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Six Essential Points Regarding the Educational Qualifications of a Business Operations Manager

Updated on July 27, 2016

In the modern world, the concept of companies is increasing drastically day by day. There are different types of services and for all types of services there are companies. You will hear many companies who had a great journey at a point of time but get closed after some time! Indeed this is a normal scenario nowadays. And behind this the main reason is the lack of a potential business operations manager. No matter which type of company or organizations it is, if it is successful for a long time, just inquire a bit about them and you will find that they have got a business operations manager of great caliber. Like every other profession of the world, being a business operations manager also need to go through some certain educational processes. Here we will try to highlight those requirements in form of points. If you have any kind of intention of becoming a good business operations manager, then this article is for you.

Get a Degree in Business Operations Manager Field

First of all you should think of having an associate degree in the business operations manager field. Many employers count this degree as the associate degree of applied science in the business administration field along with application of operations management. You will get to learn many necessary things that will pave the way for being at the pinnacle of success as business operations manager. Here you will get curses on man management, injury and safety laws, quality check and assurance, production planning execution etc. also you will find normal business courses covering economics and management.

Choose One Between Supply Chain Management and Business Administration

If you are an undergraduate student and looking to build up a career in the field of business operations manager then it will be best for you to choose among two options. Firstly, you can earn a bachelor’s degree in supply chain management. But if you are not confident about then there is a second option for you. You can go for a bachelor’s degree in business administration. In both the cases there will be a concentration of operations management. Here you will strengthen your business basics with different courses like accounting, business laws, finance, statistics, project management etc. In case of the concentrated classes you will find courses on cost management, information management system, risk management, resource planning etc. This will prepare you perfectly for the upcoming job filed.

Do Internship or Work as Warehouse Supervisor for Experience

In the job of business operations manager, you will need working experience along with good educational qualifications. This is a must. Even some employers prefer applicants with an experience of 5-7 years in industries. For that you will need to do internship and if possible try to work as warehouse supervisor. Working as a warehouse supervisor can be the biggest plus point in your job field.

Increase your Credentials by Earning Different Licenses and Certifications

Also you can increase your credentials as a business operations manager by earning different licenses and certifications. You will find different kind of certification exams online. Most of them consist of 5 parts. If you pass all the parts only then you will be able to get the certification. Many employers prefer the applicants with certifications. Because it takes good deal of combined knowledge of both theoretical and practical knowledge in different aspects of business operations.

Attend the Seminars and Workshops

There are many seminars and workshops held on business operations management all over the year. In some of them there are special opportunities for the students. You can attend them while doing graduation. You may meet with different high level personnel of the business operations management world as they come to these seminars and workshops. From them you can gather good deal of experience which will help you greatly in your career.

Update about the Technological Changes

As we live in the age of technological advancement, you need to be updated about the technological changes that affect the business operations world. You will need to learn the usage of different computer programs and software that are needed to get your job done. A software program called Six Sigma is on the rise at the moment. You must know how to use it. You will find many online tutorials where you can learn the updates and enrich your skills.

By summarizing all the points mentioned above, you can become good business operations manager. You will need to learn at every stage of your career as the business world is changing all the time. Always consider yourself as a student who is eager to educate himself more and more in order to become successful. By developing this attitude, you will go a long way in the path of success as a business operations manager.


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