacket that my boyfriend got me for Christmas, and many other original items.

There were painters that painted on actual logs, making the art look rustic, as the circular part of the log framed the actual painting like a frame.

They even had some beautifully made vests that I would love to go back and get. Bringing this stuff back to the St Louis area makes one seem like an original.

Branson Belle 4/7/17

Branson Belle 4-7-17

Branson Belle Showboat

Good food and great show. Even a school prom graced us with their presence. I finally found another one of those machines that can flatten a penny into a souvenir engraving, so I made one of those as well. Great night!

In Conclusion

My father hasn't been to Silver Dollar City yet. My guess is he feels the same way about amusement parks that I do. My father would be surprised at how many shows and other things that you can see that have nothing to do with riding a roller coaster. Just like the old time picture of me and my boyfriend was done at Silver Dollar City. That is one that I would really love to do with my kids, with us agreeing on the time period of the photo. However, this time, we did not do another old time photo.

However, I know we will be in Branson a few times a year. They have a great Outlet Mall. During our April 2017 visit I bought my sister-in-law's birthday present from there. It was such a great gift that I also got one for myself. Or, I should say, my boyfriend bought for us. Yes, I brought cash. He insisted. He wouldn't even let me carry my own bags. Even when I asked to help. He is something else.


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    • Happymommy2520 profile image

      Amy 7 months ago from East Coast

      Great Hub. I wish Fall Festivals were like that here in NJ. I love discovering places like Silver Dollar City. Hidden interesting places unlike everyday tourist traps. Voted up! Great read.

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