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Single Sex Schools

Updated on March 18, 2016

Are Single sex schools really the right way to go?

Rosemary C. Salomone an English writer provides cons of single sex schools and lets us know why mixing genders in schools is the way to go in her books "Same, Different, Equal: Rethinking single-sex schools" In this book she relates to parents who are seeing the same sex schools as an interesting way of education. It would keep their child from doing anything that would keep them from focusing on their school work. She also points out that the purpose of schools is to give the younger generation the same education. Single sex schools provide different edication for the female sex and the male sex.

The cons

The cons of being in a single sex school is that the longer they are in one the harder it is to interact with the other sex. A female growing up in an all female school for 12 years is not going to help her when she gets out of school and has no idea ow to interact with the male sex. The adjustment will be harder if they decide to go to college or when they go into the workforce than if they went to school with the other sex and knew how to interact with them.

The male sex is proven to mature slower than the female sex and the single sex schools don't give the male the influence of the female. While the female does not have the influence of the male sex. Most Single sex schools at private and most cost a lot of money. Why pay thousands of dollars for something that will hurt your child in the future?

Single Sex schools are not the way to go. They might be fun and games up until they are no longer are in them. The children that are coming out are going to struggles more in dealing with the opposite sex in the workforce or college or just in everyday life. Lets fix up the public schools so that parents want to send their children there.

Do you think Single sex Schools are the best way to educate the younger generation?

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