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Smart Immigration: Science of Learning Foreign Languages

Updated on December 21, 2010

If you see with a literate eye, it is a small lake not an ocean.

Learn any language within nine months.

In this article we will provide you practical instructions to learn a new language within 9 months. However, it is imperative to postulate first that why you have a need of learning a new language or languages, and why it is imminent.

Why you have a need to learn a new language or languages:

We are in a time of globalization. From about two hundred years, we were living in an atmosphere of separate countries with completely not integrated societies and difficult process to travel to other regions. As been living in separate countries with austere immigration, segregate cultures, different systems and disconnected enterprises; we were unaware of each other. Somehow, we all were happy with our traditions, cultures, values and our systems until we ventilated to flood of different realities on globe. Now, world has taken another course and change of civilizations has knocked at our doors. We are at the beginning of globalization, and it is imperative to digest that it is only an inception.

Since, about three years, this reality is becoming significantly salient. If we discern at different events taking place today, it will becomes clear to us that this reality is getting defied by minority of every culture. Most right wing people from every culture are reacting with their attitude. Nevertheless, majority of every region has taken this as liberation and is very happy to be exposed to others. People from every region are coming with their experiences and history of struggles for freedom. This sharing of cultures, experiences and knowledge has taken human far ahead within ten years. This globalization is great news of liberalization for our posterities; however, it has brought up new challenges to us. One of main challenges and requirements it has brought it up to us is requirement of learning a new language. The world is conjoined, and we have to mingle with each other.

Learning several Languages is inevitable today, since our jobs are taken by new people ventilated towards us. And, we are also ventilated to new opportunities, which were only available to them. So, in reality, it is far better. Today, we have whole world with healthy market that can pay, so we can confer our products and services. Moreover, we have a leverage of Internet marketing. Cost to open our own Internet business is in variation of opening a conventional business. We do not need to go to any employer and ask to be hired. Instead, we can just post ourselves virtually and employers can come to us. However, to do this, we need to speak their languages as well. So, it is a very good news if you learn this change and keep in pace with it. In any ways, it is not going to subvert, and you have to live with this reality.

Since, we have said that globalization has advanced human conspicuously in ten years, so as you. Today, you can take exponential advantages of Information Technology (IT) in almost any part of your development, so as in learning language process. Due to these changes, it is 20 times faster for you to learn any language than it was 30 years ago.

We will take you through with learning language process in this article. So, get ready to begin. Your learning procedure will start from upcoming section.

Be positive and believe on today’s reality:

Since, we have acquainted you to IT role of embellishing our learning capacity, we do not need to discuss this again. And, you will comprehend more in detail while going through this article. At this moment, just understand that human do what human believes. By the time you take action, you already have decided by your subconscious mind to do so. So, be affirmative, close your eyes and tell yourself, “I am in 2010. Now, there are too many tools available to me. So, my 1970’s reality is obsolete. Today, we can learn a whole new skill in four months, which would have taken us 4 years to acquire few decades ago. Several tools are available today, and I will take advantage of them.”

That’s it! You have reconfigured your mind, and you are now ready to take off.

Understand components of a language:

Every language has four basic components and each is a separate skill. These separate skills are; Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. As a beginner, you have to concentrate on all four parts. However, with less stress and in a fun way. There are several devices available to embellish your these skills.

Learn how to speak and listen as a 2nd grader:

Have you ever seen a child and noticed what child learns first. Child learns first how to express child’s thoughts and communicate with speaking. Also, child learns listening simultaneously. Speaking and listening is the basic skill on which you build other two skills. What we have observed that most schools stress on grammar first. And, this is where main barrier to learn and other problems initiates. When you try to learn rules on information you hardly understand can overwhelm you. Further, these rules are not imperative for you to practice at initial level. Once, you are fluent enough on a language, learning grammar becomes a fun and intuitive process.

Have you ever seen a fish? Do you know, who teaches the fish to swim properly and efficiently? Fish learns from itself, because fish knows how to swim smoothly in water. Another example is an illiterate native speaker. Do you think that an illiterate speaker can have problem in speaking right tenses? Answer is, No! It is because; native speaker can sense punctuation and right grammar himself. He doesn’t have to pause and think when he is speaking. The rationale is, he don’t have to think a proper grammar while speaking with you. Edition shares significant amount of mental activity that hinders your ability to deliver words tersely. This is what happens with most of new language students. They edit their phrases in their mind while speaking. This simultaneous edition makes their ability to speak significantly impaired. Once, you will develop your skill to speak smoothly, grammar can be an errand for few day.

So, your first concern must be learning how to speak a language fluently. Albeit, this is true that grammar is different in languages. For example: English grammar is completely different than Russian grammar. However, when you speak, you construct sentences. You need to learn how to enunciate your vocabulary at first place. Therefore, you need to build sentences on a base of grammar skills you posses for your own language.

Repetition of words, make sense in your mind and ratifies their logic to be in your mind. As much you will enunciate your build up vocabulary, you will percolate this deeper in your mind. This is it. This is the bedrock secret for learning language. If you will rote words, they will be cumbersome on you. You will forget rotted words in few minutes.

Enunciate your vocabulary to have palaver with your new acquaintances:

Build basic vocabulary first. Go to free language learning sites on Internet. For example: if you want to learn French, type “Free French learning websites” in Google. Soon you will find websites with basic vocabulary in them. Make a script everyday in your language and collect words to assemble it.

Best tool for to do this is Google translator. Google translator can translate any word at any moment. So, you don’t have to struggle for hours to build a bunch of words. However, make sure to translate from word to word. It is because when you write a whole sentence in Google translator it changes word some times. Like in French, word changes when you build up a sentence. So as in Russian.

For example: When you type “I like to” in Google translator, it appears as “Je tiens a.” But, when you type “like” in Google translator, it appears as “comme.”

However, you don’t have to struggle to deliver accurate sentences at this level. You are building vocabulary first and enunciating it. Once, you will be fluent enough, you will be able to switch words easily.

We started learning French when we were selling cell phone connections to French speaking people in Quebec. People in Quebec are very protective to their heritage and want to have Quebec as French speaking province forever. Wide spread of English language has put them in more defensive position and good of all that they like when people are trying to speak French. So, when we use to speak French in beginning, people use to communicate with us. Afterwards, when we used to get stuck, they used to speak with us in English happily. This also has built our customer relationship with them, since they realized that we are trying to be one step closer to them.

Although, native speakers don’t have time to stress themselves for the sake of your learning. Just imagine, how you will feel when someone is trying to speak with you in your language but cannot express himself at all. It shifts the burden of conveying on you as burden to understand. Until, you are not able to convey your message without encumbering your message on a receiving person with overwhelming use of his senses to understand, do not confab for long with native speakers. However, if they are happy to talk to you, it is a better choice to confabulate with them.

Normally, find many friends, who are learning same language. The best place is Internet. Speak with them at least three days a week, one hour each day. You can do this on many free sites, which are dedicated to bring various language learners on Internet. If you are in Russia learning French and your amigo is in Mexico, it does not make any difference. You can have a friend from any part of the world on those sites as far your intention to have learning language from those friends. You can have them your buddies afterwards, but primarily you need to have learning language activity on those sites. Conversational Exchange is one of famous language conversation site.

You may also find several sites where you can speak with your friends via video conferences. Several free video chatting sites are available. Using video sites has another advantage of it. Again, have you seen a kindergarten child speaking with you in gestures? Yes! Because baby can speak only keywords first. Words that are concrete and connects message with previous message. Gestures fill gaps between those keywords. Another advantage is, expression can relay the word that you are trying to speak. When you speak face to face, your gestures play important part in relaying your message. They provide your emotions, you current state in relation with your message and your supportive signals to purport your parlance entirely.

Speak to yourself when you are sitting idle or working on other matter. It is very good practice. No one can stop you to speak to yourself. When you speak to yourself, you repeat words and build sentences in a same manner you speak with others. These repetitions will exponentially expedite your ability speak.

Another good method of learning via speaking is contextual learning. In this method, you will use most of the sentence in your own language and use few words from the language you are learning. For example; here is a sentence, “it is a very nice book, and I want to read it.” If you are learning Spanish, You will say, “It is a muy bonito libro, and I gusto to leer it.”

In this way, it is easy for you to repeat newly learned words without stressing yourself a lot. Good advantage is, you will repeat many words in a day while enjoying yourself with them. Subsequently, words will percolate in your memory deeper.

The most imperative part is never become embarrassed, regardless you are speaking to yourself or native. At least, you are trying to learn. So, forget embarrassment and be perseverant.

Use your ears and practice your listening skills:

Try to be a good listener. Go on youtube or other video websites and watch different programs of your interest on language you are learning. Best way, is to find programs, which are dubbed in your language and are also available on a language you are learning. Watching a program in your own language will clarify a whole episode in your mind and will be stored in your subconscious memory. When you will watch same episode again in a language that you are learning, your mind will work with your perused words and will compare them with translated episode just interposed in you via in your own language. This will ratify meaning of words you have learned. Further, your mind will learn and will enable to comprehend the whole message when known words are enunciated with unfamiliar vocabulary. With this practice at least twice a week, you will expand your sense of comprehension dramatically.

Wow! You’ve learned a lot. It is time to have native acquaintances:

Once, you will embellish your ability to speak better and listen better, you can start mingle with natives. Go in their places and meet them. If they don’t exist in a part of the world you are residing, go on Internet and find them. Find good people, who may be willing to spend time with you. Remember, good and bad people are everywhere in this world. You just have to sift good ones out. If you become successful in this process, it is not really difficult to learn any language via Internet.

Reading goes along with that. As mentioned, you need to learn basic alphabet and then find basic words. Read them and pronounce them every time. Construct a new script every day regarding your basic conversation on life that consists of lots of basic words; use words like go, then, are, is, you, me, talk and speak. For advance reading, you have to wait till you get perfect in speaking.

Basic writing goes along with your speaking and listening practices:

Writing goes with that as well. You need to write basic words every second day, so you don’t forget them. Also, writing will enable you to utilize your power of retrieval more strongly. Consequently, words will impart in your brain more concretely.

Now, we reiterate again, don’t go near by grammar until you are speaking very thoroughly and have built profuse vocabulary. Learning grammar early will sheer you from your endeavor to enter into a new world.

Congratulations! Now, it’s time to quit crawl and start walking:

Once, you come up to intermediate level, read their simple text and enjoy. Try to write small notes and letters. This process will expand your vocabulary further and will enable you to enunciate your words.

Another information necessary to bring in your cognizance is, languages do relate each other in a family. Like, if you know English and Spanish, it is very easy for you to learn French. Probably, this was the rationale that we were speaking with Quebec customers in French within two days in a calling center.

Conversely, if you are learning Russian it is little bit whelming on you if you speak English. It has several alphabets that cannot be found in English. English is in family of Latin and Russian is Slavic language. So, in order to learn languages out of a family of your own native language, you have to practice for more time. However, if you follow all methods depicted in this article, you will be able to speak almost any language at the most in 9 months.

You already speak well. Now, just get acquainted with grammar as well:

Once, you are speaking thoroughly and are fluent in it, just pick up a textbook on grammar and learn the rules of construction for those sentences. At this stage, it will be significantly easy for you to understand the logic of its grammar and rules will look pithy to you.

Few advices of wisdom at the end:

Remember there are two main kinds of languages. One kind is multinational languages. Second kind is regional languages. Try to learn multinational languages first. It is like going from general to specific. If you can speak one multinational language, you already have an access to a region. For example, having your ability to speak Russian can give you access to all Russian speaking countries. Later, if you want to get more information about Kazakhstan, you can learn Kazakh. Similarly, Arabic can give access to whole Middle East and Africa. So, try to learn all multinational languages first. Because, multinational language can give an access to a whole wide region and can be enough for you to explore opportunities and fortunes there.

If you do not know English yet, learn English first. Because, English is most widely speaking language in the world. Each information in the world converts into English and goes to the other part. Even, Russians have made their mind to learn English now. It is an axiom today; if you don’t know English, you are most likely an illiterate. Another advantage of English is that it is the easiest language you can find in the world. This is the rationale, English as international language has superseded on every other language in the world.

So, English is very general. It is like a superman seeing a world from the space. Then you travel closer and disparate nations on a basis of their multinational languages. It is not necessarily that they are laid at one place. English speaking countries are scattered all over the globe. Albeit, when you speak a multinational language, you have found the key to get in. If you want to parse deeper, go for regional language.

If you have learned another regional language besides English, you are on a way to your success again. You just have gained an access to another world, which was hidden with keeping its opportunities. Later, you just have to learn their culture, society, history, lifestyle, products, demand and psychology. Once, done with all this, you have found another avenue of opportunities and lots of friends in your life. Be happy and be constructive.

You can conquer world with love. With hate, you will lose everything.


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    • bohemiotx profile image

      Joffre Meyer 

      7 years ago from Tyler, TX

      Good article. Becoming a fan of music in Spanish really helped me with my second language.

      This article was picked up by the University of British Columbia.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      whether we like it or not,even if we're in our own country or somewhere else,there is a need to learn foreign languages.our world is becoming smaller and smaller.soon,we'll just be living in one tiny island where the color of the skin doesn't matter anymore.If that would soon be the case,how would we coexist? Remember the story of the tower of Babel in the Bible. The tower wasn't finished because the people began talking in different languages.To correlate that to the present times, communication is important. Without being able to express ourselves and without being able to understand one another,our goals would be lost.


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