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Simple Steps For sure success in life

Updated on April 8, 2011


Success the most important word in everyone's life. Where ever and what ever we we need to be succeed. Success is a different thing for different people how ever the the basic principles for success are same for all. There is no replacement for the hard work we need to put achieve for success in what ever you do. Be positive always and don't mislead yourself with negative things.

Here are my steps for Sure Success.

1).There is nothing Impossible to you in , Every work takes its own lime to make it possible.

2).What you don't like ,just say "I DON'T LIKE"

3).Don't talk unnecessarily.

4)Plan five important works to do in a day and try to finish them with full efforts.

5)Impossible is the word found only in Failures dictionary.

Winning truth

 The work which you like will definitely done by you; But every work you do or need to be done must be done more liking by you.This is the secret of success.

Aiming a Goal in life is a very hard ask once you aimed you are done, as winning becomes easier.

Every ones should have a Goal in life and it must be a appreciable one. If you don't have one think of it you will definitely get one. When you think to set a Goal you will be getting ideas of your dreams, interests, and etc check them thoroughly and Set a priority fro your goal which is essential in achieving your goals. Remember that Achieving a goal is easier than setting a goal.

No work will be done without hard work and efforts. and don't expect miracles to occur without your involvement. we expect miracle because of greediness so don't be greedy.Greediness causes us to think of miracles without hard work.

There is no Mr.Perfect in the world every one does mistakes but our success depends on tackling the problem without getting demotivated. so try to learn from yours and others mistakes. And don't repeat the same mistake again. If you regret with mistakes you will never be succeeded.

If needed take others help. But dont depend on them completely. Do not waste your time in unnecessary and un productive ways We need to manage our time well in order to succeed .checkout my tips for time management. No one ever can move forward without others help, No person ever can judge your life except you.

Do not point at others mistakes. you might be doing the same thing if you were there in that position as i said no person is Mr.Perfect.

Think for Success always, and you will get it -Bible

Don't neglect even small works complete them with great care.


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    • bharath.adupa profile image

      bharath.adupa 6 years ago from India

      lol! thanks for sharing your views with us hope everyone take it what you said "Learning from past mistakes".

      You know what everyone of us know all these things but some one must remind us from time to time so that we stick to

    • 4tune profile image

      4tune 6 years ago from Michigan

      Yes setting goals can be hard when your a scatterbrain, Online I find myself all over the place, lol! But I know what doesn't work for me, so I am starting over and taking more time to plan, learn from past mistakes and avoiding too many time killers, so many of those around to be found.

    • bharath.adupa profile image

      bharath.adupa 7 years ago from India

      sure success is always waiting for you you must get there....

    • katyzzz profile image

      katyzzz 7 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      Wonderful hub, so inspirational and encouraging, I'm still trying, have had SOME success along the way.