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Simple Steps on How You Can Have an Excellent Result in Examination

Updated on March 19, 2017

Good result

Getting good results in an examination requires works; excellent results are not given freely: you would need to earn it by working for it. However, a good result in an examination is not impossible; An excellent result can be achievable for you. In fact, you don’t need to read the hell out of yourself to attain the degree you dreamt of, or to get a good result in examination. There is no reason why you should be a mediocre student. The best student in your class does not have two heads. You may think the examiner is just being unfair to you, or academics are not to you; that’s not true. Don’t let me bore you with too many words, let me just go straight to the point. I am going to list three steps which will guarantee you success in your examinations. The three steps are listed below:

Pay attention in class

most student failure begins right from day 1; they do not concentrate in class. Paying attention to teachers/ lecturers in class make you understand the message of the lecture; it makes you assimilate easily, retain, and reflect later. You cannot remember what you did not retain in your mind; neither can you retain what your mind did not capture.

Take note of points:

you may not be able to capture everything in a class or lecture. That does not mean you cannot get the massage. All you need is the main points; you should endeavor to jot down the main points.

Regular study:

the last of it is that you should study regularly. Studying regularly makes what you are being taught stick; it makes it become part of you. You would not need to think too deeply to recollect.


As being said before, good result in examination is not impossible for you and excellent result is achieved. All you need is to be more attentive in class, take note of important point of a lecture, and have a routine study.


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