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Slogans from Independence Movement of India (Unfamous and Famous) Volume-I

Updated on February 2, 2017

Spirit of Indian National Movement

Indian Independence Movement is one of the biggest mass movements in the world history. Indian freedom movement narrates the inspiring story of dedication, sacrifice, adherence to higher values of life, and overall bearing of Indian spirituality. It derived it's strength, especially from the self sacrificing spirit of the masses.

Slogans, Importance During Indian Freedom Movement

Slogans during the national movement were used in India for the sole purpose of independence. The slogans reflect the mind, character, integrity, and self less commitment of people out of the Indian national movement. They were the chief source and instruments of unity at that time. Indian people were able to give a full play to their innovativeness and initiative through slogans.

First Slogan In Indian Freedom Movement

1. Jee rakshak se bhakshak - Our protector is also out devourer.

This first slogan raised the strong fire of Nationalism during 1857.

According to Indian tradition ruler is the "Rakshak." But, Britishers had created such situation, from which our rulers became estranged from their duties and instead became oppressors.

Source: Kling, Blair B. (1966). The Blue Mutiny-The Indigo Disturbances in Bengal, Philadelphia:, page 145.

Second Slogan In Indian Freedom Movement

2. Unable to work, ashamed to beg, condemned to penury

This slogan was cited on the context of the British move to confiscate the estates of 21,000 taluqdars in the Oudh region during the period of 1857.

The British rulers started feudal system in India by favouring the Zamindars. But, many Zamindars stood by the freedom fighters, and when the struggle got suppress, the British took revenge on the Zamindars by taking away their land and power from them. Thus the Zamindars became nothing overnight. The Zamindars lost their bread and butter, land and revenue.

Source: Gopal, S., (1977). The Indian Economic and Social Review, Vol-XIV, No-3,July-September, New Delhi: page 405.

Slogans During Indian National Movement

3. Angrezi Raj ki Barkaten - These are the blessings-after effects of the English rule.

This is a teasing ridiculing slogan used by the nationalists Indians in the colloquial and Hindustani usage.

Many policy decisions by the British were often cited as the blessings to the Indians, but it later became the most evil of all the reforms. The partition of Bengal, reforms in tax collection, introduction of Zamindars system etc were often called as some of the British blessings in disguise, which were curses in reality, and were very dangerous.

Source: For fuller discussion, see Sucheta Mahajan, ‘British Policy, Nationalists Strategy and Popular National Upsurge, 1945 -46,’ in A.K.Gupta, editor, Myth and Reality, Struggle for Freedom in India, 1945-47, pp57-63.

Slogans During Indian Independence Movement

4. Satyug - The Reign of Truth and Truth Justice.

This slogan was expressed by the Santhal Tribes. A 6000 Santhals representing 400 villages of Bhaganidihi assembled together under their leaders Sido and Kanhu. They decided to raise the banner of revolt and get rid of the outsiders. The concept of Satyug is the concept of righteousness in Indian minds. Santhals can be considered as the first tribal group who had heroically fought against the cultural degradation attempts.

Source: Natarajan, L., (1979) The Santhal Insurrection:1855-56, in A.R.Desai, editor, Peasant Struggles in India, New Delhi: p137.

Slogans During Indian Freedom Movement

5. A nation in-the-making

Surendranath Banerjee and Bala Gangadara Tilak coined this slogan during
the early stages of the freedom movement. Nation in making is a symbolic representation of the rising of a country from its own ashes and rich traditions of the past.

Source: Indian National Congress, containing full texts of all Presidential Addresses, reprint of all the Congress Resolutions etc., Madras, no date, Part-I, p386.

Slogans During Indian National Movement

6. Kings are made for the people, not people for their Kings

Dadabhai Naoroji, the grand old man of Indian National Movement raised this slogan at the beginning stage of Congress. King is the head of the state, but he is for the people and righteousness. Thus, Indian kings are for the people and not vice versa. But the British as rulers ruled Indian only for the well being of the Britain not for the Indian masses.

Source: Indian National Congress, containing full texts of all Presidential Addresses, reprint of all the Congress Resolutions etc., Madras, no date, Part-I.

Slogans During Indian Freedom Fight

7. Murder according to every Shastra

The revolutionary slogan raised by Raja Rammohan Roy against the evil of the practice of sati. None of the religious texts even speak about it. But, it had become a practice much later. The women had started jumping into huge fire, once they come to know that their army including their husband had been defeated because they knew that the Muslim invading army shall take away the women for lust and fun, and finally to be killed mercilessly. Subsequently, sati became an honour to womanhood even there is no invading army. Sati became a social evil. so, Rammohan Roy raised the slogan that Sati is a murder according to every Sastras.

Source: Ghose, J., C., (1906). editor, English Works of Rammohan Roy, Allahabad: p312.

Slogans From Freedom Movement of India

8. The dead and the buried

Mahadeva Govinda Ranade and a doyen of reformers from Maharashtra proclaimed this slogan. Sati had become one of the alarming evils of the Indian society. Mahadeva Govinda Ranade wanted to ask the Indian society not to get buried in the past, but to think of the future with the strong foundation of the past.

Source: Ranade, Mahadev, Govind., (1915)The Miscellaneous Writings, Bombay: p191.

Slogans During Indian Independence Movement

9. Rationalism is our only preceptor

This slogan put forth by Raja Rammohan Roy highlights his strong faith in truth and reasoning. Akshay Kumar Dutt too associated with Roy in the spread of this slogan during the freedom movement.

Source: Ranade, Mahadev, Govind., (1915)The Miscellaneous Writings, Bombay.

10. All prophets had the same (din) faith and every country and nation had different prophets

Sayed Ahamed khan echoed this slogan. According to him, God (din) had sent prophets to all societies.

Source: Basu, P., S., (1940).ed. Life and Work of Brahmananda Kesha, Culcutta: p63.

The remaining slogans can be found in my next article "Slogans From Independence movement of India (Unfamous and Famous) - Volume II."


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