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Causes of Obesity

Updated on December 4, 2015

Why Are We So Fat?

In the United States there about two out of three people who are overweight. People look at other people and see that they are overweight just like they are. Being overweight is becoming very normal in the United States. This is highly due to our sedentary lifestyle. We have the tools to entertain ourselves with technology. Many of us go to work and sit in front of a computer screen for hours on end. After work we end up coming home and sitting down in front of the television. We no longer have to hunt for our food when we are hungry. We just simply go to the store and grab what we want for the next meal unlike our ancestors.

Our ancestors had to hunt for their foods and that required their bodies to be high in nutrients in order to gain muscle and body fat. Their bodies were designed to store fat to survive long periods of time without enough food. Fat stores our energy that the body needs. If we were to go days or a couple weeks without eating much food and only take in liquids, our body would use the stored fat for energy. The fat also helps us keep warm when it is cold. So why are so many people fat today?

Is Obesity Selected For By Evolution?

So Is Being Overweight A Good Thing?

Some say that since our ancestors were overweight,that it is in our genes. Some say it is not in our genes. So the questions are is our biology causing our weight issues or is our diets and sedentary lifestyles causing the weight issues?

It may be a mix of both. Our diet here in America consist of lots of grains and sugar. We sit around because we do not have to put much effort into finding food. We do not go long periods of time without eating like our ancestors did. Our bodies are in tune with nature and they still expect to not get enough food and nutrients needed on a regular basis. Think of it like a bear. A bear basically eats all it can in the warmer months to gain the fat it needs. The bear goes into hibernation in the colder months and the nutrients that are stored within that fat sustain the bear until it awakens again in the warmer months.

Bear in Hibernation

The Obesity Paradox: When Thinner Means Sicker and Heavier Means Healthier

Obesity Is The New Normal

In order to understand why we are fat, you need understand our biology and our environment. We are constantly on our devices and we are eating lots of grains and sugar. People tend to eat the grains because it keeps us full for longer periods of time. We eat sugars because our bodies crave it. We also eat lots of processed foods and genetically modified organisms (aka GMOs).

We eat these kinds of foods because they are easy to buy and eat. Growing our own gardens would be the answer to eating healthier. It would also help us stay away from the processed foods. We would be able to make our own breads, noodles, cereals, snacks, etc. in our own homes instead of guessing what is really in the food we eat.
We could watch the proportions we take in as well. We could drink water, coffee, and teas instead of all the pop (soda). The problem with this plan is that not everyone has the chance to grow their own food. On top of that, if someone loses too much weight, others think they may be sick even when they may not be. It is just a normal reaction others have when they see a thin person. I am not sure why we always jump to that conclusion, but what I do know is it has to be natural for us to be a little heavy. If it was not healthy or natural, why would we assume that someone is sick if they are too thin? Given all I know about diets and weight issues, I have to say that it is normal and we do need the extra pounds. I am not saying that an 800 pound person is healthy as I am not a doctor. I can only give you my opinion seeing as how i was at both spectrum's of the scale. A few years back I lost weight rapidly. I had been about 150 pounds in the beginning of 2010. Around April of that year I started to have really bad stomach issues and could not eat. I only drank fluids. I ended up weighing about 110 pounds before I went to the doctor to figure out my problem. I was sick alright. I had to have my gallbladder removed and a hysterectomy. After I got my surgeries, I started to gain the weight back. I am current 160 pounds and I am happy. Yes I can go days without eating, but I learned my lesson. Being thin is not what it is thought to be.

When I was thin, I got sexually harassed, accused of being very sick, I barely had anyone to talk to, and I became very depressed. Obesity is one of the biggest issues in the United States, but is it really such a bad thing? No, I do not think it is. All you can do is be yourself and eat what sustains you and keep yourself happy.

What do you think?

Why are we overweight?

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